Monday, 15 November 2010

Big Goth hair - a call to arms

On my lunch break at work today I was doing my usual scan of my fave blogs when I came across this post, quoted on a LiveJournal I frequent:

The Big Fucking Hair challenge

Hey girls, you ready to party like it's 2002?? I'm throwing down the gauntlet.

Remember when we used to do BIG fucking hair? Well the time to bring it back is now. Now more than ever, fuck the ever-present recession, fuck the Republicans, fuck all of the joyless asshole sons of bitches ....

I'm challenging YOU to bring back big hair. Now. big FUCKING hair. dye it, fake it, weaves, beads and hairspray, whatever the hell it takes.

bring it bitches.

The original post can be found here. Just for kicks, here's my 'big fucking hair' photo.

Off to see Rhombus and The Eden House
Now, big Goth hair has been sported by the creme de la creme of dark culture, including Robert Smith, Siouxsie Sioux, Jillian Venters, Razor Candi and many more. In fact, it was almost an essential part of the original Goth look, way back in the dark ages (aka 'the 80s'). Whilst sleek and straight hair creates a beautifully haunting look, and ringlets make one look like a creepy doll, huge hair creates instant kickass.

Want to try this look? It's simple. Ladies and gents, grab your hairspray, grab your combs, and get backcombing. Recommended hairspray brands - AquaNet (original and best), Tresemme Freeze Hold, Tigi Bedhead Hard Hold.

Just to give you a helping hand (and because writing out the specifics of backcombing one's hair into a crazy mop would be somewhat tedious), here's a tutorial video:

This video belongs to Deadly-Nightshade, whom you can see more of at her blog Gothy Two Shoes!

One thing I believe is not mentioned in this video is how to get your hair back down again... grab a leave-in conditioner spray, blitz your hair liberally with it, and brush out, starting with the ends of your hair and working your way up. A brush is less painful than a comb, but is more likely to split hairs. Choose your damage. I find that brushing my hair straight again is not as painful or time-consuming as you'd think - just don't skimp on the conditioner.

Big hair is wild, dramatic, and a real attention-grabber; plus, it's rarely seen out at club nights in the UK these days (down my end of the country, anyway). Add glitter hairspray, skull or bat clips, or coloured gel for extra drama. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight - big fucking hair = instant diva.

Listening to: Trick Or Treat - The Candy Spooky Theater


Kitty Lovett; A Charming Notion said...

You need to do a Blind Mag impression. That is all.

Natalie said...

Hi, I'm Deathly-Nightshade from that video. I was wondering if you could link up my blog underneath the video.
I am so happy that people are using my video! It still amazes me!
This is my blog:

Thank you so much!

Natalie said...

Oh, and my email is
if you want to get in touch.

Pale Girl said...

You, darling, are a hotty ;)

Anonymous said...

That was a lot of swearing...

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