Sunday, 7 November 2010

Book Review: Vampire Academy

A few months after I'd ordered Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead from Amazon and read it cover to cover, I pointed it out to one of my friends whilst we were browsing through a local bookshop. "A school for vampires?" said Kaysey. "That sounds really cheesy!"

Sorry, Kaysey, but... wrong. I'd say that the title 'Vampire Academy' is quite misleading, as it sounds childish, cliched, and, well, cheesy. And the story itself is none of these things. The heirarchy between half-vampires (dhampir) and the full vampires (Moroi) they must protect is totally ingenius, and so well-written that it's utterly believeable. The main character, Rose, is a dhampir, and when I discovered that she was the guardian of her royal Moroi best friend Lissa, I thought she would perhaps be jealous of Lissa's status, angry with her place in the hierarchy... but no. That was one of my favourite things about Rose, that she utterly accepted her status and didn't let it bother her one iota. And despite being a dhampir with a seriously slutty rep, she still manages to be one of the most popular party girls at the academy.

The bad guys? The Strigoi, evil vampires who live on the blood of the Moroi. What I love about the Strigoi is that we don't actually come across any until the end of the book, so the threat is always there, lurking, and because of all the build-up, when we finally do meet a Strigoi, the reader is well aware that this is Something To Be Scared Of.

My favourite element of the book was the relationship between Rose and Lissa. Lissa, despite her incredible powers, is quite literally nothing without 'shadow-kissed' Rose. Rose is completely bad-ass, but would do ANYthing for Lissa. It would be easy for one of them to resent the other, but instead they are the total best-friend dream team.

Oh, and I'm hoping that Rose's secret (she enjoys being bitten, which is a great big no-no in the vampire world) doesn't get forgotten in the next book! I've been wondering where that will lead.

The one flaw I found in this book was the relationship between Rose and Dimitri. Obvious much?

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Anonymous said...

well i found it addictive but inapropriate my mom got it for me on my 11 birthday last year...big mistake..luv ur blog though

kimberly said...

Yes! I really love tghes series! i am currently on the last book and it gets even better and a whole lot of action :)

Rein said...

I own all of the books and I promise you, the relationship between rose and dimitri becomes SOOOO strained and less obvious as time goes on. But, these books are my favorite series and you're right! These are utterly unbelievable! :) love your blog, by the way. It's reLly cool!

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