Thursday, 11 November 2010

Footage from the Wave Gotik Treffen

Remember those huge Gothic festivals I talked about in my last post? The biggest annual Goth festival is the Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany, attracting up to 20,000 people each year. This footage was taken from the 2007 Treffen (or WGT), and I think it's just amazing!


MissGracie said...

Someday I will start going to awesome festivals like this!

Anonymous said...

The Most painful thing is ( i must complain) that i only see a sea of whites. i wish black people were allowed to go to events like these to express themselves.i wish goth was an all-loing, kind and wicked community. yes i am a babybat....well obviously thats why i'm thinking fairytailish...and i am white myself, in fact, very lucky. those black people might even get harmed by the nazigoths or vampire goths.....

Chaos said...

To Anonymous,

Whilst I've never attended such a wonderful event as "Wave Gotik Treffen," I can assure you that in my own personal Camp of Goths there are a few individuals who aren't white (Mostly M├ętis and Native, but that’s because of my geographical location) and they never have any problems.

While there are racists and bigots abounding amongst Goths, there aren't any more or any less than with any other group (I imagine), unless you count special interest clubs (Like the KKK, or the Arian Pride gangs) But we tend to leave them alone.

Let me rephrase that.

Any undesirable traits you find amongst Goths and other such freaky cultures are no more prevalent than in any other social/aesthetic group of people.

There are common interests and qualities unite Goths (As with any subculture), but racism, prejudice, and ignorance are not amongst them.

Remember, we’re not born with hate; we learn it along the way.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,

I would like to say that goth is not a whites only club. It is a subculture-culture means interest, beliefs, aesthetics etc. Not skin color or heritage or whatever. Please don't lump all goths as racist or that a black person wouldn't be allowed to attend an event like this.
That's like a white person saying, "I wish they would let me attend a rap concert. I love hip hop but I'm white...."

I can assure you, if you walk the walk and talk the talk your a goth, race has nothing to do with it. It just happens that more Caucasian people tend to like the goth life and aesthetic than those of other races. It does not mean a black person cannot be goth. If you are goth you are goth, not white, black, yellow, green, blue. You are a part of the subCULTURE.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous

I can assure you, there are black people at the Wave Gotik Treffen. The reason you only see white ones in that they are not as numerous as the white people there. You have to remember, Leipzig is a German town, and while we don't have anything against people of other skin colours, ethnicities or preferred way to eat your hamburger, the majority of the German population is still white (Though a large part these days has its root in Turkey...but they are not that dark of skin either, so no real change there).

But I have seen several black or other dark skinned people there, but they are few. They just vanish in that sea of white. Also, the percentage of darker skin colours in the Gothic community, at least around here, is low. I guess it's a more caucasian thing.

But in no way is anyone keeping them from joining the community, or visiting the Treffen. But likewise, we can't drag them there and force them to participate, can we? ;)

Oh, and concerning "Nazigoths"? While there are some "Nazigoths" that want to consider themselves a part of the group, they are actively rejected by the grand majority of the Goths, or Grufties as we call us here. Most are vehemently against anyone who wants to sell his Nazi ideals among us. I have met a few of these assholes, but most German Goths are just normal folks. And in fact, I've found the Gothic community much more accepting and tolerant than other subcultures are of people possibly considered "different".

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