Sunday, 7 November 2010

Halloween ennui...

My Halloween post is a little belated this year, due to the battles I've been having with Piczo and a recent lack of free time. So without any further ado, let's get on with the show.

Halloween just wasn't working for me this year. Perhaps it was due to my recent relationship break-up, the general sense of 'meh' surrounding my boring job, I don't know. And OK, I did enjoy building a stash of candy blood bags and Haribo vampire fangs. But I just couldn't seem to find any real enthusiasm for what is usually one of my favourite days of the year. Even my sparkly purple 'Happy Halloween' sign just wasn't doing it for me.

The mainstream has recently been experiencing some kind of fascination with Goth, probably triggered by what they're calling the Twilight Phenomenon (no, I'm not really making the connection either, but never mind...). Vampire books practically spilling out of bookshop doors. Black lace and velvet everywhere. Make-up in shades with names like 'Fatal'. The Cure are suddenly cool again, and not just for those among us who own boots with bat buckles.

I guess I should have expected that this sudden obsession with all things dark and melancholy would have stretched to encompass Halloween. Sound like a good thing? Yeah, I would have hoped so as well. But the tacky, sub-standard, cheaply made, bloody crap costumes and accessories that suddenly started appearing in shops with the label 'Goth'? I'm really, really not loving it.

And you know what? I'm starting to get ever-so-slightly weary of people who are unable to understand that no, I'm not wearing a costume. No, this is not a wig. No, I don't think it's a little strange that I'm dressed for Halloween a month early, because this is really not a Halloween costume. REALLY.

Funny that the more the mainstream 'gets into' Goth, the less they actually understand it.

So I'm all Halloweened-out this year. But don't worry, for all will be well. You just wait til next year.....

Listening to: Gone with the Sin - HIM


TheWrongAlice said...

I wouldn't worry about the masses getting into Goth. As soon as the Twilight Vampire thing goes away, everything will return to normal. :)

Katie Blackwell said...

I haven't really experienced this due to the fact that my town is filled with almost anything BUT preppy kids, and basically only a very small handful that don't follow the norm... soo while they may love twilight most wouldn't dare dip their toes into a subculture they associate with not-so-pleasant things.. I kid you not I've been asked if i did devil worship... *sigh*

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