Sunday, 7 November 2010

How to spot a 'real' Goth

  • A real Goth does not make a big deal about whether or not he or she is Goth. They pretty much just get on with it.
  • A real Goth listens to a variety of music, including traditional, original, or 'proper' Goth music.
  • Real Goths are likely to be open-minded.
  • Real Goths dress how they like - looking 'Goth' is not necessarily important.
  • Real Goths have become part of the scene because they like the music and/or the culture.
  • A wannabe goes out of his or her way to proclaim themselves Goth to anyone who will listen.
  • A wannabe listens to nothing but Evanescence, Korn, Slipknot and other bands with mild 'Goth-if-you-squint' (or if you think having no long hair or no eyebrows automatically makes someone Goth)aesthetics.
  • Wannabes are unlikely to accept anything that is outside of their world view. ("I'm not walking the dog/wearing those socks/listening to that band/eating that cookie. It isn't Goth.")
  • Wannabes dress in black so that everyone will know how Goth they are.
  • They became involved with what they think is 'Goth' because it looks cool and they like to shock. Or possibly because they want to rebel against society.

Listening to: Tears - The Cruxshadows


Mark said...

I absolutely agree with you 1000%. Some people end up in your face, proclaiming they are more gothier than Thou. Real Goths are Goths with a capitol G. They will also accept you for being you, not like the rest of the sheep. Many so-called goths want to rebel against the system. That isn't what Goth is for. True, real Goths are very deep and intellectual being. Politicians do not have any kind of deep personality. Nor do the average useless capheads and criminals. Goths are not criminals. They are individual and refuse to be stereotyped by the media.

Anonymous said...

If this list is true then I know a lot of "true goths" that are complete and utter poseurs. You know, the elitist uber-goth twats at gigs and clubs that make a big deal about how "gother than thou" they are. The same one's that aren't willing to accept anything or anybody that doesn't fit inside their margins of "troo-gawth".

Just because someone listens to Alien Sex Fiend and "looks the part" doesn't mean that they're automatically not doing it to be "cool".

ultimategothguide said...

@ Anonymous - can't argue with that. I wonder if that's a topic I could manage to write a post about?

Callasandra said...

I became apart of the sub-culture because I like the MUSIC, Fashion and everything else I don`t go around telling people im "oh so goth" (Beacause that is very anyyoing).

And I wear alot of black becasue I`m a mix of Cemetery Goth and I tend to wear alot of that fashion.

But to be honest does that make me a poser Cause if it does I`m going to be a bit upset with myself.

ultimategothguide said...

@ Callasandra - I wouldn't say that makes you a poser - you wear it cause you like it not because you're trying to BE something o impress someone or be shocking. ^^

~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~ said...

i'm agree with u, but confuse when u said

"A real Goth does not make a big deal about whether or not he or she is Goth"

Well for me, i say to everyone that i am goth, because im proud i have goth soul, but really that mean im poser.. well i just confuse

~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~ said...

haha never mind, i already find the answer in ur another post


Anonymous said...

I just like to wear black, I dont care if it's "goth" or not, I just like it. Besides, I'm naturally pale, and ppl call me "vampire wannabe" all the time. Its no big deal..

Methos said...

In a few words you describe the way I feel and the way the world is... thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, you remind me that I'm not so lonely after all

Anonymous said...

Now I know this is an old post, but I couldn't stop myself from commenting. I absolutely agree with this! I think the main thing that makes "real" goths different from the wannabes is that the latter is way too obsessed with being perfectly goth, while as the real ones don't really care and actually realize that you don't have to fit a specific frame.

After all, isn't that the whole beauty of goth? That everyone is different! It's about being who you are, not trying to fit a certain type. For instance, I definitely consider myself goth, however I do love bands like Rammstein, Psyclon Nine and Deathstars. Does that make me any less goth? No, in fact it's just cool that I listen to a variety of music instead of being close-minded and only stick to what's admittedly goth.

As for going around telling everyone how incredibly dark and gothic you are... Well that just makes you look silly. First of all, people will most certainly see you're goth by your appearance, and even if you don't dress extremely gothic they'll eventually notice your music taste and appreciation for darker things. But secondly, to a "real" goth I really don't think it should matter. Who cares what people think? It does not make me any less goth if someone else doesn't recognize me as goth. Being obsessed with being seen as ooky-spooky is typical wannabe-behavior.

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