Sunday, 7 November 2010

I'm taking my toys and moving to Blogspot...

Hello, dear reader, and welcome to the very first post on this, the new Blogspot incarnation of the (relatively) infamous Ultimate Goth Guide. It's likely that you're one of my old Piczo readers, some of whom have been there from the very beginning and stuck around loyally, even when my content sucked. (And wow, did it suck. OK, only some of it. But still.)

If you're an old reader, you already know the drill - the Goth Guide was set up when I was an over-eager sixteen-year-old babybat who had just discovered 'real Goth' and was desperate to share it with the ignorant mallgoth masses. At the time I expected a stack of hatemail from chavs and preppy types, a huge fanbase of adoring babygoths, and critical acclaim from the elitist eldergoths I hoped to impress. Which was pretty much what happened. Except the hatemail never actually arrived in my inbox, 'adoring' probably isn't quite the word, and from what I can gather on forums, the eldergoths aren't much bothered either way.

If you're a newbie, welcome. I'm your new Aunty A, your fairy Gothmother, fountain of knowledge and all-round Gothic Guru, expert on all things dark and spooky. Sort of.

Anyway, I had so much fun working on the Goth Guide and its sister blog (both on Piczo) that I kept it going for three years straight (minus the occasional 'aaargh, my life sucks so much right now, I need to spend some time in the real world' hiatus), and for some inexplicable reason it actually seemed to become quite popular. I had a lovely bunch of regular readers, over 60,000 hits, and things were generally looking good.

Then Piczo got sold to Stardoll, and started to suck. Long story short, enough was enough, and I had a bit of a tantrum and decided to follow some of my fellow Piczo users over to Blogspot. And here I am. Please excuse my fumblings as I attempt to squish over 250 pages and additional blog posts into this new format. Hopefully it won't take too many decades. In the meantime, I'll try to keep things interesting with some new posts, new topics, and generally nice shiny new things scattered in amongst the old crap.

Welcome, foolish mortal, and enjoy...


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