Friday, 26 November 2010

Shop review - Roots, Andover, Hampshire

I'm afraid I can't currently manage a review of shops worldwide, having never left the UK, but to those of you who live here, I hope these reviews will be helpful.

Roots is a small shop in a good location, situated opposite what was Andover's one and only alternative pub, The George (now a pub-slash-pole-dancing club; but I'm not complaining). It sells unusual weapons and drug paraphernalia (both for 'ornamental purposes only'), as well as a limited range of Goth, rock and metal T-shirts (all the usual skulls, tribal designs and Bob Marleys), a reasonably good selection of slogan badges, some interesting jewellery, backpacks with designs such as dragons and flaming pentacles, and what I think are customised motorbike helmets, although I could be wrong. Leather-covered helmety-looking things with spikes on, anyway.

Generally, Roots is the archetype of the typical headshop/alt shop, with a counter stocked with ornate belt buckles and body piercing jewellery, and a strong smell of incense (at least, being the anti-drugs type myself, I hope it's incense) that takes literally months to wash out of the clothes you buy from there. It isn't a very big shop, and tends to fill up quickly with chavs buying bongs and crack pipes, but is a nice place to pick up the occasional interesting wardrobe item. The guy behind the counter is happy to show you catalogues, discuss ordering in any items you may be looking for, or talk for ages about London Edge and Central (the alternative fashion show).

The shop is also popular with many locals due to its range of funny signs, badges and gifts. Worth a look; it may only be tiny but it's packed full of unusual stuff, and I've never seen any of the clothing that they stock anywhere else.

Roots doesn't seem to have a website.

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Laurence 'The Beard' Williams said...

Sounds like an amazing little shop there. From my experience the best alt-clothing stores are small in size but big on charm. It sucks that it plays host to the tuggish retards known as Chavs for all the wrong reasons, but unfortunately that's how the world is. A place I know in Preston had a similar problem, although more connected to the fantastic replica swords for sale.

Regardless it does sound like a decent little place. Any hints on prices at all?

ultimategothguide said...

T-shirts mostly in the £12 region; badges 50p-ish, giftware more expensive... mostly surprisingly cheap for an alt shop, last time I stopped by they had skull-topped canes for £10. Mind you, they don't seem to do brand name gear, which is probably why the prices don't make me wince.

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