Wednesday, 17 November 2010

So you don't like Bauhaus?

As I'm somewhat fond of saying, it is partly (and a big part, at that) the music that makes a Goth, well, Goth. I have also said that it's quite important to have a good knowledge and understanding of early, 'traditional' Goth music (e.g. the Banshees, the Sisters, etc.). And on top of that you may like to have a good working knowledge of modern genres of Goth music too, at the very least to avoid feeling a little out of your depth at your local Goth club. But one thing that I'm not sure I've pointed out is that you don't actually have to LIKE any one particular band to be a Goth.

I would like to point out that it is definitely useful to at least enjoy the music of SOME Goth bands if you consider yourself a Goth - what's the point of being a member of a subculture if you don't like a huge part of what it stands for? And when you're starting out in the scene, I do recommend perusing at least some albums by the early Goth bands so that you can get a better idea of scene-related music and how it developed.

But please, please, don't ever think that if you're not totally enamoured with, for example, Bauhaus, you can't ever be a 'real Goth'. There are many, many, many genres of Goth music, and presumably, if you've been interested in Goth for a while, you'll know of at least one Goth band that you like. That is your starting point. Ask people on forums to recommend you similar bands. Use or the recommendations tool on Amazon. Go to Goth clubs, and when you hear a song that you like, ask who it's by.

(Haven't yet heard any Goth bands that take your fancy? There's a big ol' list in the sidebar to the right. Get Googling, my friend.)

Hey, to get you started, I'll give you a link to another awesome free download (click the song title below, and never say I'm not good to you). It's from a brilliant band called Rising Shadows, who are classified as ethereal, neofolk, medieval and darkwave, to name but a few genres (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that the world of dark music gets just a leetle bit confusing...). The title of the song is Fate of Us All, and I have to say I think it's utterly beautiful.

Now, what was I saying? Ah, yes.

You may have a very good idea of what Goth bands you DON'T like. For example, I am not the world's biggest fan of Joy Division (although Love Will Tear Us Apart seems to be growing on me). And yes, there will be the snobby elitist people who will make out that, if you don't like The Sisters, you are not A Proper Goth. Well, don't listen to them. As long as you like SOME Goth music, how exactly are you not a Goth?

Just to prove my point, I pulled these quotes from a discussion on about overrated bands:

"You know who I have trouble getting into, outside of a few songs? Fields of the Nephilim. They seem like a band that I should really like, but I can't often listen to Dawnrazor from start to finish and the only time I watched the "Moonchild" video it seemed like it couldn't end quick enough."

"Einsturzende Neubauten. I simply cannot get into their stuff at all and I really can't understand why everyone in the goth scene raves about them so much. I probably sound like an old codger for saying this me it's just noise."

"I don't enjoy classic goth rock like Bauhaus and Joy Division, but I appreciate it and its significance. I myself just like a more modern sound."

"The Cruxshadows. They've been extremely popular for awhile now, and I really can't understand what's so utterly remarkable about them."

Listening to: Misery Loves Company - Emilie Autumn


Anonymous said...

I have to admit I did not like goth music right off the bat when I first became goth. My sister, a normal person (mundane, if you will), first showed me The cure and I completely hated them.Of course, that was during my mallgoth years. 2 years later I couldn't stop listening to them!.
At the moment I'm still a kindergoth and am now doing my research about goth. Most of the goth bands ,like siuoxsie, are now one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

I dont really like tradgoth bands...the sisters of mercy and bauhaus are two exceptions. when I started listening goth music I dislike many songs.. but now I find my taste to be medieval (I always love dead can dance and world music) and addicted so much to ethereal or medieval bands like Qntal, Faun, Lycia

ThatCrazyBat said...

I don't really enjoy many of the original Goth bands, but like one of the comments you quoted, I appreciate their significance. I prefer slightly more modern music as well as a lot of mainstream stuff like Slipknot and Evanescence alongside a load of Swedish Death Metal. And we all know Sweden is full of spooks! If it makes you happy and you like to listen to it, it shouldn't set you aside from the other Goths. Thats like saying Goths can't be black or that Goths can't be colourful!

Anonymous said...

I don't care for Bauhaus, yet oddly like Love and Rockets, Tones on Tail and Peter Murphy's solo work.

I've met industrial-fans who hate Throbbing Gristle. My boyfriend loves Sisters of Mercy and Judas Priest, equally. It's always a matter of personal taste.

I don't think it's necessary to like older goth music, but it is necessary to respect the roots of the culture. Damn it. *shakes a cane*

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I am a babybat, and your blog has been very helpful to me. I read "If you don't like goth music you can't be goth", and I don't really like the goth bands most people recommend, so I thought it meant I couldn't be goth, though I am a huge fan of The Cruxshadows, and Ashbury heights. I really love the goth subculture, and was afraid because I didn't like a lot of goth bands that I couldn't be goth, thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

The first goth band I had listened to was probably Siouxie and the Banshees. At first I don't really like them and thought that Evanescence, one of my favorite band was actually goth. Then I heard The Cure's Lullaby and got so obsessed was them, and started to look for more of this type of music. I realized I've fallen in love with goth music.

Nyx Shadowhawk said...

In general, I don't like traditionally "goth" music. I don't like rock, metal, or industrial (the closest I get is symphonic metal), but the music I listen to definitely has a dark aesthetic. Nox Arcana is one of my favorite music groups, and I don't see why more goths don't listen to them! I also love Adrian von Ziegler's music (which is very diverse). His song "Ceremonial Spell" is simply gorgeous; search it on youtube! I've also found darker pieces among Derek and Brandon Fiechter and Peter Gundry's music. There's a lot of beautiful dark music out there; it doesn't need to be traditional to be goth! Then again, I'm always the person who loves all the obscure music that no one's heard of. Does that make me even more non-conformist?

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