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Styles of Goth fashion: Cybergoth

Cybergoth is a very modern subgenre of Goth, whose visual appearance combines elements from traditional Goth (e.g. black clothes, heavy boots, fishnets, dramatic make-up and body piercings), raver fashion (bright colours, synthetic hair falls, glow sticks) which can be a little hit-and-miss, leading to the 'graver' look), rivethead fashion (rivethead is a term used to describe a fan of Industrial music. Goth and Industrial, as I'm sure I've mentioned, are very closely connected and you will hear them on the same dance floors, although they are not quite the same. There is some crossover between Industrial and cyber music), and cyberpunk.

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Like Goth itself, the subgenre 'cybergoth' received its name from an outside source. The term was coined in 1988 to describe Games Workshop's roleplaying game Dark Future. The style began to evolve in 1999, when Graver fashion combined the New York club kid look with British raver fashion, and sprinkled a little Goth on it (heaven knows why). Just FYI, Gravers are generally NOT considered Goth, neither are they the same thing as cybergoths. Gravers go to raves; Goths go to Goth clubs. How the two ever became enmeshed (why, God, why?) neither time nor Wikipedia will tell.

By about 2002, Industrial aesthetics were added to this mix, turning the eye-hurting Graver style into something with a little more panache; replacing the majority of the brighter, candy-coloured, rave influences with Industrial accessories such as goggles, reflective strips, metal panels, and, thankfully, a more monochrome colour scheme.

The style often features a stark, neon or brightly-contrasting theme colour; brighter than the rich jewel tones of typical Goth fashion. Red, yellow, green, bright blue or pink and silver are the most commonly scene. Fabrics are usually skintight and glossy (unlike the almost masculine, military practicality of rivethead fashion), clothes are often skimpy and paired with REALLY BIG boots. Hair falls featuring plastic 'cyberlox' or synthetic dreads are very popular, as are fluffy boot covers in black or neon.

Popular accessories may include glow sticks, character backpacks and plastic weaponry (less seen since the Graver style faded almost into obscurity), and more Industrial-inspired items such as the ever-popular goggles and gas masks. Motifs often seen in cyber fashion include barcodes, Kanjii writing, the Cyberdog logo (Cyberdog is a popular - and expensive - rave and cybergoth brand), manga characters and tribal designs.

Cybergoth music combines trance and electro sounds with the dark, despairing themes of traditional music. There are several genres connected with cybergoth, including EBM (electronic body music), futurepop, electropop, synthpop, dark electro, dark trance, neo-Goth, electro-Industrial, aggrotech, powernoise, terror EBM and probably a few more.

Bands? To name but a few: VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berserk, And One, Elegant Machinery, Seabound, Neuroticfish, Psyclon Nine, Sneaky Bat Machine, The Gothsicles, Angelspit, God Module, Project Pitchfork, Deviant UK, Ashbury Height, Faderhead, Tenek, Ayria, Razed In Black, Neikka RPM, Talla 2XLC, Celldweller, Bak XIII.
As mentioned above, cybergoth can also be said to be related to cyberpunk, which is most importantly a literary genre combining advanced science with societal breakdowns and post-industrial dystopian landscapes (e.g. Neuromancer by William Gibson, which I happen to be reading at the moment, oddly enough). Cyberpunk is also connected with some musicians and bands, popular amongst Goths, cybergoths, and rivetheads (just to make things a teensy bit more confusing), for example Psydoll and FrontLine Assembly; and a developing fashion style, somewhere in the dark and muddy waters between Industrial (rivethead) fashion and - you guessed it - cybergoth.

As you may have guessed, cybergoths can often be found stomping up the dancefloor at an industrial/electro/Goth night; editing their VampireFreaks page, or watching Dark Angel on TV.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Graver isn't so bad :/ lol, My boyfriend is a Hardstyle DJ and took me to my first rave with a friend. I dressed in Graver clothes and rocked it =D I was actually the best dressed girl there ;D and the only one in Graver style (seems very very uncommon around here) it really made me stand out I was also considerably more modesty dressed then the seasoned Raver girls. Most of which were wearing fluffy leg warmers, mismatched neons and cleavage popping tops. I wore a Blue corset with white detailing (OP shop find find $5), black poofy short skirt, full black tights, boots, I had my hair up in a edgy up do topped off with blue rose hair clips and heavy blue eye makeup and drawn on lashes (because I suck at applying false lashes) so it was modest but still practical for me anyway I got a lot of compliments and a lot of death stares from girls who looked jealous :/ lol I even met new friends because I looked so Graver that night XP sorry for the story lol thought you'd might be interested! I really enjoy reading this blog keep it up but the negative opinion on Graver disappointed me :\ Its one of those things people need to work on. There is amazingly dark Hardstyle out there, people underestimate the complexity of Dance music and the emotional impact it has on people! It serves as a great inspiration for a little done style it's just ashame more people aren't into it :(

Anonymous said...

I completely understand the gas mask being an industrial tie in, but why the surgical mask Wouldn't that fall more under fetish Goth? I mean I really like the look of it and it can seem mysterious and cool,I'm just curious.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please please let me know who the cybergoth guy is in that picture above?! Please reply here :) thanks!!

Lee cox said...

Hi I'm cyber Goth and just like to say we don't just get fashion inspiration. From ravers gravers dream punk etc. We also get our. Fashion inspiration. From movies mad max matrix and other apocalyptic films 😊

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