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Styles of Goth fashion: Romantigoth

It's likely that some readers may be thinking, "Goth fashion's pretty simple, isn't it? Just get some heavy boots and a bunch of outfits in black." But there are dozens, if not hundreds, of subsets and styles of Gothic fashion, each one personalised further by the wearer.

If you're new to the crazy world of Goth fashion, it may help you to get to know some of the basic or 'more popular' Goth looks to give you a building block on which to base your own personal style.
Romantigoths at the Wave Gotik Treffen
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Romantigoths, or romantic Goths, love extravagent, decadent clothes reminiscent of aristocrats from a bygone era. Their garments are often made from sumptuous fabrics such as velvet, silk, or lace. The overall appearance tends to be poised and elegant.

This look is based around the fashions of decades past, e.g. the Victorian era, although their clothes are not often historically accurate (although there are types of Goth who specialise in period-specific, historically accurate fashion).

Romantigoth style is often inspired by the Victorian culture of mourning, as well as England's Romantic Period (18th and 19th century), which is reflected in the poetry of John Keats, Lord Byron, Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley. The Romantic Movement focused on the emotive experience, including fear, horror, and the awe one feels when looking upon something truly beautiful.

Romantigoth style creates a focus on the dark, mysterious, sensual world of the Gothic as conceptualised by Victorian literature and black and white Gothic movies, and romantigoth fashion is rarely low maintenance. Bustles, cravats, corsets and hoop skirts create an effect of dramatic decadence, and accessories such as parasols, top hats, canes and lace eye-patches are often used to compliment an outfit. Elaborate beaded or lace chokers are often seen, and lace gloves are regarded as almost essential. This look can sometimes be paired with heavy boots such as New Rocks for an ironic contrast, but Victorian granny boots, or lacy, beribboned heeled boots from brands such as Demonia complete a romantic outfit nicely.

Forgive me for generalising a little, but romantigoths may enjoy cemetery picnics, Anne Rice novels, and poetry by candlelight. "The romantigoth embodies what the original styles of Gothic architecture and literature were all about: romance, decadence, an ornate aesthetic, and the view that darkness and beauty are one and the same." - from Romantigoths are known for their love and appreciation of poetry, literature and the arts.

Preferred romantigoth bands have an ethereal and brooding sound, for example Love Spirals Downwards, Faith and the Muse, The Sisters of Mercy and Love is Colder Than Death. Classical music such as Bach is also frequently enjoyed.
Source: Viona-Art


Anonymous said...

romantigoth and gothic & lolita are very similar. gothic lolita is like the younger version of romantigoth, while aristocrat (one of its subcultures) is like the older sister who's dad is punk.

Anonymous said...

I think the style is very beautiful and elagant. To bad im young and in middle school or I would wear that. ~Fae~

Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you for a great blog!
I`ve been building up a goth wardrobe which I`m satisfied with, but I have some troubles finding a romantigoth dress. I`ve found one or two sites on the internet, but they were Japanese, I think. Do you have any idea where I can find one from a trustworthy site which is not too far away when it comes to shipping? I`d prefer a European site.

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