Tuesday, 28 December 2010

15 random facts tag...

Hmm, this is a little out of the ordinary for me! I've been tagged by the lovely Morrigan, and the rules are as follows: mention 15 facts and tag 5 other bloggers.

  1. As a child I won our town's Halloween costume competition five years running and was thus banned from entering.
  2. I regularly read webcomics including Nemi, Darwin Carmichael is Going To Hell, Girl Genius and GothyBeans.
  3. I have a character on my sort-of boyfriend's World of Warcraft account - an undead called Antiseptic.
  4. I always wear a silver toe ring on the second toe of my right foot. It has a pattern of daisies.
  5. This year I'm going to start my training to become a beautician, make-up artist and hairdresser.
  6. I check the comments and stats on this blog between two and five times every day. >.<
  7. Over Christmas I gained 4lbs. This freaked me out for a while but I've decided I don't actually care.
  8. Despite the warnings everyone gave me about tattoos being addictive, I'm not feeling any overpowering urges to get a second tatt - although to be fair I probably will as soon as I come up with another design that I love as much as the first.
  9. I have lost my nose chain somewhere in my bedroom and am greatly annoyed about this.
  10. In the six months I spent tidying my room I threw out 24 binbags of stuff - mostly clothes and books. Yet I still have three wardrobes and two suitcases full of clothes. How did this happen?!
  11. During season six of NCIS, which I'm currently watching, I find Abby really OTT and a little bit annoying and childish. Oh, Abby, what have they done to you?
  12. Yesterday my dad gave me a Cure CD and a vintage bowler hat.
  13. Once when I was working in the charity shop, I bent over to pick up a carrier bag and my tartan trousers ripped right up the left butt cheek.
  14. With my Christmas money, I'm going to treat myself to some copies of FAE magazine, the latest issue of Gothic Beauty, a new Ashbury Heights CD and a bat-topped lace parasol from Posiez on Etsy.
  15. Over the next two years I want to attend Whitby Gothic Weekend, Download Festival and 3 Wishes Faerie Fest.
I'm tagging my very favourite bloggers:

Heh heh heh... have fun with that, guys...
Listening to: When Darkness Falls - Killswitch Engage


Morrigan said...

Fun read!
I'm an obsessive-stat-checker too :D
Nothing wrong with it, haha!

OpiateVampire said...

I miss old Abbey too! I was watching season 1 the other day and thinking the same thing.

MissGracie said...

Wooo! I got tagged, how fun :P I WANT ONE OF THOSE PARASOLS. I love them.

ultimategothguide said...

@ MissGracie - I went to buy one yesterday but Queenie is apparently on vacation. XP I am now more determined than ever to lay my sweaty little mitts on one. Come back, Queenie!

Anonymous said...

...and who is the beauty girl of the picture?...greeting from Mexico city..

Amy Asphodel said...

That's me :-D thank you!

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