Thursday, 9 December 2010

"Goth culture" - a beautiful video

Yes, I know that many of the bands whose clips have been used here aren't Goth (Wednesday 13, Cradle of Filth, Evanescence, etc.) and the music (Sirenia) I believe would be classed as Gothic metal, but I really love this video, in my opinion it's stunning. My favourite clip used is the one of the beautiful, darkly made-up woman walking through the cemetery from 0:25. It looks as though it could be from a music video, but not one I've seen - can anyone enlighten me?

So the video perhaps misses the point about Goth culture a little, despite its title, but aesthetically I think it's absolutely lovely, so I thought I would post it here anyway, just for you to look at - I hope you like it too.

Listening to: Arachne's Song - Dyonisis


Velvet Bloodstained said...

That scene-0:25- is from a Spanish documentary about Gothic Subculture

Great blog!! :)

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