Thursday, 9 December 2010

Halloween fragrances from Moxie Beauty

When I was still on Piczo, Moxie Beauty was wonderful enough to send me some samples to review... although it took me a long time to post as my ma thought the package was an early birthday present and hid it... I received three fragrances - a sample from Moxie's core catalogue; and two Halloween limited edition scents.

Libertine was the core catalogue sample. The fragrance is comprised of three vanillas with amber and sandalwood - I am not overtly fond of vanilla scents as I tend to find them very sweet and little-old-ladyish, but as the name implies, Libertine is more rich than sweet, more decadent than granny-like; soon assuaging my worries about smelling like a very expensive dessert. Libertine lasts well; I wore it on a work day, and was still detecting wafts of warm vanilla in the air around me by nine o'clock that night. Libertine, not surprisingly, smacks of opulence, decadence and expense and as such would suit those with diva tendencies down to the ground; but the underlying sweetness makes me imagine it worn by a Gothic Lolita.

Haunted was my personal favourite of the three samples. It is described as a combination of rich, dark resins and smoked vanilla with tobacco absolute, honeysuckle absolute, blood orange, beeswax and a chilly tingle of pine. When I first put it on (or rather, splashed it all over myself whilst fighting with the sample vial...) the resins were the most noticeable, but there was also a deep, smoky rich vanilla - very different to the golden warmth of the vanillas used in Libertine. Haunted makes me think of dark pine forests, with mists creeping between the trees - or a basement Goth club, heavy with smoke from the fog machine. The honeysuckle gives it a faint, barely noticeable shiver of otherworldly sweetness (at least, I think it's the honeysuckle - I'm no expert!) that I picked up from time to time. The tobacco makes this the perfect trad Goth scent - it's just made for black leather jackets and fishnet tights. Haunted also wore well; even after bathing I could still detect the scents of resin and pine on my skin. Haunted is dark and heady; mysterious and seductive and just a little unsettling.

Jack 2010 consists of gently spiced fresh pumpkins sweetened with a touch of honey over a base of bourbon vanilla infused amber, hay absolute and musk. I wore it on a shopping spree with one of my best friends, Bronwyn, who happens to be a perfume aficionado - she gave me one sniff and proclaimed that I smelt 'exactly like Halloween'. I couldn't agree more (What Goth girl doesn't want Halloween in a bottle?!). Jack 2010 is as sweet as Halloween candy; not pink-sugar-sweet but spicy-sweet, the kind of fragrance that had my mouth literally watering as I took the stopper out of the vial. Possibly the ideal scent for Halloween-loving, spooky-cute perkygoths. It wore off the quickest of the three scents, leaving behind only a faint trace of spices by seven o'clock. I loved the subtle scent of honey - that was the perfect touch. It isn't as dark or unsettling as Haunted, instead it's whimsical and magical and utterly delicious.
Source: Gothic Charm School on Tumblr
Overall I would recommend Moxie Beauty's fragrances to everyone as they are long-lasting, complex and totally mouth-watering. You don't need to apply very much to get a lot of scent - even the little sample vials  lasted me a good week or so. What I like about Moxie's scents is that each ingredient is discernable if you sniff closely, unlike expensive commercial perfumes like Black XS and Absynthe (which, to me, tend to smell like one strong scent rather than several complex layers - perhaps this is just my inexperienced nose?), giving the impression that the scent is ever-changing as you pick up different notes each time you sniff. I've made a pact with myself to stop buying commercial perfumes and to buy from 'unusual' suppliers such as Moxie and Goth Rosary (although Goth Rosary's scent Gothic Rose, which I've tried, was not as long-lasting as any of Moxie's samples) as they are cheaper, yummier, and really make you stand out in a crowd.


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