Monday, 27 December 2010

Lumous Gothic Festival

OK, so I haven't finished off the Christmas plonk yet, but I decided not to keep my readers waiting any longer for regular service. Not that you were exactly waiting with bated breath... were you? ;-)

Lumous Gothic Festival, aka Lumous, Lumous Goth Fest, is Finland's biggest dark festival, and depending on which website you read is either the world's northernmost or the world's second northernmost Gothic festival. Like WGT it is a club festival, meaning that rather than having a single, dedicated festival area, events take place at various venues around the host city, Tampere. It is usually held in late June or early July, and lasts for four days.
Best. Hair. EVER.
Like most Goth festivals, the main focus of the Lumous event is music. The Lumous website states, "Our main purpose is to provide equal enjoyment for all members of the dark underground. Our musical direction contains, besides gothic rock, darker dance music, EBM, death rock, dark ambient, industrial and neofolk. We prefer to leave metal to other festivals." However, other cultural and arts events have been organised as part of the festival.

Event highlights include a cruise on the lake Pyhäjärvi (I'm glad that I'm typing this... I have no idea how to pronounce that), known as 'die dunkle Seereise'; Gothnic - a picnic for festival attendees, which I am sure produces some strange sights, and is one of the few festival events not restricted to age 18 or over - and Lumous Dark Market (every festival should have a market!) selling clothes, records and "other important stuff for every Goth", which is also not age restricted. There are also, of course, parties and clubnights; a film viewing with English and Finnish subtitles; and a sauna to open the festival with "grilling opportunities - bring your own food and drinks".

I can't read the text in this video, but the visuals are very pretty!

Lumous is organised by the Lumous Gothic RY group. The first festival was held in 2001, when a handful of Tampere club nights joined forces to organise a three-day event which they dubbed Extreme Gothic Weekend. Since then the festival has gained popularity within Finland and beyond, and has expanded to become a four-day event. Previous years have seen international acts such as Zombina and the Skeletones, Haujobb, Pro-Jekt and Killing Miranda play at Lumous, as well as local bands such as Two Witches and Suruaika.
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