Monday, 13 December 2010

Murderous manicure (and more tattoo pics!)

I finally found the time to try out the blood-splattered manicure tutorial at Gothic Charm School! My attempt is certainly not as good as the Lady of the Manners's, as I had no patience with all the little teeny drips and drops - but I'm definitely pleased with the effect. Unfortunately, I have the habit of drumming my nails on everything - a cup I'm holding, the side of a book I'm reading... and on the counter when I'm working in the shop. However, at a glance, it simply looks like an artfully chipped scarlet manicure, so I have neither been fired nor given heart attacks to any little old ladies. Go try it! Red = Christmas = festive, in my book, so there's no need to wait until Halloween. ;-)

Fear me, mortal - yes, fear me!
OK, I know, you can't see the manicure at all in this one... I just thought it was a cute pic >.<
And here are some more pics of my lovely new tattoo, which is healing nicely - no scabbing at all so far, yay! It's reflecting the flash because of the aftercare cream I've been using, but I think you can see it a bit better here than in yesterday's photo.

Is it just me or is my face shaped like a butternut squash in this pic?!
Proper post, coming up next!

Listening to: 4472 - Rhombus


Rora Monroe said...

First off I would just like to say I effin love you!
I found your old goth blogger thinger on piczo a long time ago and went on the site almost everyday because around here I'm pretty much the only goth, so the site was like my little best friend no one knew about. Then you made this one and I fell in love alover again. All I can say is KEEP IT UP!!
Lasty I adore your hair its so lovely on you as is your new bad ass tattoo.

ultimategothguide said...

<3 <3 <3
You have just made my week! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

That tattoo is awesome! The second i turn 18, i'm gonna get a pheonix tattooed on the back of my neck, and some barbed wire with a dragon on my ankle.

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