Friday, 3 December 2010

Not quite your average immortal teen hottie (quoth the Goth Guide, "Evermore...")

Yes, it's another book review, and on the menu today is Evermore, book one in the Immortals series by Alyson Noel.

At first glance it looks like another of the vampire love stories that have abounded in the wake of Twilight (that's not a complaint - my bookshelves are straining at the seams!), but it isn't. Well, not quite, anyway.

It's another of those in the standard social-misfit-girl meets gorgeous-not-quite-human-boy love story format, but the main character Ever and her love interest Damon are slightly more interesting than many of the Edward-and-Bella clones appearing in your local library (inlcuding, um, Edward and Bella. Sorry, sparkly vampire lovers - whilst I do enjoy Twilight, it's cheesy at worst and average at best).

For starters, Ever is not your ordinary girl. She's the sole survivor of a car crash - for which she blames herself - that killed her parents and little sister. And since then, she's been psychic. Because, y'know, that happens. She can now tell your entire life story just by touching you, and she hates it. All Ever wants is... (all together now) to be a normal girl.

Oh, and she receives regular visits from her dead sister - probably the only part of this whole psychic gig that Ever likes.

Damon, also, is an interesting character, even if he's worse at acting normal than your average teenage immortal hottie (note: he's not a vampire. That's one of my favourite things about this book - it deviates from the blood-sucking norm). The only thing is, he reminded me quite a lot of Patch from Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Actually, bad girl Drina reminded me a lot of the evil psychiatrist (or whatever she was) in Hush, Hush as well.

My only serious complaint would be that many of the supporting cast members seemed 2D - in particular token Goth girl Haven (almost every modern vamp romance has a token Goth), who should have been a well-rounded character with her anonymous-group addiction and none-too-brilliant family life. But instead, for some inexplicable reason she gets obsessive about evil Drina (I never really got why) and throws a tantrum every ten minutes, which I found a little tedious.
Still, all in all, a pretty good book for relaxing with at the end of the day. The twist at the end is fantastic, and Ever is certainly the best character; she's very believeable and easy to care about. Recommended, but certainly not the best in the genre, although I'd say it's the best in the Immortals series so far.


Carmen LeBlanc said...

Let's not forget the token gay male character. *sigh*

Sofium said...

She didn't just get psyhicic like that. It was Damen who gave her the elixire, so she wouldn't die by the car crash. I guess it's written in the second book. (I've read them all, they become better book by book.)

Anonymous said...

I already see this book before and I must admit that's IT'S HORRIBLE AND ONE OF THE WORST BOOKS I'VE READ BEFORE! It's a true shit!!! ¬¬' Ever is totally fool, she does all kinds of mistakes!

Delirio said...

I agree with Nanna. So the super-chearleader-whoseĺifeẃas-wonderful descends to super freak level due to psychic powers. And about the alcohol. Please

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