Thursday, 2 December 2010

Peace, love and victory rolls

I have been experimenting with retro hairstyles over the last couple of weeks - my favourites so far being a towering 60s beehive (thanks to Bumpits - brilliant invention!) and 40s victory rolls. I was quite pleased with said victory rolls (aka sweetheart rolls) - not a perfect result by a long shot, especially judging by the stunning spirals I've seen demonstrated online, but since my hair does its own thing at the best of times I was impressed with how well it stayed in position all day.

Morning, before work
The pin-up girl look is currently popular in the Goth scene - yes, I will be doing a post on Gothabilly fashion sooner or later - from 50s halterneck prom dresses, to cute tattoo-print pencil skirts, rockabilly heels and the infamous Bettie Page bangs (that's a fringe, to those of us in the UK). Now, I'm sure that you could do a better job of this than me, which is why I'm going to post a great video tutorial below, but I'd also like to impart a couple of tips I discovered during the process.

Whilst you don't need wet hair to achieve victory rolls, if your mop is naturally a bit wild, it helps to slather on a bit of gel or wax to keep it under control. I used Lush's Goth Juice, which aside from the name has the added bonuses of being purple and smelling nice.

I have read tutorials online where the writers have achieved victory rolls without using 'rats' (sponge rollers) to keep them in shape, but as I have very fine hair I didn't think this was an option for me. I couldn't find a set of simple sponge rollers anywhere, so I bought a cheap pack of velcro rollers with foam in the middle and pulled out the foam.

The only problem with this is that the foam was white and showed through my hair (did I mention I have fine hair?) so I covered it up with the feathered hair clip you can see in the picture above (which is from Veil of Visions, FYI).

Uber-strength hairspray helps no end, and I fully credit Tresemme for keeping my style in place during the working day. Also, when I unravelled the style before bed, the ends of my hair were extremely frizzy and ratty, to the extent that I had to trim the ends of a couple of my hair extensions, so it may help to spritz on a fairly large dose of leave-in conditioner before you roll.

For victory rolls as they should be (as opposed to my half-assed attempt), check out this great video tutorial. It's very quiet, so you may need to turn the volume up!

I had a lot of nice comments about this hairstyle (apart from one guy, who just so happened to be wearing a white tracksuit, with a shaved head, gold hoop earring and ugly flash tribal tattoo - I do try not to stereotype people, as that would be highly hypocritical, but sometimes it's very difficult not to - who for some reason known only to him took offense at my feathered hairclip) and am definitely going to try it again - aiming for a perfect spiral effect this time!
Evening, and they're still in place... my fringe is also still a mess.
Note to self: sleeping face down = terrible hair day.
Listening to: Shut Me Up - Mindless Self Indulgence


Anonymous said...

I love the 40s look...definitely going to try this stylr.

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