Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Religious hypocrites

Here's another rant that I'm re-posting from my old site; written in my angsty, over-eager "OMG the world is against me because I'm GOTH" babybat days (shut up, you were totally just as bad). Nevertheless I still agree with what I was saying when I first wrote this, although I would like to point out that I'm not attacking religion in this post - just the people who use religion as an excuse to attack others, or to hurt or exclude them.

Also, I am not picking on Christians, nor am I against Christianity in any of its forms - I attended a church school, although I haven't chosen to follow the religion as I grew older. Christianity is not the only religion which is used by its followers as an excuse to treat other people badly, although unfortunately it is probably the main one used to lambast Goths and other alternatives. I have used Christianity as my example in this post as, due to my upbringing, it is probably the faith I am best educated about.

The church school that I attended until I was eleven years old was, to be precise, a Church of England school in one of the small villages in my parish (yes, I live in a rural parish). Every day in assembly we sang hymns, said prayers and read from the Bible. On Wednesdays the vicar from the church next door came in to deliver a sermon. Even today I find myself humming hymns in the shower and can quote large chunks of text from the 'Good Book'. So if I have accidentally offended someone with the post, I can at least hope that it is not through ignorance.

Christianity teaches that we should 'love our neighbours as ourselves'. It teaches that as we are all children of God we should love, accept and be caring towards one another. But that little word 'accept' seems to be one that a lot of modern-day followers of the Christian teachings have some trouble with. Not all of them, by a long shot. But certainly, from my own experience living in a predominantly Christian area, a large percentage.

If we are supposed to accept and love each other, then why are so many hardcore Bible-bashers (I can't bring myself to call them 'Christians', now that I think about it - religion should not be used as an excuse to harm others, especially a religion that speaks consistently of peace and love) attacking - yes, physically ATTACKING - Goths and other alternative types?

A twelve-year-old girl in America was walking past a Baptist church when members of the congregation threw stones at her because she was wearing black and carrying a Stephen King novel. Stones. Last time I checked, a solid object hitting one in the head or face can KILL or cause permanent damage. Since when - since fucking when - has it been acceptable for adults to stone children in a civilised country?! Yes, the Bible speaks of stoning people - but NOT in this day and age, not when no crime has been committed - and 'he without sin shall cast the first stone'. Tell me this isn't just plain wrong.

It is not OK to go around throwing stones at people - children or adults - just because you don't like how they are dressed. People on this planet are suffering from war, famine, poverty, sickness, possible climate change, slavery, abuse, natural disasters and more - if there is really a God, is He really concerned about what music we are listening to, what colour clothes we are wearing or what colour we've dyed our hair? Would a God who forgives and is merciful, as the Bible says, really care if we backcomb our hair and listen to The Sisters of Mercy? Honestly, I can't see why.

Another twelve-year-old Goth girl, who attended a Christian school but chose instead to follow the Wiccan religion (an equally peaceful religion, with a strong focus on nature and with the tenet 'And ye harm none do what ye will'), committed suicide because she was constantly and relentlessly tormented by her 'Christian' classmates. She was literally bullied to death because of her religion.

These are two sickening examples which immediately come to mind, but I'm sure there are many more. This kind of behaviour is not Christianity. This hatred, cruelty and intolerance is not what the Bible teaches.

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Breanna said...

I myself am a Christian, and have been for eight years. I agree all the way with what you said. My grandmother, who really isn't a Christian, told me that if God wanted me to have purple hair I would be born with it. Really?
I don't understand.

sydneysomething said...

I too agree with everything you've said. I also attending a catholic school, and for the most part I don't think any of the really dedicated bible bashers actually follow the ideologies of the religion. They, along with my own grandmother seem to have this idea in their head that if they go to church and say a few hail marys that they're doing god's will, which really has nothing to do with anything. I think the concept behind most religions is perfectly sound, it's the humanity involved in it that fucks it up.

Qwack said...

Man, that's utterly idiotic. I'm Wiccan, but live in the US and attend a middle school made up of -mostly- Christians. I try not to let it get to me, but I agree with you 100%. Haven't been physically hurt yet, but honestly.

Kat said...

Hello :) I am new to this place but I must say it is very lovely and it is nice to see other Goths who know the subcultre and its background. I have been a Christian for about five years now and I go to a pretty nice Church...but I have noticed my youth minister treats my two "normal" friends better then me...most of the time he doesn't even ask how I'm doing and it bugs me but I also know it could be worse. Though I think some of the people are trying to "fix" me and one lady said Emilie Autumn is slutty and I shouldn't dress like the world...ummm okay? I think that is a load of bull and I listen to what I choose and I'll take up any REAL issues with God. I also respect anyone of a other faith I do not damn everyone to hell. I mean one of my bestfriends is a Wiccan! When it all comes down to it I love my Jesus but I don't like your "Christians".

Brandi said...

Myself, I am a Christian, as well as a Goth. And I definetely have to agree with what you've said. I've been in several debates of the topic over acceptance with those who claim to be Christians in my school. Hypocrites!

Glen said...

I agree with this post. I was once a Catholic but I dropped the religion when I grew older.
People who use religion as a means to express their personal distaste for anything repulse me. Here are two examples of intolerance this year in Australia where Christians provoke people (I don't mean to pont the finger, but when people do this sort of thing it irritates me to no end)

1.) Yesterday, in the City of Sydney a massive Zombie Walk March was held. It included thrilling make up and zombies where people would walk around in order to raise money for brain research. A friend of mine who attended (I hadn't,) reported that people approached the zombie groups and demanded they stop, quoted as saying

"REPENT! REPENT! Jesus will return and what you are doing is satanic!"

2.) Earlier this year, in Melbourne, faux gay marriage ceremonies were held in support of gay Marriage in Australia. A local Christian youth group stormed to the ceremonies and began proclaiming that the bible is said to be against homosexual union. Shortly after, Christians began to physically attack homosexuals present, including throwing a lesbian out of her wheelchair.

Amelia Jane said...

I know this is old but I just saw it and I just wanted to say, I'm a Christian and I think this is completely spot on and every Christian should read this. The reason a lot of people hate Christians is because of the people who claim to be Christians but don't act like it, we are supposed to hate sin, NOT the sinner. And thank you very much for what you said at the end that this isn't what the Bible teaches, because it definitely isn't.

Emily said...

I agree with everything you said. I can't beleive that someone who beleives in a forgiving and loving God can turn around and abuse a child! I seriously feel like crying, and that doesn't happen very often. (Defy the Goth steryotype! XD)

Anonymous said...

I, a humble babybat, am myself a Christian (a fairly conservative one too) and I agree wholeheartedly with every single thing you just said. I get very annoyed with other "Christians" who seem to think they're so holy and awesome that they can bully me and other people just because we're "different." You're absolutely right-that's not Christianity. God likes Goths too.

Anonymous said...

I am a chrisitan, and I completely get what you are saying here. My husband and myself are treated as though we are too old to be 'goths' (we're 27), told to grow up, etc. We would visit, then leave many churches in our Bible Belt town. We wanted to attend but so many people were prejudiced to us, even though we toned it down for church. Happily, we found ONE church where the members didn't treat us like trash. The husband is known for his bondage pants (yeah, yeah mallgoth, whatever, we happen to be obsessed with straps and buckles, so we love them) and everyone knows I have facial piercings. The pastor has joked with us that we're the only ones that could pull it off, lol :) We offered to let him borrow some clothes to see ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post! I've been a Christian all my life (my parents are christians too and raised me that way), and A Goth since I was eleven. Some so called 'christians' really make me sick. In the goth subculture there is Gothier Than Thou Syndrome, and in christianity there is Holier Than Thou Syndrome. In my opinion, the later is worse.

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