Thursday, 16 December 2010

Shop review - Rainbow's End, Swanage, Dorset

The first time I came across this shop, I hadn't been to Swanage for a very long time, which is my excuse for almost walking past it until the Nightmare Before Christmas window display caught my eye and I doubled back.

Rainbow's End is a very large shop, and my warning to fellow Gothlings is, please, please, don't be put off by all the bright rainbow colours - there are some wonderful items in this treasure trove, oh yes. Actually, possibly due to my obsession with faeries, on my latest visit I did actually find myself trying on several of the rainbow-coloured items (imagine Goth festival wear, but multicoloured rather than the traditional black) and fully intend to go back and buy at least a few skirts. (Note to self: research 'rainbow Goth'.)

I love the range of knitted hats - my favourite (which I bought) had devil's horns, and dangly devils tails hanging from the ear flaps. The slogan T-shirts are brilliant, although some not very original, and I did indeed buy one for my sort-of boyfriend's birthday. Accessories mainly lean towards the hippie-ish - woven hemp bracelets, tie-in green and brown felt dreads, beaded everything - and the badges were either pop culture stylee (no, I do NOT want a High School Musical badge) or for punk bands such as the Ramones, although I found a few gems ('Emo sucks', 'Goth and proud', 'Living Dead Girl').

There are a few interesting and unusual items such as the teeny bottles of glitter make-up - they're called fairy dust, and they certainly look like it (of course I have a bottle of fairy dust sitting on my dresser; although unfortunately the label has fallen off) and some lovely, highly unusual handmade jewellery.

The sale rack is quite often full of tie-dye, but on my last visit I found a beautiful black hoodie with cobweb sleeves so long I kept standing on them, a bargain at £15. The changing rooms are enormous, although not hugely well-lit. The 'proper' Goth clothes (i.e. black and dark jewel tones) were pricey, but that's nothing unusual for brand-name Gothwear. Brands best represented were Dark Star by Jordash - responsible for all the rainbow hues (honestly, could I pull off rainbow Goth? Some of the skirts are just... dreamy) - and I saw a few pieces by either Living Dead Souls or Dead Threads. Oh, and lots and lots of NBC merch, but really, who doesn't love Jack Skellington?

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Overall, this is probably one of my fave shops, probably because even within alternative fashion the stock still manages to be something a bit different, and I don't think I've ever been there without buying SOMEthing. Plus, I am now considering wearing colours other than red, purple, pink and blue, or even all of the above at the same time, which, as we are speaking of the girl whom during her overeager babybat phase refused to wear anything - anything at all - that wasn't black, is quite an achievement.


Anonymous said...

Ooo, I love the idea of "rainbow goth"! It sounds like a new form of perkygoth fashion! Count me in (accessories only, please--any clothes other than black stains too easily for me; of course, accessories could include jackets, gloves, hats, and other wearables, as well as jewelry!).

i went through the black only phase too--but it only lasted a month as I heard my mother say "Abby wears other colors, like red and white." Yes, Mommy, but what do real life goths wear?

Whatever the hell they want (oops, that wasn't very child-friendly!). I am now going to have to look for rinbow colored accessories. My local Walmart has these black wallets with neon rainbow colored studs and grommets on them--it sort of says Cyber meets trad goth or Deathrock to me--nothing wrong with that! My apologies for the crazy-person babbling!

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