Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Styles of Goth fashion: perky Goth

As you may possibly have gathered, perkygoth is one of the Goth 'types' that I personally identify with most closely. Perkygoth may be defined as 1) a subset of Goth fashion, defined by 'cute' motifs (e.g. fuzzy bats) and a liberal use of pink and/or sparkly things, 2) a personality type within the Goth scene - a Goth who rejects the 'gloomy' stereotype and is generally as bright and cheerful as can be, or 3) all of the above.

Kynt and Vyxsin of The Amazing Race, America's most famous perkygoths!
Source: Google Images
Do you need to love pink or have an obsession with sparkly bats (ahem) to be a perkygoth? Actually, no. There is a definite difference between those who love perkygoth fashion (aka candygoth) and those who are simply cheerful, happy Goths - but both would be described as perkygoths. A deathrocker, fetish Goth, or any other *insert Goth type here* could be classed as a perkygoth if they were bouncy and happy, although they would not necessarily involve the pink accents and 'cuteness' that personify perkygoth fashion.

Personality-wise, perkygoths are often thought of as having a sunny, friendly disposition, although more often than not they are stereotyped as being bouncy and hyperactive to the point of being irritating. Perkygoths often love the cuter, fun aspects of Goth culture - Tim Burton movies, Halloween and cartoons such as Ruby Gloom, Siouxsie Darkside or even Hello Kitty.

Both the perkygoth mentality and fashion seem to have developed out of an irritation with the tendency of some of those in the Goth scene to take themselves and the subculture just a bit too seriously (says she, writing a blog about Goth culture...d'oh). Perkygoths of both varieties are aware that Goth is perhaps somewhat, well... silly. We dress all in black and glue bats and spiderwebs on everything in sight - why not have a sense of humour about it? Goth is fun, dammit!

Because perkygoths are likely to enjoy the more upbeat music in the Goth spectrum, they are often associated with cybergoths, although perkygoth fashion actually ranges from casual streetwear (such as Kynt and Vyxsin, pictured above) to neo-Victorian with pink accents (such as Jillian Venters from Gothic Charm School) and could encompass anything and everything in between. Perkygoth fashion is also strongly associated with glitter Goth.

And just as every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so is mopeygoth to perkygoth. However, the doom'n'gloom mindset associated with mopeygoth does not seem to have any particular fashion style; although you can bet your boots it's black - none of this pink nonsense for yon mopeygoths.

Typical perkygoth bands could include such cheery happy things as Strawberry Switchblade, The Cruxshadows, Gene Loves Jezebel, Voltaire, Purple Fog Side, Ashbury Heights and Alice in Videoland; as well as performers whose stage show involves many cups of tea, such as Emilie Autumn.
Source: Photobucket
You can probably find a perkygoth at the spooky club just by following the trail of glitter. When not bouncing at the club, you may find them reading books such as Coraline and The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, watching Edward Scissorhands, doodling pink spiderwebs onto a leather jacket or getting fuzzy bat tattoos (apparently). If it's cute, pink, sparkly, smiley and Goth - it's perky.


sydneysomething said...

Eeep I love glitter and sparkley things and I ADORE Neil Gaiman! I like this perky goth thing - not the pink, but the upbeat attitude:D Yay for perky goths!

Sheridan L. said...

I can consider myself a perkygoth now :D hahaha ^^

Anonymous said...

I love ruby gloom and timburton pink movies but I also like horror,black, sitting by graveyards and E.A.Poe. so yeah I think can pull off purkeygoth

Anonymous said...

Hehehe I am a Perkygoth :3 that last bit.. about the trail of glitter.. this made me giggle!! Amy, you write so well - have been a fan since Piczo! x

Lady Janshima said...

I'm a Perky Goth. Also would like to note I use Purple Pink

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