Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Styles of Goth fashion: vampire Goth

In the wise words of Voltaire, vampire Goths are "essentially, romantigoths with fangs." In an earlier post I have discussed the relations between Goth and the vampyre subculture, but just to re-cap: vampire Goths do not believe that they are vampires. They are simply Goths with a strong interest in vampire lore and the 'vampire aesthetic', although they may or may not also be affiliated with the vampyre subculture.

For Goths, the appeal of vampires is generally an aesthetic one, and this is demonstrated perfectly by the vampire Goth. The look can encompass romantigoth fashion given a vampiric twist with capes, blood vials, and, yes, fangs - but there are of course those who prefer a 'modern' vampire look with leather trenchcoats and mesh shirts, inspired by movies such as Queen of the Damned and Blade. Not surprisingly, parasols and sunglasses are much-seen accessories amongst this subgenre.

Vampire Goth is also one of the 'darkest' Goth looks, involving predominantly black clothing in heavy or luxurious fabrics such as velvet and leather. Red, of course, is a popular accent. White, too, can be used for that 'Dracula's bride/death shroud' look, but other colours are rarely seen. For gentlemen frilled shirts, claw rings or 'finger armour', top hats and canes create an appearance that evokes period costume yet hints at danger; women may sport flowing skirts and tight bodices, lace gloves, and long or pointed fingernails. Ankhs, representing immortality, are often seen - although for accuracy, crosses would of course be a no-go.

Vampire Goths are not to be confused with the new generation of vampire fans as inspired by Twilight - vampgoths come with considerably less sparkle, and are more likely to lust after Lestat or Drac himself rather than that bouffant-haired ponce Edward. Other (dead) giveaways include sumptuous period clothing as opposed to cutesy jeans and Twilight-logo-patterned Converse; elaborate and elegant make-up instead of heavy eyeliner and a sullen pout. Let's face it - there's not much that's dark about Twilight.

Sometimes vampgoths have been stereotyped as pretentious; adopting British accents, speaking in Ye Olde English, wearing sunglasses indoors and generally doing their best to convince the general public, Goth and otherwise, that they Really Are Vampires. However, most vampgoths don't take themselves too seriously, and merely indulge in vampy cliches (red wine, anyone?) because they enjoy it and to amuse themselves. As with Goth culture itself, having a sense of humour about the whole thing prevents a Gothling from becoming a living, breathing (or not) media stereotype. As I have previously mentioned, for many Goths, vampires are entertaining - vampgoths are simply taking this one step further (vampyres could be described as taking it two steps further).

Speaking of stereotypes, you may also find vampgoths reading Anne Rice novels (or magazines such as Bite Me) by candlelight, watching Dracula, or relaxing on the chaise longue sipping red.... vine.
Model: RazorCandi
I have also heard vampire Goths referred to as 'supernatural Goths', but have chosen not to make use of this term as it could also possibly refer to other Goth styles such as 'dark fairy'.

A large percentage of Goth bands have released at least one vampire-related song (what's that famous one again? Ah yes... Bela Lugosi's Dead) but especially vampire-friendly Goth (or Goth-related) bands include Nosferatu, Theatres Des Vampires, The Beautiful Deadly Children and Blood Lust.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy great site only just found it. did you get up for the whitby weekend?
i have designed some new gothic furniture the first item is The Vampire's chaise longue. if you google vampires chaise longue it will take you to the article in fridays whitby gazette.
Whitby Gothic Furniture

ultimategothguide said...

Hey Tim =) Thank you!

Sounds interesting, I will definitely check it out.

Unfortunately I didn't get to Whitby this year; better luck next year!

Anonymous said...

I love the vamp goth scene. After having dressed in velvet, tapestries and tophats, modern suits and ties look disgustingly plain to me. Victorian styles actually HAD style. Today it is plain and polyester. EEEwwwwweee!!


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