Friday, 24 December 2010

Wishing you a spooky Christmas...

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To my dear readers; I've only been posting on this new blog for a couple of months (not quite that, even) but I have received such a fantastic response, so my greatest thanks to all of you! I hope that you will keep reading and posting your comments into the new year and beyond. =D

Yesterday was my Annual Christmas Eve Viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas, although as you may have noticed it was in fact a day early, as I decided to invite some friends to join me this year and of course we all had plans on Christmas Eve. Post-Christmas I shall hit you with a picspam of the customised Lolita-inspired outfit I whipped up for our Jack Skellington Appreciation Fest (mulled wine and Fox's Golden Crunch are the perfect Christmastime movie-watching treats...) and before-and-after pictures of how I re-designed the dress (even if it did take me three damn years to pluck up the courage to take the scissors to it).

Following the Annual Viewing, Dan and I opened our Christmas presents together - the man sure knows how to treat a faerie-loving Goth girl. Black Magic chocolates (my fave!), a book of ASBO Fairy Tales, and a Fairy Jar - the fairies in the jar glow when it gets dark... funnily enough, my mum received the same gift from her boyfriend.
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Here's hoping you have a full one of these...
Oh my goodness! Just as I was typing up this post, my friend Tanya knocked on the door with my Christmas present, which I was allowed to open... an Emilie Autumn 'Spread the Plague' T-shirt! I am very happy now!

What was I saying? Ah, yes. I spent today wearing an elf hat - complete with big pointy ears - with my hair covered in glitter spray and wearing the most festive outfit I could pull together out of my wardrobe (red velvet pixie-sleeved top, black frayed denim mini, black woolly tights, black woolly scarf, knee-high boots) as I was working in the British Heart Foundation shop alongside Bronwyn, who had decided that Christmas Eve costumes were not optional. Admittedly it was a good laugh, and I am loving the new Goth-friendly posters that have appeared in BHF stores (the corset on the poster? Primark. I have one.). Unfortunately (for you), by some mysterious circumstance I do not have any pictures of me looking like a dork in an elf hat. WHAT a shame... ;-)
The Goth British Heart Foundation poster
Source: British Heart Foundation
Christmas Day itself I am going to be spending with my mum, as it's just the two of us at home this year. I am hoping to see my dad and Dan for a little while, and of course I will be gabbing on the phone to all my lovely mates. And I will be seriously overdressed, as usual (my main Christmas present is a Hell Bunny Limited Edition ballgown, which we have added velvet straps to in order to compensate for my *ahem* lack of chest).

Wishing you a Christmas filled with dark delights and the spookiest, happiest New Year you've ever had!
The Cure... making snowmen depressed since the 1980s
Source: Tumblr
Listening to: Chanukkah, Oh Chanukkah - Black Tape For A Blue Girl (Projekt: A Dark Noel)


† Nightmare † said...

I wish you a Merry Christmas! :) (from Hungary)

ultimategothguide said...

Thank you ^^

Morrigan said...

Have a very merry Yuletide!
And I absolutely love that stocking you found on Google, inspired to make one like that now :D

Laurence 'The Beard' Williams said...

And a very Merry, albeit belated, Christmas to you too =D

And just to say, that stocking is awesome, and I must have one...

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