Friday, 28 January 2011

Goth pets

Stereotypically, the life of a Goth is a lonely existence... but bugger that for a game of soldiers. However, I'd like to make a handful of things clear right off the bat (no pun intended).

1. When I say 'Goth pets', I mean PETS. As in, beloved, well-treated, furry/feathered/scaly/bald (delete as applicable) friends. I am not talking about sacrifices (duh, everyone knows us Goths only use HUMAN sacrifices - that was a JOKE, in case you at the back there weren't paying attention). If anyone, Goth or not Goth, thinks it's a good idea to hurt or mistreat animals, then get off my blog.

2. OK, the big crossover between the Goth and fetish scenes may mean that some people came to this page looking for pictures of people on a collar and leash (or other various human-pet-centred whatnots). But, er, I'm afraid I'm talking about pets of the animal kingdom variety here. Just so's you know.

3. To keep exotic animals as household pets I believe requires some kind of license. I do not recommend you give your child a crocodile. Do not blame me if your black cat brings home fleas. Thorough research before buying new pet, yadda yadda. You get the point.

Wonderfully cliched Gothy pets:

  • Black cat
  • Raven
  • Rat
  • Snake
  • Tarantula
  • Bat
  • Owl
  • Three-headed dog (no, I just kid...)
(To date I've owned two animals from the above list (I'll let you guess which!). Currently I cohabit with an ancient black and white cat named Kally and two incredibly bossy guinea pigs called Toffee and Badger.)

Author of The Goth Bible, Nancy Kilpatrick, says, "Goths are overwhelmingly pet lovers. Goths have been known to cohabit with all manner of creatures, the most common, not surprisingly, cats. Other animals that Goths smile favourably upon are panthers, skunks, rats and wolves, treating them with respect, viewing them as kindred spirits. Many Goths find spiders and lizards fascinating, although insects per se are not high on the list of adorable creatures to share your home with. Many Goths hold a special spot in their hearts for ravens, crows and bats."

I must admit I never thought of a skunk as a kindred spirit before... but, jokes about stinky pits aside, I guess they are kind of the misfits of the animal kingdom...

In The Goth Bible, Ms. Kilpatrick interviewed a group of Goth panelists, known as The Cross Section, on various topics, including their pets. Pets owned by The Cross Section include:
  • Alligator - 1
  • Bat - 5
  • Source: Chameleon Kitty (DeviantArt) with kind permission
  • Chameleon - 1
  • Chinchilla - 2
  • Cockatoo - 1
  • Crocodile - 1
  • Dove - 2
  • Ferret - 6
  • Frog - 1
  • Gecko - 1
  • Gerbil and Hamster - 5
  • Goat - 1
  • Guinea Pig - 1
  • Hedgehog - 1
  • Lizard - 7
  • Piranha - 1
  • Prairie Dog - 1
  • Rats and Mice - 21
  • Raven - 1
  • Seagull - 1
  • Scorpion - 1
  • Snake - 12
  • Spider - 3
  • Sugar Glider - 2
  • Turtle and Tortoise - 4
However, there are definite downsides to owning pets, such as picking cat hairs off one's corsets and velvet; dog claws play merry hell with fishnet tights and stockings; keeping crawly icky buggies on hand to feed the tarantula; and let's face it, some clothes just aren't practical for dog walking in the rain. And you just know that everyone you know will see you in your mum's trackie bottoms and the lime green rainmac.

But you can give your dog some Goth cred with one of these hilarious 'Goth dog shirts' from Zazzle...


Laurel said...

Unfortunately, I don't think Miss Patricia would tolerate a t-shirt; she's already made it clear that she hates her boots and collars. But they are cute t-shirts!

x-akurei said...

"And you just know that everyone you know will see you in your mum's trackie bottoms and the lime green rainmac."

Oh yes, that's happened to me many a time -.-

Emily Lynn G. said...

My black cat was subculture before i was, i think, and taught me a thing or to. It's a cliche pet but we got along so well. He had a bad eye and was very old, he loved me and enjoyed watching me draw from my lap. A good thing about a black cat is that it's hair always matched my clothes<3 I have a Bichon but it's not the same, much more of a cat person. aw well~

Angel of Darkness said...

I own a gray and white cat. But I have always wanted a bat or raven. My cat would freak if I got a raven though.

MisVermilion said...

Uoh,thanks for your comment,you're so darling! <3

I love your blog,it's pretty interesting.I do not have any pet,but I wish!!

OpiateVampire said...

I have two black cats, a hedgehog, and two rats. So many goth points for me! xD


Funny post, Amy!
My cat Mia caught a bat about a month ago. She didn't kill it, she just brought it in her mouth to the kitchen. All proud showing me her 'new friend'. The bat was pretty cool but I let it go. (How does one keep a bat?)
Pets are definitely great companions especially for us 'lonely outcasts'.

Ellone said...

I'm a cat person so I own a big furry black and white cat! ^^ But I'd like to have a spider or a snake! haha =D Love your blog!

Stephanie said...

Haha, I had a hedgehog, and she was a sweetheart; unless you were my future husband. Then you deserved a hiss and a prick if you touched her. She was very jealous.
Right now we have a fat cat named Oobies, two frogs, 14 fish and an adorable puppy.
I've always wanted a taranula, but I also want a skunk [de-sented please] and a teacup pig. Definately the animals I want to get next.

Serifina said...

My dog wouldnt wear one of those shirts- he wouldnt sit still enough for me to put it on him!
My dog doesnt seem to enjoy wreaking havoc on my tights and socks...or maybe its just because he's never tried...

Nox Artemis said...

Me and my brother have had a ton of pets over the years (rather than tell you what we have had, I'll tell you what we haven't had: a dog. :( And a crocodile. And various farm animals. And anything else that might have been *dangerously* illegal >.>) But one of my closest pets was my guinea pig, Heartburn. Sadly, she passed away last year on Mother's Day. V.V

But we have a huge orange cat now and we love him ('cept my dad). The one problem is not the hair though: it's the fact that he pees on clothes whatever chance he gets! Rather have a bunch of clingy cat hairs on my clothes than have the stench of cat urine on my stuff (unfortunately it has already happened with a caplet, a cardigan, and choker). >:(

Anonymous said...

omg!!! i have a gorgeous snake and two cats. one of the cats is like superfat lols

david smith said...

on you tube...
manta rays swimming
such as on BBC documentary.
Not a pet unless James Bond villain.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, that photo in the garden is me - please credit it to my deviantart - instead of to google <3

Anonymous said...

I have a black cat and a tarantula!

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