Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Mallgothumentary! "Glasgow's Goth Kids"

I seem to be going with a definite mallgoth theme this week... but I couldn't resist posting the first part of this old documentary about the 'Goth' kids who used to hang around the steps of the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow (they were banned from lurking around GOMA in large numbers a few years ago). Not entirely sure why all of these kids have been tagged as 'Goths' simply because some of them are dressed in black; a large proportion of them couldn't even be classified as mallgoths... but never mind.

I adore the pink-haired girl ("sometimes I'm a Goth, sometimes I'm a mosher"...), she may be subculturally clueless, but she has a great look. I wonder what happened to these kids? I expect a lot of them grew up 'normal' - maybe some of them got involved in the Goth scene proper? Hey, maybe they're reading this blog... XP

Y'know, considering they're young mallgoths, the make-up (in most cases - as with many gothumentaries, there is a chance for you to play Spot The Crow) isn't particularly dodgy. My pink-haired cutie and Blondie at 0:47 in particular (what's with the Nike hat, though, love?) have make-up looks that I particularly like.

At about 4:05 a girl mentions when the GOMA staff played classical music to try to drive the 'Goths' away; I remember reading about that in the news and being highly amused - a lot of Goths are big fans of classical music. I guess they assumed that the sound of something other than Marilyn Manson and Papa Roach would send the wee Gothlings running home with bleeding ears... a classic (pun intended) example of daft stereotyping, yet again. I wouldn't be surprised if they had attracted extra mallgoths with that tactic rather than scaring them away.

Love the fact that GOMA staged an exhibition in their honour as an attempt to 'make peace'. Ironic, then, that they ended up taking out a legal ban on them...

Does every culture have its own version of 'neds'? In England we have 'chavs', I believe in some countries the term is 'bogans', and in America I thought the 'Goth's worst enemy' is known as the 'prep', but I have been corrected on this (see comments). There isn't always antagonism between the two subcultures; a couple of my good friends could be classified as chavs. However, if I'm honest, the 'tracksuited, shaven-headed' types I often complain about are as chavvy as they come. I suppose, as with Goths, some are nice and normal types, some are assholes. People are people, and all that.


Anonymous said...

Actually, as an American, I really don't think there is much of a word in America for "a Goth's worst enemy." "Prep," used correctly, refers more to a social class than a subculture- a social class that is marked by conservative but friendly people who, of all things, attend prep schools. I don't believe that preps belong in the same category as chavs. Sorry if this comes across as a rant, but I tend to go off on people who misuse the word "prep." (How many times can I say prep in one post? xD)
On an unrelated note, I love your blog and check it every day, even though I'm really not much of a Goth. Keep up the good work!

Black Little ♥ said...

That goth gallery sounded interesting.. Love the post, I'm a big fan of your blog! I've been following you since Piczo. Keep making me wiser girl!

Anonymous Reader said...

What I don't get is that in the Goth subculture when you’re young your either a mall goth or a baby bat. And you can only get away from that mall goth faze by becoming a baby bat and from there you become a real 'Goth' once you reach a certain age and are old enough to call young Goth's baby bats and mall goths, Is it actually possible to be a young Goth and not a baby bat? Is becoming 'Goth' an age thing?
Just a question that's been bugging me for a while. I love your blog though and check it far to much to be healthy. :)

ultimategothguide said...

@ Anonymous - thanks for the info, sorry for being a little clueless! And no problem, rant away =) (Probably about as many times as I can say "Goth" in the average blog post...)
Thank you very much! =D

@ Black Little ♥ - thanks very much! Glad that people from the old site weren't scared away by crappy backgrounds and the occasional bit of plagiarism... XP

@ Anonymous Reader - I'm sure you can! As there aren't any age restrictions (as it were) on Goth, I'm sure that many people become 'real Goths' at various ages; babybat is generally a term used for someone who is still learning about the Goth subculture. Usually this is defined by age, but not always - there are babybats aged 40 and above. Vice versa, some people feel they are knowledgeable enough and comfortable enough in the scene to begin politely objecting to being tagged 'babybats' whilst they are much younger. Is this making sense, or am I rambling?

Anonymous Reader said...

@ Ultamitegothguide no, it's making plenty of sense you're not rambling. Too much :)

Anonymous said...

I liked the pink haired girl as well! She was too cute. :]

I don't use the word mallcore. It's degrading and pretentious. I say Baby Bat instead. It's more endearing and kind. I personally find it completely arrogant to snub a bunch of kids who ARE doing what makes them happy regardless if they know who Bauhaus is or not. We all start somewhere. And, we most often start with what is accessible (even with the internet most of the trad goth music definitely still isn't). Why punish someone for that?

Anyways, I thought the documentary was quite interesting. Well, at least the parts I could understand. Some of the slang and such completely baffled me. *is American*

Kitty Lovett; A Charming Notion said...

Yeah, here in Australia we have bogans (which are chavs, but they aren't blessed by a leader like The Wonderful Lady Sovereign - sorry, she's terrible, but I love her anyway), and here's a list of "goth's worst enemy" here.

-Twentysomethings in shit cars at traffic lights (seriously, "AW YA FREAK" "You're yelling at teenagers from your car. Come say that to my face." "OH SHIT FLOOR IT" every time)
-Jersey Shore: Australian Edition
-Girls in coffee shops that aren't the Alt. Hangout, or in byron bay - there's a cafe around the corner called Appetite, completely staffed by girls my age, who are the bitchest people i have ever met. Seriously.

And who are a goth's best friend? Old ladies. Seriously. I cannot tell you how many elderly ladies have come up to me to tell me they love my look, my shoes, my coffin bag, my hair - the men are harder to win over, but normally a smile does it. Seriously, if you're ever in any danger in public, seek out some elderly ladies - they will help you!

Kaitllyn said...

I was just wondering, I was at a one night camp and I have a long time friend, and we are both into the BubbleGoth scene (Kerli), and then there was this "Goth" girl. SO I just randomly asked her,"What type of Goth are you?" and I get a reply, "What is a type of Goth?!" ANd I'm thinking, "WOW! OMG!!! This girl has no right to be claiming anything." Then I explain that there are several types of goth, like High Goth, Negative Goth, BubbleGoth, and Glitter Goth." And she's like, "Well I used to be a pink goth."

GRRRRRRRR!!! What in the HELL is this girl?!?!?! and then another example:

Sitting at my lunch table with my Bestie (we're like total loners or somthing that day cause everyone else is on a feild trip to the beach -_-) and I ask her, "So did you know that Lady Gaga has been stealing Kerli's ideas?" and since we are really into Kerli, I thought that she would understand that GAGA has stolen more than you would think of Kerli's outfits. She turns around to me and says, randomly, "You aren't really any kind of goth, because you don't wear black everyday like I do!!!" and I'm thinking, "WHERE IN HELL IS THIS COMING FROM???!?!!?!!?!?!?"

Needless to say, she got a good talking to about how she still calls Evanescence a major Goth band. Well, anyways, I was just wondering, how do you try to explain Goth to someone who rejects your explainations, and your the onyl person in the school that knows ANYTHING about the scene?

Venus said...

Kitty Lovett, you are completly correct. Elderly women are awesome at not judging people.
aww, I can't see the video :'(

ultimategothguide said...

@ Venus - it died. :-( Sorry

Anonymous said...

They only hang out there cause its right next to Osiris and hellfire and a couple of other goth shops on that street.

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