Friday, 14 January 2011

My second Versatile Blogger Award

Sorry if anyone feels I am posting the same posts over and over, but it's good to be loved, and I'm certainly not letting an award go to waste. However, since the answers to the ten questions haven't changed, can I get away with not answering them again? Yes, I think so.

So a big thanks to Angel of Darkness for awarding me!

  • Thank and link back to the person who gave the award.
  • Answer 10 questions, which, for those I have awarded who are actually re-posting, can be found on my original post here.
  • Pass it to 7 other blogs you enjoy or have recently discovered.
  • Then leave a note to the blogs you awarded telling them about it.
Also, I'm not sure I can manage another seven blogs, but I have recently discovered some new yummies, so I'll see what I can rustle up:

Corin has only just started to post in English, but there are many pretty pictures and I look forward to reading some new posts from her (blogging in two languages? I'd say that's pretty versatile).

Only a few posts so far on Serifina's blog but I have definitely enjoyed all her book reviews so far (especially Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton, which is a favourite book of mine).

A fantastic blog which I have just started following, covering fashion, art, decor and style for the darkly inclined.

I was introduced to this amazing blog by one of the bloggers I awarded in my last post; since then I have been absolutely hooked. All Goth or alternative fashion enthusiasts should add this great blog to their list of clicky-links.

As an alternative beauty and make-up geek I fell in love with Morrigan's blog straight away. I also enjoy her photography.

I have Juliet's Lace to thank for introducing me to the wonderfully dark and slightly twisted world of the Gothic Tea Society, and am pleased to pass this link on to my readers. The Gothic Tea Party is compiled by a collection of contributors (try saying that ten times fast) and focuses on the dark, the bizarre, and the downright unusual.

I'm not entirely sure how to describe the mishmash of culture, humour and crazy that makes up ETERNITY KIDZ, so I'll give you a short selection of tags from the blog: horror, cyberpunk, sex, science, religion, transhumanism, post-apocalypse, body modifications, food. What more do you want?

Now how about we all stop tagging each other for five minutes? Laurel, has this satisfied your desire for Goth blogs yet?


Laurel said...

Yay, new links to add to my blog! Actually, I've been lazy and haven't gotten to the first one--so lazy! But I am totally adding the blogs in these two posts--after I take a very demanding dog outside!

Mariana L said...

Hi Amy!

Thanks for the award and thanks for following! I am enjoying all of your other award winner as well!

Have a great day,
Mariana (aka The Courtesan Macabre)

Morrigan said...

Thanks a lot for the award! <3
Have a great weekend :)


I really appreciate the award. Thanks!
And congrats to all the other winners, as well.

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