Tuesday, 18 January 2011

No wonder Goths are stereotyped as misanthropic...

Perhaps because we get to be on the receiving end of this? I confess, I have considered getting semi-permanent fangs myself, but after reading up on the dangers to my near-perfect dentistry (I am very proud of my teeth - no fillings, no braces, no cavities, no discolouring; my dentist loves me) and realising that I am not a professional alt model and will probably end up working in Cash Converters to pay for my make-up, hair and beauty studies and having fangs might limit my employment options just a bit, I decided against it.

Adora BatBrat is a gorgeous and talented woman; she is married with three kids, models professionally, and sings in a band named Asperger Synthdrome with her sister Cienwen Noor to raise awareness of Asperger's Syndrome. In her YouTube videos you can tell that she is a bright and vivacious lady, and as far as I can tell from reading her blog, she has a loving family with whom she sustains good relationships; there have been no signs of anyone in her family disapproving of her lifestyle or how she chooses to present herself.

Adora BatBrat
But in the comments on the above link, people were making such judgements as "I am sure her parents are just so proud of this freak"; "she's retarded. seriously"; and "FREAK! what type of jobs do these people hold?"; "somebody needs to just shoot this phsycotic [sic] moron now".

There were plenty of comments standing up for Adora, which was nice to see (I particularly agree with a comment from Gloomy Sunday down near the bottom of the page; I salute you!) but it's amazing how quick people are to make judgements and hurtful personal comments based upon their own disapproval of a person's personal aesthetic. This kind of stuff just pisses me off so much - these people know nothing about alternative subcultures or about Adora herself, yet they have made decisions about who she is and how she lives based upon a body modification.

According to these small-minded bigoted twats, Adora will be 'working in a Goth shop until she's 65' (despite being already a successful model and YouTube phenomenon - and what's wrong with working in an alt fashion shop if that's what you want to do?) and is 'starved for attention - it was either this or prostitution'. Between the beautiful model, singer and fashion designer, and the nobody making spiteful comments on some stupid celebrity gossip site, who do YOU think is starved for attention, dear readers?

My 'favourite' comment on aforementioned idiotic gossip site was this one: "I am not an intolerant person but this just seems so destructive. Going to parties where they bite each other, drink blood, have ritualistic ceremonies is just too freaky…not to mention dangerous". Wow. Because she dresses Goth and has fangs, you seriously have all these ridiculous ideas about her lifestyle? Frankly I think it's more worrying that so-called adults seem to genuinely believe that people who enjoy a darker aesthetic go around biting people and holding 'ritualistic ceremonies'. Who's the freak here? And I love the 'I am not an intolerant person' part - allow me to note that this was the SAME comment that began with "FREAK! what type of jobs do these people hold?" Wake up, cupcake, you're as much of an intolerant bigot as the next person posting pathetic comments on the internet insulting something they don't understand.

I was reminded of a post I recently read on The Odd Duck; this time the cruel personal remarks were being made about somebody's tattoo. Honestly, it isn't at all right or fair to make judgements and comments about strangers because of ANY aspect of their appearance. I don't understand the mentality of people who think that using the internet as a tool to be spiteful about other people is in any way normal.

Really, no wonder alternatives (and those with body modifications) are often stereotyped as 'hating everybody' - if I was reading comments like those about me, I'm damn sure I'd start hating a lot of people. Newsflash: you can't be a nasty jerk and then expect the people you've hurt to be sweetness and light to you.


Anonymous said...

And this confirms my love-hate relationship with humanity.

The more I see body modification, unnatural hair color, and fancful clothing and jewelry, the more normal it seems to me. But then, I really don't notice that stuff very much. It all comes down to attitude, and you can't tell that by a person's appearance.

The Green Fairy said...

I see those girls with the oompa loompa orange tans as being is fake :P

Yeah this Perez Hilton thing made me ridiculously mad at first, and I just wanted to yell and scream at these people, but then I cooled down and decided making an account on that stupid site all to dignify their heinous comments with a retort was a waste of my time.

I'm glad that Adora doesn't seem overly worried about it, and I was also really happy at some of the comments on her blog from people who only discovered her because of the article on Perez's website and who through actually attempting to do some research decided that they liked Adora very much for all the reasons you've stated so eloquently in your post above.

As I said on Adora's blog post, any publicity is good publicity and I can't imagine the traffic she's getting on her blog and youtube account :P

ultimategothguide said...

@ The Green Fairy - yeah, I read your comment on her blog. =) And I agree, totally love how laid-back she is about it.

P.S. Eloquent? Well, cheers! =D

Anonymous Reader said...

Some people can be narrow minded and scared. Those who aren't are ridiculed to the point of stupidity. Body modification isn't meant to make other people take offense in one's appearance but to help someone be happier with who they are. It horrendous the things people will say, I have to admit I've been reading a blog called Something Sweet who has a section called Tattoo Tuesday which is always nice to read but some of the derogatory things people will say to these people to their face is disgusting. Don't you love humanity?

Nox Artemis said...

Man, I hate it when people say stuff like "I'm not racist/I'm not sexist/I'm not intolerate/I'm not homophobic" followed with a big fat "BUT..." as if they try to put themselves in a good light when they say something so blantly intolerate, hateful, or too ignorant for their own good. The least that these people can do is openly admit that they don't like a certain type of person instead of trying to pretend that they're wonderful people - I can have a little amount of respect for that.

Tenebris In Lux said...

It's from a site called PrezHilton. Go figure. I ignored looking at the comments after getting a taste of the first three. People .. goodness ..

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Adora is rocking the fuck out. That's so awesome. XD

midnightpaw1313 said...

She is happy in her own, skin. How many of us can say that at the end of the day?

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