Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pink and black attack! The return of Kynt and Vyxsin

The weird conversations just keep coming. My nan received a cold call yesterday from some telesales company, asking to speak to her husband (my grandfer) who died of motor neurone disease last year.
Nan: "No, this is Mrs. Bowers."
Cold caller: "Can I please speak to Mr. Bowers?"
Nan: "He passed away."
Caller: "When will he be back?"
*blinks* Excuse me, what?!

Those of you who followed me here from Piczo may recall a time when the weekly videos I used to post on the homepage suddenly began featuring an awful lot of clips from CBS's The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race is an American reality TV show where contestants compete in teams of two, racing around the world whilst completing various challenges to win prizes. Those who reach each destination last run the risk of elimination.

Why am I telling you this on a blog about Goth culture? Because this TV programme helped to shed some light on the dark world of Goth, and hopefully blast a few of those negative stereotypes out of the water. How? By bringing astonishingly perky, loveable Goth couple Kynt and Vyxsin onto hundreds of USA TV screens in series 12.

Source: Google Images
They may not have won the grand prize, but competing in the Amazing Race was a massive breakthrough for Kynt and Vyxsin, skyrocketing them to global infamy. The couple now regularly contribute to Goth glossy Gothic Beauty Magazine and have modelling contracts out the wazoo, including some names I'm sure you'll recognise such as Hot Topic, Skelanimals and Lip Service. And hey, an awful lot of hits to this blog are from people Googling 'Kynt and Vyxsin'.

So (other than those extra hits) why have I chosen today to run a post on this make-up loving, big-haired duo (who, incidentally, were described as 'the show's best-dressed contestants' for their neatly co-ordinated black and hot pink ensembles)? Well, because the perkygoth pair are scheduled to return to the TV screens of America for a second shot at that $1,000,000 first prize...

That's right, the Unfinished Business series is soon to air, and the stunning couple have been announced as one of the returning teams!

In their first CBS appearance, Kynt and Vyxsin may have been well-received by American families watching at home (and those of us in the rest of the world watching on YouTube and various illegal video-sharing websites), not to mention the African tribespeople they met on their round-the-world race, but their extravagant aesthetic didn't go down quite so well with the competition. Right from the get-go, some of the other contestants were snide and insulting, referring to the eyeliner-besmeared Gothlings as 'the freaks'. Their positive, cheery attitude, however, is the polar opposite of the stereotypical protrayal of Goth gloom and doom. Kynt says, "People think Goths are depressed and antisocial basement-dwellers. It’s so wrong since we love to meet new people everyday. Goth people are insightful, intelligent, and just plain fun."

It was interesting to see that amidst the in-fighting and arguments taking place on an almost daily basis amongst nearly all of the other teams, Kynt and Vyxsin only argued once - during the rest of their time on the series they were really supportive of each other and worked well together, unlike a certain other team who called them 'freaks', who were constantly bitching, yelling and insulting each other.

I thoroughly look forward to following the further adventures of the world's happiest Goths on YouTube... and wish them the very best of luck at netting that prize!


Mark said...

It is disgusting about Cold Callers. They should be banned from ever making a phone-call. I think you can call them all, Idiots in suits. I've known better Aspies than that. Aspies would have much better manners. Pink and Black sounds delightful. I knew a Gothic female once, she had mixed Pink and Black together. It suited her perfectly. As for Cold Callers, try listening to Cold Callers by Scary Bitches. It's a very funny Gothic song. You see, Goths can have better fun than boring and dreary modern society. Mark aka Aspergika.


Sometimes a Goth or another alternative subculture member will appear as a character in a soap opera (a big pass-time in Latin countries) and while they're initially portrayed as a stereotype they're then revealed to be nice people with the qualities and flaws of 'normality'. It's not ideal but I do think its a nice first step to help the masses accept difference.

Stephanie said...

I love this. The black and hot pink is one of my favorite color combinations. It's nice a positive portrail of Goth. It's a shame that Goth is viewed so negatively, but it can be changed, just like any stereotype. This is a good step.

Emily Lynn G. said...

Interesting, The man in that couple seems really smart and well-spoken, somebody I'm sure people would just sneer at due to his looks. I just hope they don't put them in the show for their "wow" factor, and instead on their so many better qualities as a team. It must be hard to do those missions in those great outfits, way to go.

MissGracie said...

Is it the 'labels' on posts that show up on Google? Or do you have to do something more complex?

Sam said...

i'm so glad Kynt and Vyxsin are back on the race! watching them on tv four years ago with my family accually helped my parents to be more understanding and accepting... :)

SiouxsieL said...

Yay! Glad to hear they will be back. I'm putting it on my DVR. Thanks for the post.

ultimategothguide said...

@ MissGracie - I'm actually not sure... I think it might pick up post titles or images or something. I know I get a lot of views via Google Images.

@ SiouxsieL - I had a little fangirly 'omg, Siouxsie Law read my blog?!' moment just now; I'm a huge fan of your blog, so thanks for visiting and commenting! You're very welcome ^^

HalloweenQueen said...

i absoluelty adore these guys and have myself a few personalised autographed items from them. theyre so lovley, and are actually the genuine article. on the occiaions i have had the pleasure of contact with them (usually Vysin) theyre sooooo nice. i absolutley love them and so glad that theres people like them out there representing gothic culture in a positive manor.

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