Thursday, 13 January 2011

Roof collapse at Projekt Records

Infamous Goth and darkwave record label Projekt has suffered a setback with the collapse of one of its warehouses over Christmas. Projekt head Sam Rosenthal was actually in the warehouse as 1/6 of the roof came down under the weight of snow, and had a lucky escape. Thankfully the warehouse was only in use for parking, but this means that somehow Projekt have to move their stock and business somewhere else in a matter of weeks as the Department of Building have banned entry to the building.

Now I just got this news from You Sound Like A Robot, which means I'm a little late jumping on the Help Projekt! train - which also means, I'm afraid, that readers of this post are no longer in time for the 25% off sale that Projekt threw up to clear some of their stock and raise money for the move (sorry, guys, but believe me I'm just as disappointed as you are).

However, support from Projekt's fans (and there are plenty of those - after all, this is the record label of Voltaire, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Katzenjammer Kabarett, Unto Ashes and Android Lust, to name just a few of my favourites) meant that the label made more money in three days than they usually get in two months, enabling them make plans to shift to new office and storage space in the next fortnight.

Source: Google Images
Since everyone out there clearly loves Projekt, and to celebrate the good news, here are three great free downloads at YSLAR from Projekt musicians: God In The Hole from Android Lust (scroll down, it's track number eight); When I'm Wrong from Weep; and Goodnight Demonslayer from Voltaire.

Remember, free downloads are all very well, but if you love the band (or the record label), please support them by buying their stuff and keep the scene thriving!


Irwin Floto said...

I'm a listener of Voltaire, yet I'm unfamiliar with his record label. Anyway, they should have made a tune about this whole experience... something about roofs. A kind of haunting, melodramatic song.

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