Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sex, Death and Eyeliner

Oh no! Where has the Goth Fashion Tumblr gone? Half my links are dead, and my usual Sunday-evening browsing of gorgeous Goth beauties and dresses to DIE for can no longer happen. Has the URL changed, or is Goth Fashion simply dead, dead, deadski (to quote Beetlejuice)? Does anyone know?

Anyhow. Please ignore my wailing and my gnashing of teeth and enjoy the following videos, which I found on YouTube (duh), posted by a nice chappie called holyguyver, who has taken these clips from the 1997 gothumentary Sex, Death and Eyeliner, "editing out all of the unneeded BDSM, sex, nudity, LARP and vampire stuff." (A common problem amongst gothumentaries is the obsession with discussing kinky sex, and slightly odd people trying to convince the interviewer that they are a 300-year-old vampire.)

You will probably immediately notice that a few of these people are more eccentric than average - seeing ghosts and vampire-crazy. Well, where's the fun in interviewing/making documentaries about the more 'normal' people in the Goth scene? You can talk to normal people on the street anytime... crazy people sell better.

Some of the hairstyles in this second clip are especially beautiful. I love the woman with the pearls strung in her hair, and the one with the ringlets framing her face and her head shaved at the back. =)

Note to self: must get lace curtains.

I love all the white and ivory outfits... must try and unearth a white lace dress in the January sales.

Interesting to hear from the 'normal' girl with the Goth mum.

After all the blood-drinking vampire stuff earlier on, time to make it clear that Goths aren't actually going to eat people. Plus lots of pretty outfits.

Listening to: Girls That Glitter Love the Dark - Hannah Fury


x-akurei said...

You have a Tumblr? Oooh you must share your url with us! ^^
I too was very upset about the sudden disappearance of GothFasion.


ultimategothguide said...

I haven't got a Tumblr myself, I'm just faintly obsessive about other peoples'... >.< The other one I check almost daily is Gothic Charm School, of course. =)

Julietslace said...

Annoyingly enough people change their URL quite a lot, that's probably what happened. There's tons of Goth tumblrs! I've got one myself so even if they change it it's still there because I reblogged it, smart ;)

Black Rose said...

I'm new to the Gothic Cyber world and just found this blog.
I like the music and fashion!

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