Saturday, 12 February 2011

Chocolate spiderweb muffins

This is the patented Amy Post-Shopping Perky Mood. New Gothy band vinyl records! Skull and crossbones earrings! Black wool for learning to crochet (in theory)! Many books! Other things that I shamefully don't actually remember!

But frankly, I couldn't think of anything to post today, so if this post ends up slightly lame I am completely deserving of any slings and arrows that end up in the comments (which, FYI, doesn't mean I won't delete them ^^). I have an actual spreadsheet of upcoming posts, but a lack of sleep, too much caffeine, and an overload of retail therapy have caused a definite session of No Can Brain. Which means I'm falling back on my default position of "Hey, let's copy, paste and tweak something from the crappy old site!"

I usually only post one tutorial a month, but this is very different from my other tutorials due to being edible. Yikes. (Ignore that sound of distant laughter. It's just my friends, splitting their sides at the thought of yours truly penning a bakery tutorial.)

This is a reasonably simple three-step recipe for ooky-spooky chocolate cobweb muffins, excellent for impressing your equally-spooky friends with your culinary talents. As long as your muffin-decorating skills are better than mine, that is.

This is what these muffins are SUPPOSED to look like.
Source: BBC
You will need:
100g white chocolate
100g dark chocolate
Six muffins, preferably chocolate (what, you didn't think I actually BAKED MUFFINS, did you? Oh no, no, no, I bought them from Tesco's like a normal person. If you want to be a real show-off and bake something, you can find a recipe for chocolate muffins here. Good luck with that.)

1. Break the dark and white chocolate into separate heatproof bowls and melt in the microwave on Medium for 2 minutes (or set the bowl over a pan of gently simmering water). Do not do what I did and use a fondue kit, because after about five minutes my white chocolate started smelling funky and then it went all lumpy and disgusting. Not really sure what happened there...

2. Spread your muffins with dark chocolate from the bowl, letting it run down the sides a bit, then dribble four concentric circles of white chocolate on top. Or, of course, you could spread over the white chocolate and decorate with the dark.

3. Using a small skewer, toothpick, or teaspoon handle, drag through the circles at regular intervals, from the centre to the edge, to create a cobweb effect.
This, unfortunately, is what MY muffins looked like.
Not half yummy, though.
Best eaten the day they're made - even better while the chocolate's soft

P.S. First guest post coming up sometime soon-ish; so I will be adding some relevant info to the site policies page if anyone is interested. Our guest blogger will be the lovely Claire, formerly of The Gothic Asylum, and here is a pretty teaser photo for you:
Image belongs to Claire.
Used with permission.
Yup, that's right - bloomers, corsets and stripy goodness coming to you courtesy of my very first guest blogger...


Emily Lynn G. said...

It never looks as good as the picture, huh?(cupcakes) It's okay; Just write as many blogs as you can, quality over quantity.

Stephanie said...

I love the cupcakes! Even if they didn't turn out like the picture, haha. They look delicious.

Looking forward to the guest blog. I bet it will be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

The white chocolate does that after a little while because it isn't actually chocolate, it's a milk product.

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