Friday, 4 February 2011

Goth hate on the internet

Wow... I thought I was going to have to miss a day's post - real life got a little stressful for a minute there! But here I am, feeling surprisingly Zen considering all the yelling and hanging up on people I was doing half an hour ago. :-/

In keeping with my not-so-brilliant mood, please allow me to highlight some of the unfriendly little discriminatory bits and bobs I came across on the internets whilst compiling my old site. And make sarcastic comments about them, which will probably cheer me up. ^^

I'm not even going to bother posting the video from this charming quote, as it is pretty much a pointless, blurry, painfully long cameraphone vid of some guy in a baseball cap going into Hot Topic, interspersed with some people on skateboards. However, the video description was especially eloquent and restrained (not to mention impressive vocabulary and grasp of spelling and grammar - although I have a feeling that perhaps I should not lecture others regarding use of proper grammar):

"OK you gothic Facks get a life doods
alright all you fucking freaky tatooed chain wearing non social black haired mother fuckers.
stop fucking commenting so i dont get fucking Emails saying duhh just that i wear fucking death chains on my pants and giant leather boots doesnt mean im goth...dude get it threw your head your music sucks go cut your fucking wrist.
go dye your hair pink
go complain how fall out boy sold out
go complain how simple plan is fucking annoying
and go outside and get some sun you white pale fuck dikes.
but really all of this aside you gothic people are fucking weird so stop commenting so i dont get emails thanks freaky fucks"

Well, my freaky friends, I hope you 'doods' have taken note of the above and will stop commenting on the inanely pointless video 'Ryan Goes To Hot Topic'. Also, did Fall Out Boy sell out? I have to say I didn't notice. Oh yes, and where can I buy some 'death chains' for my pants?

A lot of the videos I originally came across have since been removed from YouTube due to 'terms of use violation'. Despite this inutterably tragic loss, some internet users who clearly know far more about subcultures than the rest of us are still posting intelligent, well-rounded views and opinions such as the following:

Let's break this down point by point.

1. "Emos are attention whores, just like Goths."
Well, yes, clearly I like attention, otherwise why am I bothering to write this blog? Frankly, I'd probably be an attention whore and a total prima donna whether I was Goth or not.

Nevertheless, I would just like to explain in words of one syllable (or thereabouts, don't be picky) that sometimes, people dress the way they dress because it makes them happy, not because they give a low-flying fart about what anybody else thinks about them.

2. "I don't know if Goths cut themselves, but they basically dress like they do..."
I'm sorry, what? Self-harm has a dress code now?

3. " vampires or something."
Self-harming vampires? Is this a thing now? Wasn't sparkling bad enough?

4. "They act like they're nocturnal beings from the world beyond the abyssal plain."
Y'know, I've never tried that, but it sounds like fun. Let's find the abyssal plain on Google Maps and work from there.

5. "They threaten you with spells from their so-called spellbooks."
Again, I haven't tried this one. I feel like I'm missing out here. Does anyone have a so-called spellbook I can borrow?

Here are some great quotes I found in various places around the net:
"I am definatly not a chav as it doesn't really suite me, BUT I HATE GOTHS!!! People say they are normal like us. NO!!! They are the most ugliest things i have ever seen! They don't deserve to be called humans.. more like creatures. AND ANOTHER THING STOP SLITTING UR WRISTS AND ****ING CUT YOUR ENTIRE HEAD OFF! THAT WAY U WILL ACTUALLY DIE, YOU BASTARD ATTENTION SEEKERS!"

"Gothics. When they're not getting their asses kicked, they're busy getting drunk and having sex with dead animals. They give me diarrhea. What the hell's wrong with them? They always look pale, weak and sickly. Nothing a reality check can't fix. But no, they choose to dress up like french poets and walk around like vampires. Why don't you losers get a life and quit pretending like you're depressed?"

"Goths are losers. The whole gothic attitude is that they are such an individual and nobody understands them :( boo hoo... so sad. Gothic people are nothing but melodramatic cry babies." <--- How many Goths do you reckon this guy actually knows?

"why are goths so gay and spacticated:
- dey have00000000000000 friends
- dey want t b a girl
- dey wear make up t cover dre spacticated faces
- dey have long haIR CUZ DERE AFRAID TO GET IT CUT
Yes! I'm a Goth because I'm afraid of haircuts! My secret is out!

"emoes and goths shud all die y wud ya wonno powder ur self like a snowball cuz i no i wuddent do it at all and go and slit ur rist cuz i dnt think u emoes n goths hav ever kist cuz ur hair is in da way"

And people describe GOTHS as homicidal freaks? o.O

Would this be acceptable if these people were making these comments because of race, age, sex, religion, weight, etc? No. So why is it acceptable when it's aimed at people who have chosen to live a different lifestyle? Subculture may not be as integral as race or sex, but it is still a very important part of life to a lot of people. I'm not saying that Goths should be treated 'differently', or 'better' because of their lifestyle, but that they should be allowed the same tolerance as anyone else.

Besides, do these people have any idea of how supremely unintelligent they make themselves sound? For example: "Gothics give me diarrhea..." OK... I was going to say "Can someone please explain to me how diarrhoea can be caused by a particular group of people?" but then I decided I probably didn't want to know. But you get my point.

Yeah, everyone has a right to an opinion. It's not wrong to dislike someone. But I DO feel that it's wrong to discriminate against an entire subculture because of stupid prejudices. And isn't it also kinda stupid to post a load of foul-mouthed, hate-filled venom on the internet, aimed at a random group of people because you don't like how they dress?

Source: Photobucket


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. We're the losers. You know, Amy, we are much smarter than those people making those comments--you have to know how to use language to use a spellbook. Now, where did I put that wand?...And as for the sick one about lining us up one by one...I remember a tragic event at a schol where that actually happened. That must have been such a horrible way to die--especially if you were the last one in line...It's really very sad, if you think about it--because if someone wanted to, they could find out exactly who these idiots are. Hah, and they think they can be assholes because they're anonymous? Google, and other big corporations are data mining all the time--so be careful what you say. But I suspect these jerks aren't smart enouh to figure that out...judging by their language skills...

+.Flor.+ said...

Hello! first of all sorry for my English, I'm from Argentina and I generally use a translator ^ ^
The truth makes me very upset when I see these things, sometimes I start to think and say what needs to comment about how you dress or think a group of people. I think they spend a lot worse things in the world to go Taking aim at this kind of detail. Each is what it is and likes to be.
Personally I always put aside the bad reviews, but there comes a point where it hurts, that have different tastes rare treat us.
Like to say: If I love this subculture, I am very happy to have come into this world (since I have 12 years) and that beyond that I like fashion, is that this is not aesthetics, is a way of living is art, music, literature and many things that make us unique and the best ♥

Kisses from Argentina!

Unlacing the Victorians said...


While I thoroughly enjoyed the sarcasm and wit sprinkled on your commentary throughout this article, I don't think what you wrote about was worth a blog post. You're just preaching to the choir. Most people with prejudices such as the ones you provided examples of are too stupid and too set in their mindset to care. Besides, they wouldn't let their IP address be caught dead associating with a blog such as yours. (Forgive the pun!)

These people are just not worth the attention you are giving them. Which makes me wonder... are THEY the attention-whores by making such outlandish and ridiculous statements?

Laurence 'The Beard' Williams said...

@ UnlacingtheVictorians:

Whilst I agree with you in that those people won't be reading this kind of material, it's still an important issue that needs to be raised, to goths as well. We need to know what these people are like, and how much better we are by comparison. I mean the way the people highlighted in this entry talk, their arrogance, their lack of spelling, is something that, aside from being damned hilarious, just goes to prove how goths suffer. And in any case, it is still worth showing this in the event that someone stumbles on this entry and realises 'Hmmm...these people are being targeted simply for dressing differently? Outrageous!', thus serving the dual purpose of educating the masses. In any case, being a goth is about expresssing yourself first and foremost, and Amy's efforts here are perhaps the most goth thing one can do in this situation.

Now, to Amy. Brilliant article as always, and was mightily lulzy to read. I think we can all rest easy knowing that those who mock us for being ourselves have as much intelligence as a bag of porridge, and all the hypocrisy of the Bush administration.

Laurence 'The Beard' Williams said...

Oh, and I took a look at the video you mentioned. I hope the gentlemen featured throttle themselves on their imitation gold chains

Stephanie said...

Ignorance turns people into assholes. Really, only mislead souls leave comments like that. I pity thier narrow-mindedness. It's a real shame that they can't get over thier prejuduce long enough to see the truth. =/


I believe the kind of ignorance shown in the comments can only be fought by proper schooling and at an early age. Educational systems should really improve the teaching of humanistic principles covering subcultural differences, as well.

But ignorance doesn't worry me as much as the violence that comes from it. Laws and authorities should act as a preemptive force rather than a cleanup detail.

Mira said...

Uh, this all sound SOOOO familiar for me..
In Finland, where I live, there isn't so big alternative-culture so there's so much more difference-haters than in many other countries.

Almost every week I and my boyfriend can hear all those shouting and bullying because of our looks and sometimes guys are trying to go and hit us (well, only if one of us are alone, if there's even two "freaks", they just shout..).

I've learned just to overlook those persons. I'm not going to be like them. IF someone hurts me or my lovelies, THEN those assholes will suffer, but until anything like that happens, I don't care.

I'm just proud to be who I am.

ultimategothguide said...

@ Laurel - too true. I feel embarrassed for the society that spawned these illiterate morons.

@ Flor - I agree, it's always best not to take these kinds of comments to heart. =)

@ Unlacing the Victorians - thank you for the compliment! Fair enough, I was pretty much just amusing myself by writing this post... bad idea?

As for preaching to the choir, I tend not to write my 'ranty' posts for the benefit of the bigoted, as I totally agree - the people that need an attitude adjustment are hardly going to be reading a Gothy blog for any reason other than trolling! As Laurence says, it amuses me to show 'how much better we are by comparison'. Better at spelling, anyway...

@ The Beard - thanks very much ^^

@ Stephanie - totally agree. A bit worrying that people take up time and bandwidth writing such bollocks. (Which I then copy and paste - kind of proving Unlacing The Victorians's point here...)

@ ETERNITY KIDZ - again, I completely agree. Perhaps the educational programme that the Sophie Lancaster Foundation has been touring around UK schools might be a jumping-off point...

@ Mira - go, you! You're absolutely right, none of us has any reason to care what people like this think.

Hayley said...

Yes! You are absolutely right about all these comments not being okay if they were based on race, gender or religion! It's so ignorant what these people are saying!

I love your blog, by the way.

Emily Lynn G. said...

Your snarky comments to those stupid remarks, Amy, was great! You have no idea how much people both outside-and even INSIDE- subcultures are SO restful towards Goth, and I JUST.DON'T .GET IT! Goths mostly keep to themselves. And your right: we don't want to be babied or treated "better" for how we dress, just be treated equal.It's not about how we look, its about the context of our character, and these people's insults weren't even creative; I thought they were written by the same PMS'ing twat (slit dur writs, em0z,vampirez, darkest depthz of my soul, derp-de-DERP.)

Mark The Asperger Poet Of Radio86. said...

Emoists are illiterate morons from the planet arsehole. They never hardly speak, and rely on us doing all the hard work instead. Stuff these narrow-minded gits in this small town, on the border of England and Wales. Neurotypical tripe for the not ripe. They should go and stick their dumb heads in a gas-oven.

Mark Radio86

The Green Fairy said...


Oh science some people make me shake my head to the point that it may fall off (Ya happy now chav?)

Um, yeah...I was surprised at how aggressive some of the comments were. Sometimes I wonder just how much we've progressed since the days when we lived in caves.

I know it's terribly depressing (:P) how ignorant some people are, but I too have gotten to the point where I just have given up trying to educate them.

p.s. I want a spellbook!

Kitty Lovett; A Charming Notion said...

I find that the same guys that yell "u goffik/emo freak!" at me are the ones that go home and jerk off to me. It's the group factor.

Anonymous said...

My older brother may be against emos, but I am surely not (but I do hate the fact that some cut.) I don't judge people by their label as long as they are a nice to others, I don't mind it at all. But being against Goths and Emos? It's because they don't understand what it's really about and the fact they look different to them. Once they get to know them they would think, hey, they an't so bad after all. There's a thing called, don't judge a book by its cover. Someone may look bad but they could actually be nice.

Brandi Davis said...

Well, uh, I have some Harry Potter books for you if you would like to borrow them, that way you could practice up on your spells.

Ugh. Where is my witch hat?!

AzrialBLackheart said...

Every time I see hateful comments like these it makes me cringe. I understand that yes ignorant people do exist, but why must there be more ignorant people then tolerant?

Venus said...

My 'favorite' comment is the one how he;s supposedly gonna shoot all Goths and they should die.
My cousin a Goth.
She's 7 years old.

Anonymous said...

point 1: all those people need help spelling. point 2: they think we need a reality cheak?! how about learning the meaning of goth, you jerks!!!!!!!

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

anon: IRONY


Xanthy said...

Kitty, I think I'm in love with your comment.

One thing I have noticed here is that the non-native speakers of English here are still better at English grammar and spelling than most of the people quoted in this post (and I'm assuming most of them are British or North-American).

"I am definatly not a chav as it doesn't really suite me".
I don't bedroom that statement.
(sorry, I couldn't resist)

Lullaby said...

The sad thing is that those persons REALLY DO BELIEVE that "Goths are dangerous for our loooovely children"or that we are satanists. Tell me how can a lacey black skirt with a little top hat be "dangerous"!Personally, I'm happy to be into the goth subculture,and I feel bad for those who spend a lot of time hating other people when they can do something they like. Sorry for my bad English,I'm from Italy.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

(i'm reading through your blag again instead of sleep. Oh well.)

"OK you gothic Facks get a life doods"
Nah, bro.
"alright all you fucking freaky tatooed chain wearing non social black haired mother fuckers.
stop fucking commenting so i dont get fucking Emails saying duhh just that i wear fucking death chains on my pants and giant leather boots doesnt mean im goth...dude get it threw your head your music sucks go cut your fucking wrist.
Well, my hair isn't black, I don't wear pants and I don't wear leather. My music is fucking awesome, thanks, because I have songs about cats, and why would I "cut my fucking wrist" as opposed to my regular one?
"go dye your hair pink"
"go complain how fall out boy sold out"
"go complain how simple plan is fucking annoying"
What's this?! A fact?! Well done.
"and go outside and get some sun you white pale fuck dikes."
Firstly, sun is a no-no for me. I would have a seizure and die. Secondly, what's a "white pale fuck dike"?
"but really all of this aside you gothic people are fucking weird so stop commenting so i dont get emails thanks freaky fucks"
I'm fucking weird? Life's mission: accomplished. You're welcome, bro.

"why are goths so gay and spacticated:"
Yes, I am quite joyful and...sorry, joyful and what?
"- dey have00000000000000 friends"
404 ERROR - Insult not found. Divided by 0.
"- dey want t b a girl"
Yes, I do, having been born one and blessed with a beautiful feminine shape, if I do say so myself. Unless you are saying that every goth ever wants do be sort of fused into one giant super Lydia, in which case, I don't blame them.
"- dey wear make up t cover dre spacticated faces"
Fucking weirdos! It's not like they advertise cosmetics in, like, Vogue magazine or on TV or anything. Spacticates.
"- dey have long haIR CUZ DERE AFRAID TO GET IT CUT"
I love the hair salon. I used to be scared of haircuts when I was wee, though.
Translates loosely to "I say this and then go jerk off to seedy "goff grrl" porn.

""I don't know if Goths cut themselves, but they basically dress like they do..."
You must be this depressed to ride The Goff Train.

Katherine :) said...

Wanna be vampires?

Vampires wear Bauhaus T-shirts, really?

Ok, so a few of us wear 'vampire clothes' but seriously, who said vampires have a dress code? I don't remember Dracula posing for Vogue, do you?

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Katharine, you imagine a far better reality.

Lauren Eve said...

The best one I've seen is It describes itself as a "Parental force against the Gothic subculture" and goes on to describe all Goths as "Rapist Faggot Terrorists." The best part? It's ran by a so called Reverand of some extremist church in America. And they say we're the sick ones...

Amy Asphodel said...

GodHatesGoths is a satirical website; when I first came across it, though, I didn't realise and wrote them a huge, angry four-page email. Apparently is the real deal, which is a tad worrying. >.<

Lauren Eve said...

Indeed, I didn't realize that either until a good week after I stumbled upon it, but that doesn't stop the, let's say "easily impressionable" people of the Internet believing in it, and to my misfortune I have had it and it's content thrown at me in arguments with local Religious types. Unfortunately, the more closed-minded people of society will never accept anything they can't understand, or doesn't sit well with their views upon life, and as you so intelligently pointed out in a previous post, the media will put whatever spin they want on us if it sells the copies, and sadly, there are a lot of people who will believe it.

Amy Asphodel said...

That's an incredibly good point - I never thought about how it would have an effect via others believing in it. That's a really horrible thought.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this post was funny! But we too must be careful not to turn around and hate on others, even if they are assholes. And I'm not just talking about the jerks, I also mean other subcultures. I've noticed a lot of goth people hating on emo. Because, the truth is, we know nothing about them, and shouldn't go by stereotypes. After all, that's why people hate on us. Because they don't know what we're really like. And that's why I think we should let the rest of the world know more about us (thank you, Jillian Ventures (is that how you spell her name)), because if they know us then they won't fear us... AND NOW I'LL RECITE A POEM!!! 'cause I'm just a dork like that! Anyway, it goes something like:

If you talk to animals, then they will talk to you, and you will know each other.
But if you do not talk with animals, they will not talk with you, and you will not know them.
And what one does not know, one fears.
And what one fears, one destroys.

So you guys had better talk to a bunch of jerks, otherwise they'll DESTROY YOU. (btw, do I get extra goth points for reciting poetry?) =)

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