Sunday, 13 February 2011

Guest post: The Asylum Tour - Magic Erection

Hello Amy's readers, I’m Claire and this is my review of the first concert of the Emilie Autumn North American tour. The concert was in Cleveland on February 9 2011 at a bar called Peabody’s Downunder, and just a heads up: I don’t remember which instrumental songs were played so I’ve excluded them from my review.

I arrived donning a corset and bloomers at about 6 o’clock (an hour before doors were to open). Emilie was giving a private violin concert/tea party with the people with VIP passes at the time so everyone who didn’t want to freeze was forced to wait in a small breezeway. It got very cramped in there. Once we got inside at about 7:20, we waited for an hour and a half until the show started. The stage included a candle lit harpsichord, a tea set, and a large clock used for making interesting silhouettes.

Currently the Bloody Crumpets are Captain Maggots, Veronica Varlow, and the Blessed Contessa. They all came out one at a time making festive silhouettes from behind the clock. Emilie’s first outfit was definitely my favorite. As you can see in the pics, she had a delightful beaky mask on and a rat tail that she kept playing with. The first song they played was 4 O’Clock, and of course it was splendid. I was a bit confused as to why I was the only one singing along though.
Veronica Varlow
Rat-Emilie with her Crumpets.
I believe the Blessed Contessa is attempting to take flight.
Opheliac was next, and there still weren’t a whole lot of people singing along oddly enough. I’m not sure if the harpsichord incident happened next or not, but at one point it attacked Emilie and some stage dudes had to set it back up for her (while Emilie checked out their asses). She told Veronica that since the harpsichord had been magically erected she could play it for the next song. That’s when Emilie decided that the tour name was going to be The Asylum Tour: Magic Erection. I hope she meant it. Veronica was also told that if she played well she would be allowed to play the Rat Game. Basically the Rat Game is when she pulls a girl up on stage (18 yrs or older) and kisses her. She picked a girl who had a sign that said “Kiss me Veronica”, so if you want to kiss her it helps to make a sign.

[Amy's note: I will begin work on my sign immediately.]

God Help Me was either after or before the harpsichord incident and it was intense! It has never been one of my favorite songs but it might be now. The singing and harpsichording (I invented that word) was quite passionate. The Art of Suicide might have been next, I have a horrible memory. Also played was Liar, I Want My Innocence Back, Mad Girl, Bohemian Rhapsody (everyone sang along), and Dead is the New Alive. Mad Girl was by far my favorite song, as far as performance goes. She used an echo technique which was very powerful. When she sang “how did the prince say he loved you?” she sang it with bitter sarcasm and screamed “Liar!” after it. So cool and highly effective.
EA, with rather frightening eyes, does something to a beam...
Other antics included spitting tea at the audience, filling tea cups with Captain Morgan, Maggots walking on stilts, Maggots crowd-surfing, Contessa spitting cookies, etc. At the merch stand there was tea, chokers, headbands, posters, and T-shirts. Only two of the shirts came in women sizes, my pirate shirt being one of them. There were also Contessology and Thunder Rats shirts. Good stuff, so bring your money.
If you plan on attending a concert during this tour, please feel free to randomly yell “magic erection”. Perhaps the name will stick.

And a quick store review: The Mission Boutique located just outside Cleveland.

The Mission Boutique is a very large alt shop with a helpful staff. There are lots of tights, corsets, Lucky 13 brand clothing, and kinky PVC and fishnet stuff. Several corsets were half off so I got a steel boned one for $50 and a pair of black fingerless gloves that have spider webs on them. I highly recommend this store. Here is their website.
My corset - very lovely and very affordable.


Ellone said...

Great review! Emilie is an amazing artist =) (I also love the corset)

Anonymous said...

Very nice for a first guest post--Cleveland isn't too far away from me (five hours, maybe?). Which makes me a little sad, because even with something that close, I can't go there! That corset is beautiful, by the way! I'm going to go indulge in some brownies and feel sorry that I didn't get to go to such an awesome concert now (though the spitting at the audience doesn't sound like much fun, the rest of it must have been amazing).

Nina xxx said...

Like the review!
Shame I'm in the UK-I'm not sure when Emilie will be touring Europe again.
I'm sure you had a great time!

Emily Lynn G. said...

THEY SPIT TEA AND COOKIES AT YOU?! Now I really want to go to one of her concerts! Oh Emilie Autumn, why did her last concert in my area have to be on Thanksgiving?!

Unlacing the Victorians said...

Wow. Excellent pics- much than I managed to get of the concert in Pittsburgh. There was a harpsicord incident at the PA concert as well- it was too low for Veronica to reach when she sat down to play, but she managed it anyway and the guys fixed it after that song. Not sure why this occurred...

Strangely enough, I noticed that no one was singing to any of EA's songs around me as well except my little sister. I just figured that that was because we were near the back, while most of the other die-hards were pressed up against the stage.

Beautiful corset, btw. I bet you were a stunning Plague Rat.

ultimategothguide said...

There was also a harpsichord incident at the EA concert I (Amy) attended in the UK... maybe time to buy a new harpsichord??

Sara said...

I don't like Emily much, I think that the music sound horrible. She's an excellent violin player, but she's throwing her talent away like this.
It's such a shame!

Laurel said...

Aww Claire- you are back! I hope this will be a regular occurance? Yes, why hint when I can just come out and say it?

Emilie Autumn <3 I missed her in Melbourne because of work and I cannot imagine her coming back to Australia any time soon. But the show sounds amazing.

Lovely corset too!

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