Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello readers, I'm glad Claire's guest post received such a great response - I actually received the finished review with perfect timing, as I wasn't feeling quite the thing yesterday so goodness knows what hogwash I might have posted had I been left to my own devices. >.<

Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovely readers, followers, and commentors, I hope the postman (or possibly Cupid, or another arrow-wielding fat flying baby) brings you everything you are dreaming of, and that all your Valentine/anti-Valentine parties and events are completely and totally epic.

As for me, I am waiting to find out if my Valentine will be having to work late or not (there should be a law against that. It's sadistic) before I go about dolling myself up in red velvet.

Source: Gothic Charm School at Tumblr
I am not very good at being romantic or buying romantic gifts, although I do try my hardest (which often ends in comic disaster - a rubber duck with 'I Love You' on it, and a box of milk chocolate nipples, just for example). Dan, on the other hand, is a natural romantic, so as you can probably imagine, Valentine's is always a fantastic day for me. <3

Normal service will be resumed following a brief period of twitterpation. ^^


Stephanie said...

Happy Valentine's day to you as well. =]

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