Friday, 25 February 2011

The light side of the dark side

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I'm in such a good mood... I wore my stripy bustle skirt to work today, and will be going to see Panic! at the Disco in April with my friends Bronwyn, Rowenna and Shirley. We also found out that some of our other friends are planning to go, so this is looking like major fun. =D

Please be prepared to see my horrible handwriting soon, as Stephanie has tagged me with another meme. o.O

On to today's topic: I recently re-read an article in one of my old issues of Bite Me magazine with the header, "Why do so many Goths collect My Little Pony?" As an avid My Little Pony collector (I have over four hundred of them, along with thousands of accessories, books, videos, cassettes, T-shirts, home decor, and basically anything and everything you can think of related to My Little Pony) I was intrigued. I haven't actually met another pony-collecting Goth and was surprised to learn that it was so common.

The article was written semi-jokingly (it finished with a confrontation between My Little Pony and Vlad Tepes), but did throw up the intriguing theory that Goths use their appearance to express and represent their own 'dark side', and so many of them also like to have something to externally represent their 'lighter side' - in this instance, My Little Pony. I thought this might explain the prevalence of so many 'spooky-cute' Goth-beloved things like sparkly bats and pink accents, as well as styles like glitter Goth and perkygoth, which could be said to effectively represent the 'light' and 'dark' at the same time.

Many Goths do seem to have a strong fondness for lighter, brighter things (although, in Goth fashion, these are sometimes used ironically), such as rave kandy jewellery (often seen layered on at festivals, channelling the Japanese 'decora' fashion), Hello Kitty, cute or kitsch accessories including wings and cat ears, and (again at festivals) even comedy 'character' backpacks or handbags are quite a common sight (I have a fluffy bat handbag, and until recently I also had a little dog).

Even musically, almost every Goth has some guilty pleasures, usually from the realms of pop, dance, or R&B.

So could there be some truth in this theory? Are Goths who make no secret of their affection for bright, cheerful things as well as all that is ooky-spooky using self-expression to symbolise the dual nature of humanity? Or do they just like pretty things?

Source: We Heart It
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Laurel said...

Hmm. I do like pretty things! But I've never thought of it that way before. I just like what I like, and who cares if it's not all dark? I'm wiling to admit that I have a light side. I like the idea of representing the duality of humanity though--it sounds almost regal. I will have to take pictures of my light and dark sides now!


To be dark and light. To be up or down. To be seen or unseen. To be found or lost. To be happy or sad. To be adored or lonely. This is me on a good day or a bad day.

KatSlaughter said...

I really, really like happy things.. I recently moved into a house with a few friends, and while we were out shopping for essentials I went into ecstasies of girlish delight over colourful glasses, colourful knives ("Look everyone! It's not just the handle, even the blade is colourful! And they come in a set of six! And they're all different colours!!"), and polka-dot oven gloves with muffins on them.

I also really like hearts, sometimes sticking a heart-shaped sequin to my cheek on a fancy night out.. Crazy straws are endlessly amusing, as are children's play parks. Just because it's all so freaking happy, and it is fun. And sometimes you need an injection of acid-coloured ponies into your dark and mysterious life.

Emily Lynn G. said...

A very intriguing point! I'm a Hello Kitty enthusiast, with a gumball machine,t-shirts,ring,necklace,PEZ dispenser...a lot of stuff. They've even tried making her more punk-rocker, but I personally find her cute little pink self a great contrast to my outfits and room. And what self respecting snarkling wouldn't have a cute black kitty cat purse or a bat plushie ?? It's all contrast: black never looks better then when its paired with bright colors and scary is never better then when contrasted with cute. I think goths are even more in love with the rainbow..who else sports florescent hair?
I collect Hello Kitty paraphernalia, aluminum can tops, scraps of ribbons, and dead insects. Where do I fit in this theory? :'D

Laurel said...

This post reminded me of a postsecret a couple of weeks ago- the one that said "I'm "goth"- but I love cute, brightly coloured panties!"

I love postsecret.

Angel of Darkness said...

Random: Oh my goodness, did you know that I very much enjoy listening to Sirens and Satellites!!!

Okay, anyways. . . I really like how you put it. And I think that whether your goth or not you have a light side an dark side, it's just that goths also express the darkside way more.

Stefanie said...

Totally agree, I think most of the Gothically inclined like some bright things.
I like yourself collect My Little Pony, I still have all my old Barbies, I still listen to pop music and when I redecorate my room each wall is going to be a different colour (black - on the window wall so not overbearing - red, purple and blue) with bedding in curtains in bright candy type colours.

elen said...

I vote for the theory torefer to the ambivalence of human nature.
And i love handbags and t-shirts with comic scenes or characters ^^

Unfortunately here in Germany there never was such a hype for My Little Pony. I love those little ponies so much, i also have a lot from different producers, but there was no merch like t-shirts or something on them ):

Ms. Lou said...

Omg! I collected My Little Ponies when I was a kid when they first came out! I loved them.

Maeam said...

I just like some pretty things! Not MLP, Hello Kitty or things like that, but I DO love (CLASSIC!) Disney!! *Hugs her Winnie the Poo stuffed animal~*

Emily said...

I LOVE pretty things! I always slow down when walking past jewelry stores. *.*

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