Monday, 21 February 2011

Shop review: ...mooch, Andover, Hampshire

Source: Mooch's website
When I was but a wee babybat, ...mooch was a Goth shop called Sunflower, and I loved it. I used to go in there on the weekends and after school and peruse the racks of Raven dresses. Actually, I bought my first ever BeGoth doll from their window display... it wasn't the one I wanted, but it was the one that the shop assistant picked up and I was too scared to ask for the right one... >.< (I love that doll now, anyway.) I can remember the mannequins hanging from the ceiling sporting spiked collars, plaid skirts, and T-shirts saying things like, 'Made In Hell'.

But these days, ...mooch is aimed more at the hippie, ethnic, eco crowd - not to mention, the prices are sky-high. Their ranges can be pretty hit-and-miss - for a good couple of years the only thing I found in there that I would actually wear was a Nomads corset top, but recently they have started stocking some beautiful brand name clothing from Hell Bunny and Spin Doctor amongst all the hippie-wear, focusing mostly on prom dresses and poofy skirts.

They do still have a nice range of body jewellery and incense, and have recently undergone a re-fit so the shop appears much more spacious. They also have a lot of interesting and unique jewellery; a lot of it may be a bit too... eclectic for the average Goth (if there is such a thing as the average Goth...) but a lot of it is very pretty, and I believe I saw one or two fairies and ankhs on my last visit. Goths who enjoy a touch of retro glamour may like their ruffled leopard-print or polka dot umbrellas and pretty silk scarves.

...mooch also specialise in unusual and alternative giftwear, most of which is probably not of interest to those with a darker palate, however a browse through their range of birthday and greetings cards often uncovers several gorgeous Gothy gems and is usually where I pick up birthday cards for, well, everyone.

Certainly worth a look should you happen to be in the area, even if Hell Bunny prom dresses aren't your thing (or if, like me, you already have poofy dresses up the wazoo) as you might always come across something yummy in burgundy velvet (or that tartan bustle skirt that I have been drooling over for weeks but can't justify splashing out on), and I'm pretty sure that in the latter half of the year they still stock those gorgeous (but pricey) jewel-toned velvet Nomads winter coats.


Anonymous said...

LOL. You could have been describing my local Goodwill... I've found some decent stuff there--a top with a ruffle at the collar (poly/spandex, unfortunately, so as I replace with better quality fabric, it goes back) and a silk velvet skirt that I wore yesterday. Everyone I talk to says they can never find anything there that fits them or that they like, Maybe I'm just not as picky? I make things work, even if they don't quite fit--I just cut off a bit of the sleeves on some tops whose arns were too long. I guess it's alearned habit, with petite clothing so limited in my area. Wow, that was way too much babbling....sorry!

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