Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Styles of Goth fashion: Oriental Goth

Oriental Goth fashion draws on the traditional dress of the cultures of the Orient and combines it with Goth stylings. Although, of course, if someone refers to themselves as an 'Oriental' or 'Asian' Goth, they may simply be a Goth person of Asian origin...

The most commonly seen Oriental Goth clothes come in silky brocade fabrics with Oriental-inspired embroidery; usually in rich colours such as pink, turquoise, aqua, red, green and gold, which provide a strong contrast with the usual black. Styles may include high-collared dresses; or outfits inspired by geisha clothing, such as Poizen Industries's Dark Kimono (which, incidentally, I happen to be wearing at the moment), a black kimono-styled minidress, complete with underskirt, obi belt, safety-pins and spiderweb lace.

Whilst Goth brands such as Dark Star have produced distinctly Oriental-inspired pieces, clothes are often bought from mainstream shops selling Far Eastern gifts, products and apparel (such as Affinity East in the Festival Place mall, Basingstoke). These clothes have a more authentic Oriental look than the brand-name pieces mentioned above, and often look striking paired with torn fishnets, stompy boots and pretty gloves.

Source: Tumblr
Popular motifs include flowers, particularly cherry blossoms, and elegant Chinese dragons. Hair is usually sleek, whether pulled into a geisha updo, or straightened to frame the face.

Accessories may include hair sticks (Alchemy Gothic previously sold hair sticks with spiders, bats or pentagrams dangling from the ends) and charming traditional paper and wood parasols or fans.

Oriental Gothic may also be a popular choice for home decor design - the rich colours, silky fabrics, and dragon motifs partner perfectly with dark wood and interesting accessories for a beautiful interior. Many Goths burn incense in their personal space, which would provide just the right finishing touch for such decor.
Music of interest to Oriental Goths may include Goth and dark bands who use Eastern inspiration in some or all of their songs, such as Rhea's Obsession, Dead Can Dance, Rajna, The Changelings, Shiva In Exile, and Love Is Colder Than Death and even the songs Temple of Love by The Sisters of Mercy and Hong Kong Garden by Siouxsie and the Banshees.


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