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Dark and Goth-friendly music, part 8: post-Industrial

For all the trad Goths out there getting sick of these electro and Industrial posts, I do apologise, but I am just being thorough.

The following genres, in company with ambient Industrial, electro-Industrial, Industrial rock and EBM, as well as less Goth-friendly genres such as Japanoise and Industrial hip-hop, come under the umbrella term 'post-Industrial'. Post-Industrial refers to a variety of musical styles that blend elements of Industrial music with the sounds of other genres.

Source: Tumblr
Power electronics
Power electronics was a term coined by William Bennett of the band Whitehouse - it's related to the early Industrial scene but has come to be identified more with noise music. It is atonal with no conventional melodies or rhythms, and may use screeching feedback, high-frequency squealing sounds, and screamed or heavily distorted lyrics that are often offensive. Nice.

Power electronics musicians include: Sutcliffe Jugend, Genocide Organ, Philip Best.

Death Industrial
Death Industrial is a fusion genre of power electronics, albeit with a catchier name. It has a deeper and more atmospheric sound, and thankfully is less abrasive.

The term has been used to describe bands including: The Grey Wolves, Brighter Death Now, Con-Dom, Atrax Morgue, Azoikum, Aelia Capitolina, Stratvm Terror, Heironymus Bosch.

Powernoise, aka rhythmic noise, noize, and distorted beat music (DBM), is a fusion genre of noise and electronic dance music.

Powernoise bands include: Feindflug, Synapscape, Hypnoskull, Ah Cama-Sotz, Morgenstern, Black Lung, Mono No Aware, Antigen Shift, Imminent, Contagious Orgasm.

Witch house
Witch house, aka drag, is a recently-emerged genre which, despite being viewed as highly Goth by the media, is viewed by the Goth scene with little interest and mild suspicion. However, I couldn't quite resist featuring it here. Witch house combines Industrial influences with hip-hop, shoegaze and noise music to create a creepy, sinister atmosphere with dark, synthpop-influenced melodies. If it wasn't such a media darling, it might have stood a better chance within the subculture...

Incidentally, 'Witch House' is the name of my favourite song by my beloved Goth rock band Pretentious, Moi?. Oh, how I love Pretentious, Moi?.

Witch house bands include: Pictureplane, Esben and the Witch, oOoOO, Planningtorock, DJ WhITCH, Salem.

Neofolk fuses experimental and Industrial sounds with folk and folk-inspired elements, and is closely related to other genres including neoclassical and martial Industrial (you can see why this music guide is divided into so many segments...).

Wikipedia says, "The term 'neofolk' originates from esoteric music circles who started using the term to describe music influenced by musicians such as Douglas Pearce (Death In June), Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus) and David Tibet (Current 93). These musicians were part of a post-industrial music circle who later on incorporated folk music based upon traditional and European elements into their sound. Folk musicians such as Vulcan's Hammer, Changes, Leonard Cohen, and Comus had created music with similar sounds and themes to neofolk as far back as the 1960s. These musicians could be considered harbingers of the sound that later influenced the neofolk artists. However, the distinction must be made that it was the aforementioned artists who were involved in the dark music scene throughout the 1980s and 1990s that contributed specifically to the emergence of neofolk." In short, the Goths did it.

The music of Current 93 is also described as 'apocalyptic folk', and Sol Invictus's sound termed 'folk noir'. Just to make things even more convoluted.

Neofolk bands include: Faun, Ataraxia, Darkwood, Empyrium, Forseti, Love Is Colder Than Death, Mizar, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, Qntal, Narsilion.

P.S. I have a list of reader requests for posts upcoming that I need to research and think about - if you've asked for a particular post, please don't worry, you have not been forgotten! I'm just trying to answer your request in a non-half-assed way!


Shiken said...

Industrial, it'll be the death of us all.

Emily Lynn G. said...

So many sub-genres so little time!

Anonymous said...

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The Final Romance said...

Hey your right about all these sub goth things. This is a new band we have just formed 2011(The Final Romance) it gothic?...we are told so...but are we?

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