Monday, 7 March 2011

Deadly red make-up tutorial

Readers, I love you all very much, but I think some of you may be slightly odd. One of the Google search terms recently used to find this blog was: "bloody chicken head connection with satanism". I am just a teensy bit scared. Also, why does "bloody chicken head" lead to this site? o.O

Today I am going to have a bash at posting a make-up tutorial - this is my first attempt, so I hope you will bear with me! I took these pics and had the idea of posting a tutorial on Friday night when I was putting together a 'look' to go and see Die So Fluid. There are two different versions here - a heavier, more dramatic one, and the slightly toned-down version I eventually chose.
The heavier version

Slightly softer
Products used:
Stargazer white foundation
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation in Porcelain
Avon Clearskin Concealer in Fair
Stargazer white powder
G.O.S.H. waterproof eyeshadow primer
Stargazer eyeshadow in red
Rimmel London Colour Flash eyeshadow in Jet Black
ColorSport 24 Hour Smudge-Proof felt tip eyeliner (which, just FYI, is NOT smudge-proof) in Black
New York Colour liquid eyeliner in Jet Black
Revlon ColourStay Ultimate Lip Colour in Top Tomato
Avon Colourtrend Plump Out mascara in Black
A kohl pencil that came free with Meltdown Magazine...

You don't have to use the same products - any equivalent product will do! Of course you should alter details, change colours, do anything you like to give this look your personal touch. This look was inspired by a feature on the model Toxic Candy in Spider's Web Magazine.

Prep: cleanse your face thoroughly and apply a thin layer of moisturiser. Let this settle for at least five minutes before applying make-up.

1. If you enjoy sporting the pale look, dab some white foundation on the back of your hand and blend with your usual foundation. Apply with a foundation sponge, blending carefully at the jawline. If you have dark or olive skin, or don't want to use white foundation, simply apply your usual base. Use a (clean) ring finger to pat concealer onto any blemishes, and dust your whole face lightly with white or translucent powder to set the base and give a matte finish. 

2. Smooth a layer of eyeshadow primer over your eyelids, from the lashes right up to the brow. Apply a reasonably thick coat of black eyeshadow from the lashes to the crease - don't worry too much about neatness right now.
Step 2
3. Use the tip of the brush or sponge to mark out the 'point' that the shadow will come to, and fill in. You might also find it helpful to brush the shadow lightly a little way down the sides of your nose, to use as a guideline when drawing in the points at the inner corners of the eyes.
Step 3
4. Use a black felt tip or liquid eyeliner to 'colour in' the points and outline your whole eye. Add a second, smaller flick at the outer corners, and fill in the points at the inner corners. If you have shaky hands or can't seem to get a straight line, a damp cotton bud is your friend, wiping away any tiny mistakes.
Step 4
5. Extend the points a little further down the side of your nose and add extra details.
Step 5
6. Use the eyeliner to mark out a larger pointed section, from the tips of the black points to approximately the edge of your tear duct.
Step 6
7. This area should already have a covering of primer, so just fill it in as neatly as you can with a bright red shadow. Again, a damp cotton bud will tidy up any mistakes.
Step 7
8. Use liquid or felt tip liner, or an eyebrow pen if you have one, to draw in some slanting, evil-queen eyebrows. (Some people prefer to draw their eyebrows in before they start on the rest of their make-up. I never know exactly where I'm going to put them until this stage in the game...) If you actually have eyebrows, use a narrow brush and a bit of black eyeshadow to add definition. Apply two or three coats of black mascara and use a kohl pencil to line the inner rims of your eyes.

9. Fill in your bottom lip with red lipstick, and use a lip brush to draw a sharp 'V' over your cupid's bow for a really defined, exaggerated lip line.
Steps 8 and 9
10. Fill in your top lip using the outline you have created. Use black liquid eyeliner (or a black lip liner, if you happen to have one) to outline your lips.
Step 10
11. (Optional) If you prefer a slightly less heavy look, use make-up remover on a bit of cotton wool to wipe away the black outline around the red eyeshadow, and soften the angle, so that the red points curve upwards rather than slanting sharply. It's only a small change, but I felt more comfortable walking around Southampton like this:
Step 11

The complete look ^^
I think the pictures probably explain better than the words, but I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, although you are probably sick of looking at me by the time you've read this far!

Listening to: Enjoy the Unknown - And One


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I must start expeimenting with eye make-up now!


Amy. You have a wonderful pair of Goth boots. They look rather decent on you. It looks as if you are going to kick a chav down. Keep those boots in their faces.

Rora Monroe said...

You my dear are gorgeous

ultimategothguide said...

@ Laurel - thank you ^^ I hope to see pictures on your blog!

@ Death of a Raven - thanks! To tell the truth, a friend found the boots in a skip! I love them <3

@ Rora Monroe - aw, thanks so much =D

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! I'm at uni in Southampton, I can't say I feel comfortable in alternative clothes in such an urban and mainstream area, but that won't stop me! Rock on ;)

Lightning Strike said...

Oh my gosh, I thought, I'm the only one having red laces in NewRocks.

If you'll come to WGT somewehen, feel yourself invited for a drink by me.

Greez from Germany!

ultimategothguide said...

@ Lightning Strike - I am hoping to attend WGT one year soon, so I will take you up on that offer sometime! =D

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful & dramatic yet quite simple to do if you're practiced.. I'll certainly try this look.. thanks

Black Rose said...

That was a good guide to make up.
I enjoyed following and learned a lot.
I hope you do more!

TheSeelenraub said...

you're so pretty. i really like this make up on you

dark greetings

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