Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Goth Vampire Nation

I just realised that I've been completely neglecting you guys on the free downloads front; grab the track Uletaju from Russian Goth/darkwave band Roman Rain here. (Remember, links die and downloads get removed, at the time of posting this link is correct!)

Speaking of things that die, videos! Some of the videos I posted over the last couple of months have bitten the dust - I think I'm going to have to let things lie as I can't go round replacing them all the time, so if you come across a dead video, my sincerest apologies...

So, in the spirit of catching videos while they are fresh, before YouTube users remove them, mark them as private, delete their accounts or have their audio stripped, I found the full-length version of infamous Gothy record label Cleopatra Records's gothumentary Goth Vampire Nation! I posted a clip from this before, but now you lucky people can watch the whole thing (should you happen to have an hour and forty minutes to spare, that is...).

This documentary was five years in the making and delves deep into the macabre spirit of Goth with its tongue wedged firmly in its cheek, exploring everything from fashion to music to events and interviews with Voltaire, Siouxsie Sioux and other stars of the dark scenes. The soundtrack features gods of Goth like Christian Death, Switchblade Symphony, Voltaire and Razed in Black.

Highlights for me include Voltaire getting riled up about the rise of cybergoth, the interview segments with shop owner Veronika Sorrow (she's adorable), the biggest big hair ever (you'll know it when you see it), and the interviews with Gretchen BonaDuce, a successful corpgoth entrepreneur. Fun fact: I have my very own customised version of the shirt with the evil fairy on it that interviewee Sage is wearing (I found it in a charity shop and took the scissors to it!).

I got a bit tired of the horror movie clips and am not sure what all the pictures of the Angel of the North sculpture were about, but on the whole this is a great gothumentary, exploring, as the blurb on YouTube says, "the history and the future of Goth thru interviews of the Genres biggest stars, complete with a Goth Music soundtrack to literally die for! Its all here - the music, the artists, the culture, the sex, the debauchery, the fashion and lifestyle of the Goth Universe!"

Warning: contains some nudity and possibly offensive material.

Listening to: Cannibal's Hymn - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds


Black_Lilly said...

Voltaire looks so much younger there!!! Isn't it amazing what getting married does to you???
Haha he was still awesome when I met him, and I'll probably be seeing him again. This is a really good video, and I like that it is pretty tongue in cheek.

SkullsCanBeGirly said...

God u r amazing at doing the goth guide u r my hero

Emily Lynn G. said...

Voltaire is the best "goth boy" for me: I like 'em manly but still stylish, ya know?

Anonymous said...

So... I know people dont like anonymous comments but I don't have an account on the computer and so I can only click on the anonymous tab but just to make everything clear my name is Kat. Ok so, I really liked the gothumentary but the ending part was... I don't know. Putting needles into yourself and pulling huge chains from little holes in your back? That stuff... I dont know it just didnt sit right with me.

ultimategothguide said...

@ Kat - yeah I know what you mean, I agree that there could have been a far better way to end the clip. I am incredibly squeamish so I didn't actually watch the very end part - I think perhaps it's not the best impression to give newbie Goths or non-Goths about our scene; but I posted the video because I felt that the rest of it was interesting and quite funny.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate me for saying this. But, they seriously could have chosen a better name for this documentary. Really? Goth Vampire Nation?! How awfully cheesy. Luckily they made the trailer to match the horrible title name. :\

Anyway, I am eager to watch it. Yet at the same time I cringed when they mentioned fetish. I get tired of books and documentaries harping on the fetish subgroup of Goth and making it look like we're all into that stuff. >:|

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