Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Guest post: Clothing and make-up tips from a Goth with a guide dog

Amy's note: This month's guest post comes courtesy of the rather lovely Laurel at Blind Goth, a very prolific blogger with a unique, often thought-provoking take on all things Goth. If you enjoy this post or would like to read more about the adventures of Laurel and her gorgeous guide dog Miss Patricia, don't forget to pay her a visit.

Patricia and Laurel
Clothing and make-up tips? But what about keeping pets safe? Well, many of those same things can help keep pets safe as well, and here are a few suggestions.
  1. It might be a good idea to avoid finger armor if you spend a lot of time around an animal, like I do.  I know it looks awesome, but your dog or cat might not agree; and while I don't think most pointy looking jewelry is really that sharp, you never know. So, when in doubt, it's best to take precautions.
  2. You also might want to consider saying no to spikes. Again, these aren't usually that sharp, but they could still do damage with enough force (and no, I'm not advocating using physical force with animals - but I realize all sorts of accidents can happen just in friendly games of tug or wrestling, or even fetch).  And if they're not attached tightly enough, they can fall off - possibly to be eaten. And no one wants to take their precious baby to the vet to remove a piece of missing jewelry, right?
  3. When it comes to make-up, keep in mind that Fluffy or Spike (or Patricia, if you want a real example) will most likely try to lick it off. This may have bearing in what products you use or even the brands that you buy. You don't have to wear every product at the dark make-up counter to look Goth - nor does your dog or cat need to eat them all.  So, choose wisely, and I strongly recommend keeping the licking of your face to a minimum.
  4. Licking can also smear your make-up - so if you can afford it and find it, you might also want to consider sealant.
  5. Whatever you do when it comes to clothing or make-up, make sure it's secured well, fairly easy to clean and care for, and can withstand whatever your pet throws at it.
Being Goth doesn't have to mean forgetting about the pet of your dreams. It just means rethinking your lifestyle a bit. If you absolutely love velvet, but also want a dog, consider setting a budget for your velvet pieces. Or if you love spikes, tighten them as much as you can, and then get someone who is stronger than you are to tighten them further. And if something - a spike, a stud, a button, a safety pin, whatever - does fall in Angel's path, give a simple and firm "No!" or whatever you say to correct.


Dr Blood said...

On the plus side you will never have to worry about your dog or cat getting strangled by a 9ct gold chain from Argos or trying to swallow a giant hoop earring.

Good advice there. Basically you have to think of animals as two-year old children. Whatever you think a child would get injured on, so would a cat or dog. Cats really love shiny things too.

Stephanie said...

Great points! The funny thing is that Dr. Blood [above] is thinking what I'm thinking, haha. I follow those same rules for my daughter, though I can't wait until she's old enough where I can wear my spikes more often. =]

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for the great post. I really enjoyed reading it. I'm so glad for more information on Casual clothing.

Emily Lynn G. said...

Whoa. That's interesting :o I'd love a interview. And first question: What do blind people see when they dream if she was born blind? And how does she still enjoy the goth aesthetics besides music? Go her. :)

Kitty Lovett; A Charming Notion said...

The only problems I have with my *cough*six*cough* cats is that they really, really, really like sleeping on my black bonnet, which was made special for me by my near, dear friend and adoptive mom, who is a deep-south Baptist. It needs some love and a good clean, it does.

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