Sunday, 20 March 2011

Infest UK - Britain's ultimate cybergoth gathering

I have had such a lovely day - cemetery picnics in the spring sunshine are ALWAYS a good thing, even better when one is parading a new Alice-in-Wonderland-themed ensemble, and close to perfect when one's boyfriend then insists on buying you a stack of new books and movies. I am a happy perkygoth. ^^

Now, at the very opposite end of the Goth spectrum than the last event I posted on, Drop Dead Fest, is Infest UK, aka 'the UK's premier festival of alternative electronic music'. It is held at Bradford University Student Union in Yorkshire, England - and as such, rather unusually for a dark fest, offers on-site accomodation - you can book a room on-site where you will have access to communal facilities; you can ask for a room close to friends, or if you know you will be desperate for a good night's sleep can ask to be located near like-minded, quieter people. Quite a nice touch, I feel.

Infest takes place annually during the summer over a three-day weekend, usually the August bank holiday. The acts featured are described as 'alternative' electronic - this includes genres such as EBM, Industrial, futurepop, powernoise, rhythmic noise, darkwave and synthpop. A quick scan down the list of this year's artists throws up a few of my favourite bands - VNV Nation, Mind.In.A.Box, Tactical Sekt and Analog Angel, just for starters.

In 1998 three students at Bradford wanted to hold a single-day event for Yorkshire Goths - and the Student Union agreed to fund the booking of several big-name acts, such as Alien Sex Fiend. The following year the festival began to dwell more on the electronic side of the Goth scene, booking Apoptygma Berserk as their headliner.

After 2000 the Students Union felt it was no longer viable for them to sustain the cost of an ever-growing dark music festival, so independent Goth and Industrial promoter Mark 'Gus' Guy (formerly a drummer in an Indie band, FYI) of Terminal Productions took over the show.

There is of course a full festival programme boasting clubnights, traders, DJ wars and other typical Goth-fest craziness, bringing cybergoths and other oontz-oontz loving spooky types from as far away as Canada and Australia. By all accounts there is a very relaxed atmosphere at Infest, and it is also one of the smaller festivals (averaging less than 1000 attendees) so it's a great place to meet musicians and fellow Gothlings alike.

Click here to check out pics from previous Infests at the Flickr photo pool.


Amy said...

Did you go this year? were one of the headliners and I've heard they were incredible.
I went way back in 2006 and it was one of the best experiences of my life - finally being amongst really like-minded people.
One of the best things (apart from the artists) is the trading during the day - there's so much awesome stuff to buy.
Each year since 2006, I've just ended up not going and then really regretted it. But I'm making a promise to myself to go in 2012!

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