Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Springtime-inspired Goth fashion

Springtime. One moment it's raining, the next you're blinded by the sun and running for cover before you *shudder* tan. The wind is cold, the flowers are blooming, and everything seems unusually colouful and bright after a dull winter. Spring may not be the most Goth-friendly season, but here are my top tips and suggestions for putting a little spring in your step (arf arf) when the sun begins to shine...

Source: Tumblr
Wait, come back! Of course I'm not suggesting you head out in blue jeans, flip flops and a pink T-shirt - I am not entirely insane you know. But all the flowers and blue skies and pretty green grass seems to have invaded my brain and I have definitely added some hues other than black to my wardrobe over the last few weeks.

My personal favourite way to add colour to a springtime Gothy wardrobe is to add a touch of Lolita sweetness with a poofy skirt or frilly headdress, or ice Goth drama with a white dress paired with your favourite stompy boots. Pink, white and baby blue are definitely my colours this season.

The trick to pulling off a pastel colour with a Goth ensemble is to not overdo it - a lot of white-and-black contrast heads into zebra territory, for example. A pink T-shirt with a black skirt and black accessories gives an unusual and ironic twist for your springtime daywear without making you look somewhat subculturally confused.

Tights, long socks and stockings!
If you are a sensible Gothling, you have no doubt been layering your long skirts over leggings and long socks all winter. At last; Spring has sprung and it is now safe to show a bit more leg. Patterned tights or thigh-high socks or stockings will look awesome with at least 97% of the black skirts in your wardrobe. As you probably know, my favourite pattern for tights is candy stripes; channel Adora BatBrat with bows, hearts or polka dots; or add a dash of colour with red, purple or green tights.

Shades and parasols!
Yes darklings, there is the teeniest hint of sunshine in the sky, which means you may receive offical permission from the Gothic Hivemind to break out your sunglasses and grab for those parasols! (In keeping with my cuteness-overload mood at the moment I even treated myself to some new heart-shaped sunglasses and a bat-topped parasol from Posiez on Etsy. My usual ubergoth shades are from Veil of Visions and have the most awesome dangly crosses).

Pretty pretty!
Spring is definitely the season to go all girly, what with all those flowers (yes, I'm still harping on about the flowers) and lambs bouncing around in their cute adorable fashion. Bows, ruffles, lace, ribbons and a touch of pink blush accessorising your usual badass Gothy ensembles equals maximum cuteness in the spookiest possible way.

Tiny top hats and mini crowns add sweetness; lace or crochet gloves are very apropos for both spring and autumn, adding a delicate and elegant touch. A string of pearls or cameo brooch hints at Neo-Victorian eccentricity. If you were walking through a woodland cemetery and stumbled across a very strange tea party indeed, you shouldn't look at all out of place...

I have a great fondness for bloomers - short poofy creations in summer and longer lengths in spring. A pair of ruffled bloomers look great beneath a knee-length skirt or can be worn alone; unusual touches such as a bustle add extra interest.

Keeping warm. Or cold. Depending on what the weather happens to be doing at this precise moment.
Swap your heavy winter coat for a lighter jacket; or try a shawl or cape. Tops with patterned sleeves (e.g. fishnet, lace or mesh) can be layered underneath T-shirts and tank tops for extra warmth and a more exciting look.

To fend off those April showers AND keep you out of the sun, see if you can find a pretty umbrella that will double up as a parasol, or vice versa of course.
Source: Tumblr
Goth gossip: this is old news by now, but when I stumbled across it on Siouxsie Law I couldn't resist serving it up for my readers... HorrorPops singer and Gothabilly style icon Patricia Day sues Barbie makers Mattel - for ripping off her look with their Hard Rock Barbie! Check out Siouxsie Law's post here for all the juicy details on this craziness...


VictorianKitty said...

Why had I never heard of Veil of Visions? I can tell I will be spending some time (and money) on their site today!! :)

Sophistique Noir

Angel of Darkness said...

Well, what a great post. I love spring, my favorite time of year, besides autumn. You have now inspired me on what I should do with my wardrobe! Thanks!

Prince Joji said...

will you ever post tips not just for women? there are some goth guys who are fashion oriented as well and ive noticed a distinct lack of any male fashions. just curious.

siouxsielaw said...

I will definitely check out Veil of Visions. I am in the market for some new shades.

And thanks for the link love.


ultimategothguide said...

@ Prince Joji -

Also, I am a woman; what I know in general about guys' fashion could fit on the back of a postage stamp, so posting fashion stuff for the chaps takes heavy research...

Emily Lynn G. said...

Miss Amy, if your boyfriend is a Goth then maybe he could do fashion tips for boys :)
Great post, especially sense my clothing creativity has been low lately; I actually walked out of the house in ugly jean shorts, generic skull black tights and baggy plaid shirt with hair bun. yawn! needed the wake up .. ^^
And I'm sorry but that barbie doll's bass looks JUST like Days >:( without it I don't think she'd have much of a case but darn, WHO ELSE bass looks like that?? How did they find out about the HorrorPops?*new fan*

ultimategothguide said...

@ Emily Lynn - my boyfriend is MOST DEFINITELY NOT a Goth. Also, he would fall about laughing if I ever suggested he pen a single word relating to fashion. XP

In the Mists and Shadows said...

I love the photos.

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