Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Styles of Goth fashion: femme fatale

The femme fatale, also known a tad more coarsely as 'slutgoth', is a close cousin of fetish Goth and pretty much does what it says on the label. A slutgoth may not actually behave with, ahem, loose morals, but the look is deliberately sexy, maybe even a little trashy.

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One of the main differences between femme fatale and fetish Goth is the choice of fabrics; a slutgoth is more likely to wear a ripped or frayed denim miniskirt with a low-cut cotton bustier than something in PVC, for example. Not that PVC and patent fabrics aren't worn; but they are usually seen as footwear or possibly trousers as they have a more 'dark glamour' aesthetic than the 'hot Goth babe in the mosh pit' vibe. Slutgoth is more 'rock chick' than 'dominatrix'.

Clothing is usually close-fitting or skimpy; hair is usually kept long and worn loose and a little wild. Make-up tends to feature dark, smoky eyes and red or wine-coloured lips. Popular accessories inlude PVC heels, fishnets (possibly shredded), studded or chain belts and band hoodies (to throw on when it gets cold at whatever gig or festival she is frequenting this week). Animal prints are commonly seen, as are tight-fitting band tees, tight ripped jeans with teeny-tiny tops, and a lot of dangerous curves.

Obviously the term 'femme fatale' refers to the ladies who dress in this style, but this is not exclusively a feminine look. Guys might wear tight leather trousers, mesh shirts, T-shirts with provocative slogans, ripped skinny jeans and other items which contribute to a slightly sleazy look.

Slutgoths/femme fatales have been referenced in quite a lot of Goth-related literature, such as Dan Vice's The Little Book of Goths, which says, "These tend to wear very tiny skirts and crowd-surf in the mosh pit," and Nancy Kilpatrick's The Goth Bible, which describes this style as 'Slut aka femme fatale aka vamp', and continues, "Gurrls and bois you might not trust around your significant other. The term slut when used in the Goth world also means a sexy, sometimes sleazy look that has its own appeal."
Source: Photobucket
Musically, these vamps and vixens tend to be interested in rock and metal as well as the heavier side of Goth. Femme fatale-friendly Goth and Industrial bands might include Combichrist, Bella Morte, Deathcamp Project, Devilish Presley, Fields of the Nephilim, Gothminister, KMFDM, and Goth/Industrial/metal hybrid bands like Lahannya and I:Scintilla. Outside of the Goth music scene, bands like Alice Cooper, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Spit Like This, Rob Zombie, Al.B.Damned (who I've met, just FYI), Bullet For My Valentine, Deathstars, Aiden and Avenged Sevenfold are popular.

Goth gossip: according to various online sources, Kynt and Vyxsin are now 'Kent' and Vyxsin. I prefer 'Kent', actually.


Dr. Cult 'Sheridan L.' said...

Hmm interesting, I wear a lot that type of clothes and I'm an addict when it comes to red lips.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like me when I was 17, haha. I lived at concerts, and you KNOW I was the hottest girl in the mosh [most of the time]. Fun days. =]

Anonymous said...

I once found a Kisekae doll labeled as a slutgoth--but I couldn't figure out why--her clothes didn't really seem any more trashy than any of the other goth Kiss dolls I'd found. The more I learn, the more I don't understand why people panic over goth so much.

Unlacing the Victorians said...

Sounds like my musical tastes more so than my fashion, although at concerts that is definitely my choice of dress. :)

TeamEdwardJace said...

i denfitly think goth can be sexy without slutty( e.g. lace tights or fishenets with a skirt, provided it's not too short)

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