Monday, 21 March 2011

Styles of Goth fashion: tribal Goth

Before Gothic and Tribal Fusion bellydance experienced a surge of popularity within the Goth subculture, the term 'tribal Goth' was used to refer to Goths who incorporated an ethnic and/or primitive feel into their fashions - e.g. dreadlocks, wooden or bone jewellery, and extensive body modifications. This style is still the most common form of 'tribal Goth' amongst Gothy gentlemen.

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Nowadays the term usually refers to a Gothic or Tribal bellydancing enthusiast within the subculture, as many of these Goths have found ways to work the stylings of their dance costumes into their festival wear and even everyday attire. Of course the two 'forms' of tribal Goth fashion combine quite well - dread falls, tattoos and jewellery made from bone, shells, or wood are common amongst Gothic bellydance performers.

Tribal Goth is in some aspects similar to hippie Goth. For both men and women hair is usually long, often braided or dreaded, and predominantly natural or henna-dyed colours such as red, blonde, dark brown or black. It is often highly decorated with ribbons, beads, flowers, headdresses and other jewellery. For women, clothing is usually loose and flowing on the bottom (e.g. gypsy skirts, ruffled trousers) and tight or cropped on top for the traditional bellydance-esque look. Accessories include bellydance hip belts, slave bracelets and belly chains.

This look is typified perfectly by the fashions created by designers like Dark Fusion Boutique; darkly decadent and highly accessorised tribal-themed fashions that have either a slightly rough-around-the-edges, dystopian feel or the look and feel of ethnic clothing.
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The music beloved by these Goths covers a great many genres; tribal Goths may enjoy world music from artists such as Dead Can Dance, Oceania (a Maori music project aided by one of the guys from Killing Joke), Ashkelon Sain, and Soriah. Bellydance music artists such as Beats Antique and Jehan are also popular; other likely suspects include Collide, Knossus, Corvus Corax, Jarboe and Diamanda Galas.

Goth gossip: Infamous Goth model and Gothic Beauty contributor Acid PopTart is writing, directing and starring in her own horror movie, Kiss Me Dark, and hosting events such as a Bloody Prom to fundraise. The movie, due to be released November 2011, is described as 'a love story of a haunted serial killer who tries to regain the love he once lost', features songs from Anders Manga, and will have a 'heavy Goth feel' visually. Check out Kiss Me Dark on Facebook for more - I for one can't wait to get my hands on this! <3


Katia said...

A note on henna for those unfamiliar: pure henna comes only in red tones. Period. You can shift the color more to other tones, depending on what other herbs and such you add (and can even achieve black with indigo added), and plenty do, but natural henna itself does not come in other colors. Anyone who says it does is either misinformed or lying-- and if they tell you their henna comes in other colors with no additional additives... well, again, it's a falsehood. Henna's good stuff, but there is much misinformation out there, mostly about its color and its effect on hair. is a good resource for any tribal/hippie/other gothlovelies interested in hennaing their hair to whatsoever shade they may desire, but wishing to keep themselves and their hair happy and healthy. :)

(Loving the blog, Amy-- thanks for all the hard work and good info!)

Doomicakes said...

I like the style but it feels like certain cultures could be appropriated.

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