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An A-Z of Goth names

Advance warning: it's likely that there will be no post tomorrow, as my manager and assistant manager have taken a day off at the same time, leaving - guess who - to cover. I'm not sure who came to the decision that the teenage Gothling who wears bondage pants and black lipstick to work was the wisest choice for managerial training, but hey-ho... I am being bribed with mini Battenburgs and the promise of a £10 thank-you. I just hope I don't become too power-crazed and attempt to kickstart my rusty plans for world domination... but I just might.

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Go into any Goth club, shout “Raven!” and probably at least six of the female patrons will answer you. It’s a fact. Lots of Goths take on an alias for clubbing, the internet and general socialisation, especially with other spooky types. Some of the most popular (Raven, Dark Angel, Lestat, Rayne, Storm, etc) have become well-known and oft-mocked cliches in the scene.

Having a cool, 'spooky' nickname is not a prerequisite of being Goth. It’s just to enhance that oh-so-enigmatic image. I've considered adopting an alias several times ('Violetta X' being the current favourite) but I'm known both in the real world and online as 'Amy' and always have been, so it's possibly a little late now... I guess it could have been worse. I could have had a really embarrassing middle name... (it's Katrina, FYI). Or I could have been named Engelbert Humperdinck.

Anyhoo. If some of you out there are looking to choose your scene alias (or name your demon offspring), I thought I'd provide a handy A-Z of the prettiest, spookiest, most unusual (and silliest) Gothy names I could find, with their meanings and origins if relevant. Please enjoy at your leisure.

For girls: Adrienne ('dark lady from the sea'), Alvira ('elfin arrow'), Amaris, ('child of the moon'), Anastasia ('she who will rise again'), Artemia ('moon goddess'), Asphodel, Aisling ('dream'), Aerin, Autumn, Arachne.
For guys: Asmodeus, Astaroth (both, apparently, are the names of demons), Alaric, Aleron ('eagle'), Ascelin ('of the moon'), Astrophel ('star lover'), Athanasius ('immortal'), Aubrey ('elf ruler'), Auberon ('noble', pronounced like 'Oberon', Shakespeare's fairy king), Azriel.

For girls: Badriyah ('full moon'), Bernia ('angel in armour'), Bijou ('jewel'), Brienne ('strength, virtue, honour'), Branwen ('beautiful raven'), Briallen, Brigid, Belladonna.
For guys: Bjorn, Blayze (variant of Blaise, 'firebrand'), Brandyn, Brander ('sword of fire'), Brendan ('little raven'), Byron.

For girls: Calliope ('the muse of poetry'), Cassandra, Chandra ('the moon which outshines the stars'), Chantrea ('moonbeam'), Celeste, Ceiridwen, Celosia ('burning flame'), Calista ('most beautiful of women'), Caera, Calantha.
For boys: Cadell ('battle spirit'), Cadogan ('war'), Ciaran ('dark-haired'), Cleon, Corbett ('raven'), Corbin ('raven'), Cynfael, Caedmon ('wise warrior'), Cain.

For girls: December, Danika ('morning star'), Desdemona, Destiny, Demetria, Druilla ('elfin vision'. Not to be confused with 'Drusilla', which means 'strong one'), Demelza.
For guys: Damian, Dante, Demetrius, D'Arcy, Davorin ('god of war'), Deverell, Drake ('dragon'), Dorian, Daire.

For girls: Edana ('little fiery one'), Echo, Ebony, Eden, Eirlys ('snowdrop'), Emberlynn, Emerande, Esmeralde, Emmeranne ('raven'), Ennata ('goddess'), Eranthe, Estrella, Ethelinda ('noble serpent'), Evangeline, Eirisse, Electra, Eventide.
For guys: Elwin ('friend of the elves'), Erasmus, Eoghan ('young warrior'), Etienne, Ezekiel, Everild.

For girls: Faine, Faline ('catlike'), Fae ('fairy-like'), Feronia ('a goddess of the forests'), Fleurdelice ('iris, lily'), Fortune, Fern, Fawn, Fanchon ('free being'), Faith.
For guys: Frey.

For girls: Guinevere ('white phantom'), Garnette, Griselda, Gwendoline ('white-browed maid'), Gwendydd ('morning star').
For guys: Gabriel, Gadiel, Gair, Gale, Gareth, Garth, Garroway, Gawain ('battle hawk'), Gethin, Ghislaine, Griffin, Grimbald ('fierce power'), Griswold ('grey forest').

For girls: Hecate, Hagar ('forsaken'), Hesperia ('the evening star'), Hestia ('star'), Hildegarde.
For guys: Heathcliffe, Hunter.

For girls: Indigo, Ivy, Iolana ('soaring like a hawk'), Ianira ('enchantress'), Ianthe, Ione, Isolabella ('the beautiful lonely one'), Isis, Izora ('dawn'), Ivory, Iolanthe.
For guys: Idris ('fiery lord'), Ingram ('the raven's son'), Ishmael.

For girls: Juliet, Jocasta ('shining moon'), Jevera ('life'), Joliette ('violet'), Julianna.
For guys: Jagger, Jael, Jairus, Jarlen, Jarlath, Jorin.

For girls: Kali, Kismet, Kairos ('goddess born last to Jupiter'), Kala ('black'), Kalonice ('beauty's victory'), Kamra ('moon'), Kavita ('poem'), Kiara ('dark'), Ketura, Khalida ('immortal'), Kolfinna ('white lady').
For guys: Kalon, Kane, Keir, Keenan, Kazimir, Keiran, Khalid ('immortal'), Killian.

For girls: Lilith, Lullaby, Lamya ('dark lips'), Layla ('night'), Leandra ('like a lioness'), Lechsinska ('woodland spirit'), Lilah ('black as the night'), Leontine, Lethia ('sweet oblivion'), Levana ('the sun of the dawn'), Lien ('lotus blossom'), Lisha ('the darkness before midnight'), Lorelei ('siren'), Lupe ('she-wolf'), Lycoris ('twilight').
For guys: Leander, Lysander, Lucien, Lancelot, Lance, Leon, Lycidas ('wolf son'), Lothaire.

For girls: Morgan (as in Morgan Le Fay), Myth, Maeve, Magena ('the coming moon'), Mehira, Mallory ('unlucky'), Marianne, Melantha ('dark flower'), Mercy, Meredith, Merle ('blackbird'), Misty, Minerva ('goddess of wisdom'), Myvanwy ('rare one'), Musette ('child of the muses'), Morwenna ('maiden').
For guys: Mordred, Mabon, Magna ('the coming moon'), Malachi ('angel'), Martel ('hammer of war'), Merlin, Melchior, Merle ('the black-haired one').

For girls: Nirvana, Niamh, Naida ('water nymph'), Nebula, Nevada ('as white as the moon'), Nissa ('friendly elf'), Nisha ('night'), Nokomis, Nyx.
For guys: Nehemiah, Niall, Nicodemus, Nodin ('wind').

For girls: Odile, Ophelia, Ordelia ('elf's spear'), Orenda ('magic power'), Osanna ('merciful').
For guys: Oberon, Odolff, Orien, Orion ('son of light'), Ozul ('shadow').

For girls: Phoenix, Phaidra, Persephone, Pixie, Petra, Philomena ('lover of the moon, nightingale'), Psyche,, Pythea, Purity, Poison.
For guys: Phoenix, Paine, Perseus ('destroyer'), Phelan ('brave as the wolf').

For girls: Qadira ('powerful'), Quintella.
For guys: Qadir ('powerful'), Quillan, Quillon ('sword'), Quinn.

For girls: Rhiannon, Raelinn, River, Rhapsody, Ruby, Ravette, Raphaelle, Radella, Renita ('rebel'), Rhodanthe.
For guys: Radomir, Raphael, Rune, Raoul, Randal, Ransley ('from the raven's meadow'), Renwick ('raven's nest'), Rhain, Riordan.

For girls: Scarlett, Sky, Selene, Sapphire, Skylar, Sorcha, Sapphira, Seiran ('sparkling'), Selena, Seraphine, Silvana, Silver.
For guys: Sabien, Salem, Saber, Seain, Severn, Silvan, Sterling, Sullivan ('man with black eyes').

For girls: Tanith, Topaz, Tizane, Tatiana, Tempesta, Thalia, Thora ('thunder'), Timandra ('honour'), Tierney, Thordis ('spirit of Thor'), Trista ('sorrow'), Turaya ('star'), Tourmaline.
For guys: Taos, Tallon, Talon, Tama ('thunderbolt'), Tearle, Thorin, Theron, Thorne.

For girls: Ulva ('she-wolf'), Ursula, Ursulette, Ursuline, Urania.
For guys: Ulfred, Urien.

For girls: Vesper, Vasilisa, Venette, Vanity, Valentina, Vanita ('desired'), Velvet, Velika ('the falling one'), Venus, Vespera ('the evening star').
For guys: Valentine, Valerian.

For girls: Wanette ('the pale one'), Wren, Willow.
For guys: Wolf, Waldron ('strength of the raven'), Wolfram.

For girls: Xanthe, Xylia, Xena, Xaverie.
For guys: Xanthus, Xenos, Xavier.

For girls: Ysabelle, Yolanthe.
For guys: Ywain ('young warrior').

For girls: Zabrina, Zella ('shadow'), Zara, Zephirah ('dawn'), Zetta, Zakira ('remembrance').
For guys: Zachaeus, Zane.

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Chloris said...

I love you SO MUCH FOR THIS. I am a hardcore name nerd. I even hang out on name forums. I have occasionally started "spooky name" threads there, usually around Halloween, to see what comes up.
I am having a joy-induced nerdy panic attack, complete with flailing arms!
But, you forgot some of my faves - Casper, Wednesday, and Ichabod ("without glory").

OpiateVampire said...

I used to go by Raven/Raevyne in middle school and early highschool (lol, I know). I part of me still wants to, but I just can't say it with a straight face anymore.
Even as a little kid, I always hated my name, Jane. I have never in my whole life met another girl named Jane who wasn't at least 20 years older than me. There is also the stereotype of "plain Jane" blah blah blah.
In highschool, I legally changed the spelling to Jayne, which weirdly enough makes me feel a lot better about it, even if it still sounds the same.
I also appreciate it more now that I love Jane Austen and know of cool historical ladies with my name.

Audronasha The Countess said...

Well, my Audronasha ("o" is longer) means "Storm-bringer". I have it like my witch name too (I'm into it, since our true religion was pagan till 14 century). It's my spirit name and my full Gothic name is Constance D'Lacrua. Audronasha The Countess is a combination of both, since I was once blamed to be to much aristocratic and named countess. And name Constance came from heroine of Alexandre Dumas "Three Musketeers". I liked it as a child so much that it hitted me when I was older. The young lady falls in love and dies at the end of story on the hands of her beloved one. I love sad love stories :P
So you should address to me Countess Audronasha Constance D'Lacrua. By the way, I don't remember how D'Lacrua came, but it has all letters of "Dracula" :D I laughed a lot when my boyfriend told me that :D Mystery mystery >:)
Well, names mean a lot to me. It is said that nobody should know your real name, since all your power lies in it and the one that knows it, has power over you. Thats why we have all those nicknames ;)
Check it out..

Anonymous said...

thankyou for your suggestions.
So far i'm thinking of
Gwendoleen-as my mum was going to call me that but dad thought it was "too wierd"
Ursula-because its my middle name but its not that elegant for a victorian goth type its more celtic sounding
Tali-as it appeals to my perky goth nature.
Might do some extra reading to find some more possibilities

Qwack said...

I was almost named Anastasia, but my dad was like "I don't want her name to sound like a drug." So now my name is Caitlin. :|

Ophelia Black said...

@ Audronasha, the part about power in a name reminds me of the Inheritance Series, where everyone has a secret true name that describes your true nature without sugar coating anything bad. Some people are very distressed to learn about themselves with no delusions, and whoever knows your true name has complete control over you. This is only a small subplot, and I highly recommend this series.

I loved this list, and I was very amused to see my online name on there, as well as the names that I want for my future children. Anastasia, Desdemona, and Emberlynn. I'm also a fan of Artemis, but the list had only variations of it.

Anonymous said...

I am now Khalid. Because Khalid sounds Kool. And if I was a Chick. Khalida.

PS : I'm not Goth. But that doesn't matter does it?

Becky said...

I think "Auntie A" makes a great online name. My boyfriend and I keep coming up with names for our future children - you know, Vladimir, Morticia, the usual - but the one he's actually serious about is Thumbelina.

Emily Lynn G. said...

Emily Lynn is a very pretty and sweet Gothy name AND my real name! Emily is used in the scene all the time<3 If i had a baby, I know I'd want a boy. And I'd name him either Vincent or Ezekiel.(okay,or a cat!)
Amy is a pretty Gothy name! I think the "Ravens" and "Gloom" names are so cliche and boring, I'm glad you don't have that...In my opinion only elder goths can pass that off and even then it sometimes isn't carried off well (none example being the Lady Of The Manners, of course!<3)

Chloë Noir said...

Nice :D
Maybe I will use some of them in one of my stories :D
I like my nickname: Chloë Noir. Chloe was my favourite character in anime and I also liked the name. So when I started to play RPG I gave my characer the name Chloe de´Elen. But later it was Chloe Black and finaly Chloe Noir (funny...the Chloe character was from anime Noir...I forgot that, but I don´t want to change it now..I really love this name.
But I like my normal name: Diana, too :)
And also..I wanted to say: you´re blog is amazing and very inspiring. Most blogs in Slovakia are from little kids who think that goh is the same as emo (sooooo depresing... :D) , or that it´s just a fashion, or that the goth music is the same as metal music..Somehow sad... :S

Stefanie said...

Cool group of names :D I have Stevie Moon for my writing alias (when I eventually finish a novel XD)

Anonymous said...

My actualy name is Raven Destiny, but no one believes me, because it's become such a cliche XD

Mel said...

My name actually is Melantha and I got a real kick out of seeing it here:) I have never, in my entire life, met someone with my name and the only time I've seen it when it hasn't been referring to me is once in a Mad magazine, of all the places:)
Before I found goth, I really wanted to change it but now it would seem a pity since it already fits in so well. And my friends never call me what I want to be called so I think I'll give in on this one. Congrats, Mum! You won!:)

Delirio said...

cool, my real name is in the list =] (what a pity it means "God's promise)

Wouldnt it be cool to use this names for everydayĺife without people thinking you're freak-out?? (nor, that I care what people think)

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Kitty it is, because when the government can't spell your name, you're pretty much over it.

Dear Medicare and Welfare office,
It's M-a-d-e-l-E-i-n-e. English of the French, from the Romanised Hebrew, "Magdalene" or "Magdalena", which means "Maiden in the Tower of Magdalene".

So just..."Kitty". No one but a hipster retard spells that wrong.

NephaeliaVonDaemonen said...

That's a good amount of names there :D They're all so pretty.
Personally, I DESPISE my legal/birth name, so I go by Nephaelia Mortalitas VonDaemonen everywhere. People I've known for a while are still in the habit of calling me my old nickname ( -_= ), and I'm still deciding whether or not to bother with telling my teachers next year that I would like to be called Nephaelia.. I'd have to spell it.. so many times... I made it up myself. It popped into my head one day. I love it a lot, I plan to have my name changed legally when I'm old enough.

Xanthy said...

Darlings, Xanthe is sort of Greek for 'blonde'.

My middle name is Xanthippe. It would've been my first name, but my parents worried I might get picked on for that.
It's Greek for 'blonde horse' or 'blonde horse-rider' (incidentally, my last name means 'messenger of love on a horse' and my boyfriend's name is Greek for 'he who loves horses')
Historically speaking: Xanthippe was Socrates' wife. She is said to be a total bitch.
How awesome is that!?

Tabitha said...

You forgot the name Tabitha ^^.

Anonymous said...

I have always though that Wilhelmina is a wonderful goth name (after Mina from Dracula of course).

Zelenia Grier said...

How about Amarantha, Darveliah, and Malik. Probably my three favorite at the moment. <3

Anonymous said...

auberon is actually pronounced aw-bear-on and it means noble bear.

Jacqueline said...

My real name is Jacqueline Alice Kiera. I like it as a whole, but I hate how everyone abbreviated it to just "Jackie." Makes me feel like the girl in That 70's Show. Great.

My mom was going to name me Evangeline, after my great great great grandmother who was convicted as a witch in the Salem thing that happened. Unfortunately, my mom decided to appeal to the French side of the family instead and go for Jacqueline. Therefore I plan on naming my first born girl Evangeline Lilith, a beautiful name I would have enjoyed.

Cassandra said...

I'm curious, does the name Cassandra seem more or less gothy to you (you being anyone who cares to answer) knowing that it means "friend of man"? Or, I suppose no change in your perception is an option as well.

SilensRenata said...

As you can see I picked my gothick name and like it. You probably should have also said about picking a name that coincides with your personality, likes, dislikes, ect. Silens Mortea Renata is my full name meaning (Silent death reborn) I chose it because I am the quiet type, I have an affinity for the subject of death, and have been unknowingly goth for years until I discovered myself. I must say though that your blog has been tremendous help and is alot better than my blog so 1000 goth points for you

Raven Mitchells said...

Call me one of the many, name's Raven. Searching the web I found this, and what a great idea it was. I'm constantly criticised for my clothing and not so proper manners around, well much of anyone. But I still find it nice to know im not the only night-loving girl out there. agreeing with a previouse comment, I only recently discovered I was Goth. Hell though, not like i've even been ms. popular, just stick with a friend and go unnoticed, thats what im best at. Thanks for the great names, my friend was constently asking for one and I always drew a blank.

Raven Mitchells said...

One more thing, is it me is a good portion of Goth anime lovers? runnin off sterio types hear people, so...

PS; the name Orin is also a good choice, it means like green eyes or somthing it reminds me of a cat. :P

August Serentie said...

I hate my name, realy hate it, with a venomous hate, get this, its Carol. no joke. im freaking 13 and people call me one day i snaped and told everyone "call me August or somthing!" right off the top of my head one day, August, and i never looked back. my brother is probibly the most amazing person on earth, hes so Goth my mom can't stand it, that's why i love him so much, hes brave. his name was Sebastian, wich i actualy like as a name, but when he hit 16 he wanted everyone to call him by his online name. Vladimir, Vlad for short. its realy fun to walk into school the 1st day or a mall and someone asks, Vladimir, what in the .... kind of name is that? i feel so proud of my brother, and people look at me and ask if hes my brother, "yep, and proud he is. I'm August, thats my big brother Vladimir, hes a vampire..." and then my brother and i erupt in laughter as the person i told looks at us like were crazy. my brother is 18 now, mom kicked him out as soon as she could, but we talk every night, hes somewere in paris right now... im 15 and still August, mom has started telling me im crazing, im to goth, im sitting there, there is no such thing as too goth mom, okay. well gtg, srry 2 waist your time people, just sharring a fun story that is my life, bye!

Edna-X! said...

I have a fiend named Nocturne. Nocturne means "night song" which fits her perfectly due to her love for dark music!

P.S. For those who don't understand- I call my fellow goths "fiends" and I mean this affectionately.

Style and Graphite said...

Ha! Brilliant! My real name (which I love and never had the urge to change form its unusual-ness) is on the list- thanks, Mom & Dad.

Anonymous said...

Hey! i just found your blog. Really insightful. So maybe its a good thing im extremely obsessed with names. I'm just trying to find a stage name. (singer/songwriter/musician) I want to find one meaningful to me. im not really good with decisions but this has been helpful. BTW... dudet you should have a show or something... it'd be really cool.

Anonymous said...

My mom gave me my gothy name when I was born. I guess fluffy black dresses were my destinyLOL. China because she thought I was as pretty as a china doll,(dosn't every mother think their children are beautiful?)and Zerelda which is also my grandmama's middle name.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS LIST! I have been thinking of a few names for my children (pregnant with 3 healthy babies, 2 girls and a boy)Would like the opinions of a few of you.

Jaxon Brody
Nova Linda
Feather Bay

My husband loves these names, actually comming up with Nova Linda on his own. Im so happy that he isnt saying anything like "there a little too out thier" seeing that our names are Janeice Bijou and Draco Vega.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome, thank you.

Sophie said...

My club name was Juliet, but there is another goth blogger with that name, so I just use my real first name on my blog. If someone I know finds my blog by accident, they would recognize who I am anyway, whether I used an alias or not.

Anonymous said...

My name is actually Rhiannon (though I spell it Rhianon) It means "Divine Queen" and is a welsh fairy-queen godess of the moon.

MorticiaFan1 said...

Lol where is the name Morticia, and Vladimir!? Those are my favorites!

morgana said...

You should add the name Maleficent to the list! She's the dark evil witch in classical Disney Sleeping Beauty who called herself "the mistress of all evil". Not only Maleficent is dark, she's charmingly elegant and very beautiful.

Calamity-Noir said...

My real, birth-name is Skylar, and since that shows up on this list... I love it even more.
But my friends continue to refer to me as Calamity Noir...because once its online, your stuck with it. lol, Its still cool though.

Anonymous said...

i write stories and the current one is a vampire love story. the female vampiress is named Violetta, but i am stumped for the male vampire. help?

thanks much,
Athena Ross

Anonymous said...

Hi, I called my daughter Cliantha-Jayne she is almost 9 now and asked why i called her that i said cause it was pretty she said she hated it and i laughed and said do u want to hear the other names i had picked out... she said yes! they were Cordelia( which she wants to change her name to) Bonnie means Good/Pretty Rhiamon means Witch and Karma. She's very angry at me and tells me she will change her name to Cordelia as soon as she can. I must have made the wrong choice, oops.

Anonymous said...

awsom my sons midle name khalid love it?

Anonymous said...

my parents named me rosarii cause i was born in like this holy day...

Anonymous said...

My name is Laura, not really gothic :/
I always thought the names Charlotte and Beth were kinda gothic though

LittleMissToxin said...

You are awesome for posting this! I recently found this blog and I love it. I'm an author, so names are always in demand for me. This is my new default page for them!

Aisha Baranowska said...

What about these: 1) ladies' names: Morticia, Tanae; 2) gentlemens' names: Tristan, Vlad... ;P These are what I personally consider probably the most Gothic names in the world... ;-) By the way, you have a nice blog. You speak my mind; so far, I have read a few posts here and I agree 100% with everything you say about being a Goth and-so-on... ;-) I am 24 years old and I have always had a particular interest in the dark side and Gothic stuff in generally, but I didn't even know that was Gothic... I would say, I have had a Gothic personality... Yet, it took me 24 years of my life to actually discover that inner Goth and indeed, I'm proud of who I am and if I only recently started to dress like a Goth, that's because I believe to have a good understanding of what Goth is and what it isn't, and not only I appreciate it, but I just love it. I don't limit myself to Goth, though. While I've never actually liked sweetie-pie baby-like things that just too sweet and too sugary looking, like pink and pastels and puppies everywhere (oh, I hate that, yeah...;/-), I don't even dress like a typical Goth every day and I don't wear make-up all the time. I only do make-up when I feel like. And when I dress Goth, that's because I love it and I find it beautiful, and NOT because it's been in fashion recently... ;-* I don't feel the need to gain the community's approval of the 'right' to consider myself a Goth, simply because I think trying to 'fit-in' to the subculture is exactly the opposite of what it stands for: no fitting-in, freedom and complete independence for the individual. I am a non-conformist; if someone's trying to fit-in, that is something artificial, not authentic... I think to really be a Goth, it must come out of the heart and our very nature; we are just like that. Either someone is born a Goth or not. Nothing in between. It is another thing that someone will discover their 'gothiness' at some point of their life while others will come to that point a bit later, nevertheless, it is quite inevitable for a real Goth to finally admit that and accept the Goth label - and yes, I agree with your post on labels and calling yourself a Goth is perfectly fine, as long as you don't shove it into people's face which I find slightly annoying, indeed... Even ridiculous. But if I feel I'm a Goth on the inside and that's just who I am, then why shall I get angry when being called a Goth? ;-) I am actually quite happy to be one... ;-) Yes, for all those who think Goths are depressed freaks: being a Goth actually makes me happy; I really enjoy it with my whole heart.

Aisha Baranowska said...

And I just love black sense of humour, I love Gothic music as well, although I rather listen to the Goth metal than Gothic rock, which is again not because it's more popular nowadays among Goths, but because I just prefer it. I see no point in sitting at home all day long on my own and punishing myself with listening to something I don't actually enjoy, just to do what other Goths should be doing, according to some... ;/- Indeed, I truly enjoy Gothic metal, symphonic metal and the like. I also like classical music and I like Spanish flamenco, Portuguese fado, native Amerindian music, Turkish folk, Chinese and Japanese folk, and some other genres. I am interested in foreign languages, mainly Spanish and Portuguese, as well as history, travel, art, literature, and I am also into philosophy, particularly the Romanticism and existencialism with a dose of nihilism of some kind, I guess... ;-) I also write poetry since early childhood. Nowadays I write mostly in Spanish, but also in English, Polish, Italian, French and Portuguese. I have a CAE in English and DELE diploma in Spanish (C1). As to Spanish, I have learnt it all by myself in a most unconventional way: by watching latino telenovelas on youtube in original Spanish audio... ;)- Mostly those where the action is set in the 19th century which I have always loved. ;-) I am currently looking for employment in translation and meanwhile, I enjoy reading blogs and writing my poetry... ;-) So, this is who I am... ;-) And I have always loved black, especially paired with red. And the night rather than day. The moon rather than the sun. The rainy and cloudy weather is highly inspiring to me... And I just love dark and dramatic tones in music; in arts, too, I like dramatism and expression to the full. ;-) I love contrasts such as black and red, perhaps also grey... Bold lines. Everything well defined. That is my world. And I find cutie puppies utterly dreadful... ;/- ;P Hahahaha! ;-) ;-* I have never truly been happier than now as a full blown Goth... ;-) Oh, I'm loving it...! ;-D

So, nice to meet you. Keep posting, I shall be reading... ;-) Greetings from Poland! ;-)

[Princess Of Darkness] ;-*

Oldwoman said...

I am a 27 year old "Goth" mother of 3, I named my children; Dante-Marie, Boon, and Ramona. ;)

Danika Hunter said...

wow love the names!!!

Anonymous said...

got a baby tarantula to name. my others are called Hercules flamenco thunder Saturn herod midas Solomon cupid hamlet pirate bandit ramases rapunzel tsunami and money spider. the nameless one is approx six months old and is a Chilean rose (smaller than little finger nail , pink / lilac colour. sweet natured but quite bold.) like copellia and rapture for names. girl with a hint of wicked.

Erebus said...

(it means darkness) yeah... I'm what most goths would call "new blood" (or something like that) so I'm trying to learn all about being goth and, i have to say, this helped me quite a bit. Even though it didn't have a fitting name, it inspired me to look for one.(though it took a few hours, i got one.)

Anonymous said...

This was great. I fully intend to name my children Morgana, Fae, Cain, Katrina, and Collin. If I have that many kids, that is. I know not all of those are goth.

Anonymous said...

Omgosh, I'm 12 years old and my Name is Petra. Reading these names made me name is Gothic!!!

September said...

my name is a month and everyone calls me any month but my name to annoy me. i don't really care but they don,t now that so i am always called september

Anonymous said...

Amazing :) My names Zarah Lucritia Wulf-Dane. all I know is Zarah means either Princess or Dawn. any one have any idea what the rest means? My family is Pagan if that helps :)

Anonymous said...

Tierney is a boys name....

Danielle Hillyer said...

Aisha that's awesome you don't mind labels, and it's awesome you're proud of who you are!! ^^
The reason why I don't like being labeled is because I have a very wide range of personalities and express that in different ways. My favorite style/subculture/music/art, etc. IS gothic but I feel that I can express myself gothically, etc. without having to call myself the name. In my opinion, I think it's pointless because gothic dress and such is just a reflection of your inner personality. (I don't draw attention to myself to get attention either or get mad when I get negative attention like I used to when I DID use labels at around 12-13 when I first got into it... haha) I'm not in it for the recognition, I'm in it for self-satisfaction and a sense of Uniqueness and Individuality. ;)
But Love, that's fantastic! I still look up to you REALLY for the way you think despite some of my thoughts are somewhat diff. ♥

Anonymous said...

Love the list 100% but my favorit name is missing, Alazane. Think about adding it maybe?

ZachariahCrutchfield said...

Can Zachariah should be included...(my name)

Anonymous said...

My real name is Cassandra, and to be honest I never thought much of it, and I didn't think it was very Gothic. After seeing it on this list I feel much better about. Thank you so much <3

Morgana Nocturne said...

Although my real name is Morgan, in the area where I live, there are so many non-Goth girls named "Morgan" that it kind of lost the appeal to me, so I go by "Morgana." I was also rather excited to see Nocturne on the list as well, and I think that "Morgana Nocturne" sounds darkly elegant.

Morgana Nocturne said...

Rather, what I meant to say was, I was excited to see "Morgan" on the list.

Anonymous said...

I want to change my name to Wynter Nicole, because I hate my given name with a passion.

raven said...

my goth name is raven and its the perfect name for me because i love ravens and snakes and spiders i have a pet tarantula im a tradgoth

daughter of lilith said...

Im abl complet goth insid,e outside im unknown a nameless face a forgotten friend. But i dont care screw it all i am who i am and nothing will change me. Love the names

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi!!! :D im like 17 and my mum was telling me how she was going to call me Morgan like Morgan la fay, but changed her mind the Megan because my grandmother is a chathlic ( I spelled that wrong ) and mum didn't want to upset her. I was kinda sad but then found out that Megan means Pearl, beauty and after a few hours searching on The Google found out it means stranght ( I did it again ) and warrior, so its like a mix ' the beautifull warrior ' sound cool I think.

PetraAlexa said...

My name is also Petra, didn't know it was that gothic, tho. I was named after my father Petri and both names mean 'rock' or 'stone'. Interesting names, thanks!

Angela Chambers said...

I love this blog!! My favorite names are Adrienne, Belladonna, Lilith, Maeve, Morgana/Morgan, Rhiannon, Ruby, Selena, and Valentina for girls. For boys, I like Alaric, Azriel, Ciaran, Drake, Ezekiel, Frey, Gabriel, Lucian, Leon, Salem, Wolf, and Zane for boys.

Anonymous said...

You see I love this post but I have a funny story. My birth name is Raven and I'm a goth. I actually choose different names to answer to so not to play into the stereotype that all goth girls call themselves Raven when in fact the name on my birth certificate is Raven. I prefer Lenore or Annabelle Lee, sometimes even a combination of that. I am a true Edgar Allen Poe fan lol ^_^

WhisperToTheDark said...

I'm 13 and have always had a dark interest. I always tell my friends of my gothic side but they always laugh and don't believe me. I always wanted the name Heidi but mum says that dad wouldn't like that. Anyway my real name is Zara (uncommon) and I'm so very happy to see it on the gothic list. My name means "Dark bloom' or more oftenlly "Godess of night". I usually use gothy online names like Spirit, ArrowSoul, Raven & Willow. But anyway sorry for droning on, just glad to see I"m not the only "half goth" out there! Ahaha can't wait till I reach my full gothity.

Anonymous said...

Anybody think it's weird that I'm using this awesome name list for giving names to my Pokemon..?

Anonymous said...

I found no Kaige or kandyl on this list, my favourites. I also love Levana... i'm considering using that as my name is very girly.... Its a freakin gemstone! I like Rosanne, Prysm and Edge too.

Anonymous said...

My birth name is echo and i am sooo happy my name is on the list. i used to think it was a stupid name but its slowly growing on me!!! You cant make many nicknames with it though...

Raven Night said...

I know. I know. I have such a plain first name. My middle name is pretty uncommon-Sativa-but everybody has the same first name as me (yuck). Some of my friends call me Raven though. (Ha!) Not bevaise I'm gothic, but because I like the name. Anyway, I'm a writer and I like using uncommon names, so thank you!

Delilah Rose Mansour said...

My real name is Delilah. I was a goth kid and all my friends (Laura, Jill, Lilly ect) were very jealous. Means "seductress" or as a man who spoke Arabic told me, it means "queen of the night" lilah means "night". I'm a Christian now (Still love a gloomy Victorian house though!) And now it's even more fun cuz all the Hannah's and Anna's and Sarah's are jealous! Lol, I really enjoy having a unique, "bad guy" name. More power to all the Jezebels and Cains out there. Having a dark name does not define you! God bless! :D

Delilah Rose Mansour said...

i was a goth kid once upon a time. My name is Delilah, a man who spoke v Arabic once told me it means "queen of the night". Now I'm all grown up and its doubly fun because I'm now a Christian and people love to hear that i have such a unique and yet notorious name. I love my name.

Anonymous said...

I am 26, pregnant with my fifth child. My real name is Christi, i used to go by Sultana. I don't know the gender of my newest little one yet but I have 3 boys and 1 girl in that order. All my kids have 2 middle names. Gabriel Fallyn Reign, Dalan Draven Lee, Koda Cole Alexzander, and Aphixia (means asphyxia= simplest meaning is suffocation) Memoria (memory) Amara.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the list! I'm an 18 year old girl and my actual name is Dante Altair Nightshade (then my last name).. I feel weird having 2 middle names... but I'm happy my name is Gothic!! It fits me so well!!

Nocturne said...

Here are some;
Natt (Scandinavian word for Night)
Nocturne (or Nokturne, Nocturn, Nokturn)
Hel (female name)

Anonymous said...

You forgot 'Destrey'.
I really love that name, it's nice to know people like me are out there. Looking for other names if anyone has anymore.

Dra said...

i like my name the best Dante Ragnarok (end of time) Agramon (demon of fear)

Celosia AKA Caitlin said...

I am obsessed with goths and vampires. I've always wanted a vampire/goth name so thanks sooo much!!!

Anonymous said...

So my name is not completely unique but still not that common. It's miriam. Im trying to decide to stick with that or take on little bijou as my internet name. Anyone want to give me some advice?

PheonixSapphire said...

I don't really like my name, which is Daisy. I normally go by the nickname of Sarah, Melody, Sky, Phoenix or Sapphire and many others :)

Glad to see most of them are here :) ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this name is
goth or not, but I really love
the name Mavis! :D

Sazafra Z said...

Asmodeus is the name of a demon! The demon representing Lust to be exact, and Astaroth was an archangel, from my knowledge (:

Darkling Scarlet said...

I'm 14 years old and my name is Tristan and I love looking over these names, especially Trista (I wonder why?). But I generally go as Darkling Scarlet online which brings to mind the fact that Darkling should be on this list

Anonymous said...

My name is gwenaelle

exequiel said...

Thanks for the list, I was looking for names for a gothic script. I'm glad to find my name on the list. Although mine it's Exequiel.

carlee saunders said...

That amazing be true to your self

carlee saunders said...

Iam 15 and half goth i quess like i dont have the money or freedom and My name is carson it such a boys name but i have love amara (unfading) or fall because autumn is my favorite season. i have always loved Halloween,wirch,pagan although i am christen and i have meet someone else who is christen and like these things too! Ok i am ramblings sorry bye

carlee saunders said...

Omg i am too. I love name youtuber and baby name website and i am doing the same thing

Unknown said...

I'm Alexander, and constantly shorten it to "Alex" or "Xander", and if I recall correctly, Alexander means the "defender of man", or something along those lines

Unknown said...

I'm Alexander, and constantly shorten it to "Alex" or "Xander", and if I recall correctly, Alexander means the "defender of man", or something along those lines

Nyx Shadowhawk said...

Oh, my Goddess, I love this! This is very helpful. I'm a fantasy writer, and I'm always looking for good names for my characters.

One of my main characters, the vampire-like Prince of Shadows, is called Astor. Astor is a French and German name meaning "goshawk", and is sometimes a derogatory term for young men with hawk-like, predatory characteristics. It suits him very well!
I noticed that Erebus isn't on here; he's the Greek personification of darkness and Nyx's mate.
I like the name Spyridon ("Spyro"), which is also Greek and means spirit. I use it for Astor's father.

Gothic Girl said...

Great list, you really helped me name my character in my book I am writing called "Goth Academy". I think the name "Morrigan" should be on the list, that is the name I go by.

Anonymous said...

I love the list but your missing Dunkin, Belphegor and Victor

Victoria said...

Victoria should be added to the list. (Hint hint, that's my name). I use to hate it when I was a kid so I went by Tori instead. But as I got older I became a gothic vintage rock n roll wild child with an obsession for Halloween and anything dark creepy weird or strange. I only go by Victoria in public now, but my close friends still call me Tori. These names are great, but Victoria is a strong,bold, and beautiful name that I absolutely love. And I think others will too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Alexei or Hayden

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