Saturday, 9 April 2011

Gothic Charm School extravaganza

I honestly thought I was never going to get this post done - every time I was about to start, the phone rang!

You probably have noticed that I reference Gothic Charm School and its headmistress and creatress Jillian Venters an awful lot in this blog... mainly because both the book and website are such a great, light-hearted guide to the ins, outs, style, music and etiquette of the sometimes-massively-overcomplicated world of Goth. I can't recommend either enough.

Also, I am a great fan of JV's aesthetic and style - pink, stripes, swirly bats, tea cups and top hats? Um, yes please! - and she gives me hope that I can still dress in a darkly decadent manner into my thirties and forties without looking like mutton-dressed-as-lamb (don't even ASK me about the creature in the feather boa I recently saw at a concert, I still haven't recovered) or utterly ridiculous.

I suspect that you are already very much aware of Gothic Charm School (of course, not EVERYONE in the scene loves GCS - I have heard the content described as fashion fluff - it isn't, serious issues such as self-harm, bullying, and parenthood are dealt with - and the writing style may not be quite to everyone's taste), but just in case some of you dodgy darklings have not yet been exposed to GCS in all its glory, the following videos were created to help promote the GCS book. For new Gothlings, they also provide a pretty comprehensive overview of Gothy culture.


Want more? It's only a hop, skip and a jump over to the Gothic Charm School website, here.


Julietslace said...

I think I'm only person out there that isn't keen on her, her writing style is annoying in my opinion. Don't kill me!

Anonymous said...

No need for killing people for that--I personally appreciate her fashion style, but it's not to my own tastes. Maybe it's my preference for everyone to just get along, but GCS and the book is practically my Bible. Can I say that without hving things hrown at me?

Anonymous said...

Heh, Julietslace, I get irritated by her writing style as well. I'm a straightforward type person, and all the extra words and the altogether bouncy style irks me. If it weren't for that, I might understand the blog posts a bit more.

Babygoth Glamour said...

Jillian Venters is my role model! I absolutely love her. :)

DuskRose_Dreaming said...

I love Jillian Venters! She certainly deserves an extravaganza.

Oh I hate it when the phone keeps ringing... >-< lol

Sal Kaye said...

I like Jillian's articles.
Mostly, she's really inspiring.
Plus, I like her sense of humor. :)

chaoskitten[DF] said...

Jillian is also a role-model of mine :)
She really introduced me to the current style I wear (I wear less pink though) and her book is great! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Gothic Charm School! I must admit I am a bit jealous of the new generation of baby bats having such a wonderful book at their disposale. I WISH GCS was around when I was young.

The best things I like about Jillian Venters is how she got out there and decided to make a difference. Unlike so many Goths that love to complain and do nothing to change it. Honestly, I have seen a definite change in the upcoming generation of goths. I honestly think it's due to Gothic Charm School. All the young gothlings I've seen online/met know about the book. If they haven't I enthusiastically introduce them to it.

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