Sunday, 3 April 2011

Non:Indigenous, Cymeria and Deviant UK: Winchester, 22.8.10

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I'm trying to catch up on concert reviews; last year I ended up going to see three bands at The Railway Inn in Winchester at exceedingly short notice when I found the info about the gig during a lunch break at work... I dragged one of my best friends, Jodie, along with me. Jo had never attended a Goth event or gig before and I think she was worried she would be kicked out of the pub on sight for not owning a pair of New Rocks...

I hadn't heard of two out of the three bands, support musicians Non:Indigenous and Cymeria, but I had seen Deviant UK live before and couldn't wait to see them again.

Non:Indigenous were first on stage; Jo and I ordered our drinks and settled down near the front. I wasn't sure quite what to think of the band's matching outfits and body paint in fetching snakeskin. Admittedly a nice touch, but slightly disturbing.

I would describe their sound as somewhere between Industrial, metal and good old rock'n'roll, tinged with something reminiscent of Ministry. It wasn't quite up my street (I prefer something a little more dance-floor friendly), but Jo was very enthusiastic and proclaimed them her favourite band of the night. This opinion was firmly cemented during Deviant UK's portion of the set when she toppled off her high heels and landed in the lap of Non:Indigenous singer Darran's lap (whereupon she promptly apologised to him for not being a Goth and told him she liked the show).

Non:Indigenous's pounding bass could easily get a beer-drenched festival crowd jumping about like idiots, and stood in strong contast to the second support, one-man-band Cymeria.

Cymeria's sound has a grinding Industrial beat with HEAVY vocal distortions, and also had just the right amount of bleepy electronics for my liking. A lot of Industrial artists can become a bit samey, but I actually really enjoyed this set and have been looking out for more local-ish performances from this chap. The only downside was when he attempted a bit of audience banter between songs - there were so many effects on the mike that nobody could understand a word he was saying, and without the filter of the music it threatened to dissolve my eardrums.

The highlight of the set was a guest appearance from Deviant UK's Jay. I have just read a review comparing Jay to a combination of Gary Numan and Ming the Merciless, and I certainly couldn't have put it better myself (those eyebrows!). Having once trodden on his foot in a dimly lit club, I can also tell you that he is not the sort of guy you want to see scowling at you.

Jodie, I am disappointed to report, was not very impressed by Cymeria. I believe the word she used was "blah."

Next up, of course, were the stars of the evening Deviant UK. I am going to develop a reputation for abusing musicians in bars if I'm not careful. To date I have trampled on Jay, bumped into Gary Marx, and now I can say I have elbowed the (very pretty) keyboardist from Non:Indigenous in the ribs whilst dancing a little too vigorously. :-/ Worse still, I saw someone pointing an iPhone at me, so they may actually have captured the moment.

Jay seemed like he was having a great time on the stage as usual; he is a true performer, although with those eyebrows he always looks as though he thinks the audience may be slightly bonkers. Or maybe he really does think that and the eyebrows have nothing to do with it. Jo was thrilled to hear him ad-lib some of the 'lyrics' (I use that term loosely) from a song she likes at the end of one track: "Go baby, go baby go, don't upset the rhythm...".

My favourite thing about Deviant UK is that whether they are performing to a packed London club or an audience in a tiny bar in rural Hampshire, they really give it their all! The line-up has changed since I saw them last but the show, and their brand of slick electro-Industrial, was no less polished and energetic. A thoroughly enjoyable mix of old and new material got most of the audience onto the dance floor and kept them there.

After the set, Jo and I managed to grab live drummer Mark, who happens to have metal spikes embedded in his scalp. He let us poke them. Such is the life of a talented musician in the Goth scene - allowing tipsy teen girls to inspect your body mods... sorry Mark.

I am hoping to go and see Deviant UK live again soon (currently attempting to snag tickets) and hopefully will not injure anyone famous this time...

Also, happy Mother's Day to my mum, who is in fact in the room and does not actually read this blog. It's the thought that counts!


Anonymous said...

who do you think you are! Picking on musicians. :)

ultimategothguide said...

@ Charnie - I know! Appalling, isn't it?! XP

Anonymous said...

You've probably been banned from the next gig and don't even know it.

Big Bully!....

Emily Lynn G. said...

Wow, so they are right there with the crowd and allow you guys to go talk to them after the show?! I've never been to a concert where they do that, sounds like fun!And I can just imagine a tipsy friend and you poking a musician's spiked body mods XD Sounds like fun!

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