Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Punk Goth/deathrock jacket

Hey hey hey... guess who won some lovely earrings in a giveaway at Gothically Yours? Woohoo! ^^ I am also attending a 'psychic night' at a local pub tomorrow night with Jo and some of her friends, so perhaps that will be worth reviewing later this week. =)

I finally finished customising the PVC jacket I picked up at the bring and buy stall at last year's DV8 Fest; however this isn't going to be a straightforward tutorial as, obviously, we don't all want to be running around with basically the same jacket on. What I will do is share with you a few tips and ideas I picked up whilst bashing this baby together.
Oh, and if I might point you in the direction of Sincerely, Boots; where the rather marvellous Boots has previously written a great post about customised deathrock jackets (with a link to Fuck Yeah Punk Jackets which I perused regularly whilst working on my own jacket), which gives a brief overview of where you can pick up a decent jacket and what kind of stuff to slap on it. (Boots, I hope you don't mind!)

I tried to spend as little money as possible on this project; the studs I used are all from my boyfriend's old studded belt. I tried various techniques to attach them to the PVC; the plastic itself was no problem as you cn just push the points through it, but getting the points through the internal lining was a bit of a battle. I ended up using a spectacles screwdriver (there's probably a fancy name for it - the tiny screwdriver you use to adjust the screws on your glasses) to make little holes in the lining. 

You can buy studs and spikes online, or if you want to spend less money (and don't mind spending a bit more time) you can trawl your local second-hand shops for old studded belts.
The badges came from various places; alt shops, festivals and markets mostly. However I wanted to have badges with some slightly obscure bands and images on them, so I made them myself with pictures and logos printed off the computer. All you need is a Badge It! machine; I have two that I picked up in charity shops for £3 each. Honestly, being able to make your own badges is a must for those of you into bands that nobody's ever heard of - you can cover anything in badges.

Because my jacket is PVC (those of you using proper leather have probably got a tougher job ahead of you than I did), I had to find glue and paint that would work on plastic. I used 3D paint out of a squeezy tube for the wording on the back (Pacem In Obscuritate Invenio - it's Latin for 'in darkness I find peace'. Or I bloody well hope it is, anyway...) and the Christian Death logo at the bottom. The skull was painted onto a black satin pillowcase with fabric paint and then glued on with Copydex, which works on fabric and plastic.

If you don't want to glue things on, you can use safety pins to attach band patches and so forth.
When I got the jacket, the inside of the collar was disentegrating; I used the area to test different paints and glues and then covered the area with a section cut out of the pillowcase. This covered my test patches and re-vamped the collar - two birds with one stone. ^^

For the left arm, I found a pair of white tights in a charity shop, chopped off one of the legs, shredded it thoroughly, and attached it to the sleeve. Gluing it around the shoulder was quite difficult. I used a safety pin to make sure it was firmly fixed, and then pinned it into place section by section and smothered it in Copydex. It took several days to properly dry!

The bottom of the sleeve was easier, I just turned the cuff inside out, covered it in glue, turned it right-way out again, folded the tights into it and held it in place with clothes pegs whilst the glue dried. The only problem is that the tights often catch on the studs and zips - I don't mind as it just ends up a little more ripped, but if you think you would find this irritating you might like to bear it in mind whilst constructing your own jacket.
Of course, you shouldn't feel confined to leather or PVC. Denim jackets - or better yet, vests - or black blazers can be customised just as easily and are possibly easier to paint, add badges to and sew things onto. And chop bits off of, of course. Because they are fabric, you can also use iron-on patches. Lace trim on a customised blazer would add a hint of elegance to the look, lending a Visual Kei-esque style.

If you use loops of fabric to attach D-rings, you could use ribbons to make corset lacings on the sides or back of your jacket. I was originally intending to add corset lacings with white ribbon, but decided that less is more!
Source: Photobucket
Customised jackets are a handy staple of Goth fashion


Laurence 'The Beard' Williams said... very cool.

Laurence approves =D

The Green Fairy said...

I also approve, you're so cool! ^_^

⚏ Arlecchino Fluorescente ⚝ said...

I believe they are just called eyeglass screwdrivers :)
NICE jacket!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Very, very nice. I needed a fun post today, smile. My own jacket is in need of more work--some studs felll off, and left large holes behind. I've deiscovred that studding myself doesn't work well, so Imust figure another way out to fix the holes. But I'm the jacket!

Villfaren said...

Inspiring post -Thank you!

Serenity said...

That jacket is wicked awesome! Great job, do want. I never would've thought of adding torn tights to the arm like that, sweet. Also, which earrings did you win? I reeeally wanted those coffin ones; alas, 'twas not meant to be. Post pictures of your earrings! Have you worn them yet? <3!

Ashlee said...

The shredded tights sleeve is really cute.

I'm still in the process of making my lace biker jacket deathrock-y.

I never thought of using the studs from an old belt. I know I have one of those somewhere.

MissVermilion said...

Such a great jacket,you did an amazing work with it!!!d

Emily Lynn G. said...

So jealous, wish I was that creative!

Amunicia said...

Holy crap, that's gorgeous!

I totally have to get around to making a customised jacket myself, though it probably won't be as nice as yours as I'm not as artistically gifted! XD
I'll probably just paint bats al over it as they are the one thing I can draw. I mean, how hard is it to fuck up a bat?!

GenevaEbony said...

Ahhh!!! your so awesome! I love your jacket!! Ive got to try an make one

Lucidia LeFang said...

I've been reading your blog for some time now, and have finally decided to comment. XD I love the jacket, so much. I've been looking for inspiration in customizing a new jacket I just bought, and this has been a great help. Thank you~!

Also, I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award. C: I'm sure you're aware of the rules, but just in case:

Keep up the amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Love the tights on the sleeve! So creative.

Qwack said...

This has inspired me.
One moment and I'll go get a leather jacket from the thrift store...

Phoenix said...

Ahhh this is the awesomest customised jacket ever! Love it. I am thoroughly inspired to zazz up my own now ^^

Ellone said...

Omg, can I have your jacket please? It's amazing!!!!

ultimategothguide said...

@ Ellone - thank you ^^ No, you can't have it!

@ Phoenix - aw, thank you!

@ Qwack - good luck ^^

@ Ms. Lou - thanks, I got the idea from the DIY topic thread at

@ Lucidia LeFang - Thanks very much, I hope you will post pics of your jacket too. =)

And thanks very much for the award, yay!

@ GenevaEbony - woo <3 thank you!

@ Amunicia - believe me, nobody can fuck up drawing a bat like I can. >.< And thank you!

@ Emily Lynn - heh, I'm not a particularly skilled crafter, I can't sew to save my life. Honestly, I just glue and paint everything...

@ MisVermilion - thank you =D

@ Ashlee - ooh, a lace jacket? Sounds yummy ^^

@ Serenity - I won the red-and-black ones. They haven't arrived yet.

@ Villfaren - thanks ^^

@ Goth with a Guide Dog - heh, I made a fair few holes in mine before I got the technique right. Thankfully they are covered up!

@ Arlecchino Fluroscente - I totally knew that >_> Thanks! XD

@ The Green Fairy - thanks ^^

@ Laurence - glad you approve, sir XD

Villainous Vixen Designs said...

very fantastic jacket! I love it!

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