Friday, 15 April 2011

Shop review: Tribal Voice, Torquay, Devon

Another advance no-post warning: yes, I'm sneaking off again tomorrow! April is not a good months for daily posts... :-( but I will catch up when I get back, don't you worry...

This review may be slightly biased... I must confess to having a particular affinity for Tribal Voice. When I was much younger (as in, aged six or seven) I was on holiday with my parents when we stumbled across a shop that I firmly believe was Tribal Voice (was it even around in those days? Hell, I don't know for sure! But I'm convinced it was, I tell you, convinced!). I had never seen Goth clothes before, and after staring at rails of lace and velvet clothes in beautiful black and deep jewel tones, I picked up a cobwebbed sleeve and announced to my amused mother, "I'm going to dress like this when I'm older."

And hey, guess what? I was right!

So, anyway, when  I was on holiday in the area recently(ish), I re-discovered Tribal Voice. It's a great shop, and I managed to pick up really unusual gifts for all of my (non-Gothy) friends from their selection of interesting oddities. I loved the alternative mannequins in the window, too! (And the one on the skateboard hanging from the ceiling was pretty darn awesome).

Source: Google Images
The staff were really friendly and let me nose through a box of their new stock, as well as sharing fashion advice. The selection of clothes was good - they had everything from the currently-fashionable emo and scene style gear to old-school romantigoth dresses with layers and layers of velvet and lace (my mum bought the one that I wanted. It was quite depressing). I also spotted a collection of BeGoth dolls, and a very impressive selection of unusual accessories - the world's coolest flame-shaped wristbands, clip on horns (which I am kicking myself for not buying), etc..

There is a reasonable menswear selection too, spanning the range from hoodies and baggy bondage pants to elegant pirate shirts.

Worth dropping by, or you can check out Tribal Voice online here.


Ophelia Black said...

Your review of the store sounded great, but when I clicked on the link, the store had a minuscule selection. There were 4 dresses, 1 top, 2 corsets and 3 skirts, none of which was either emo or romantigoth. Are these the same items that you found in the store?

ultimategothguide said...

@ Ophelia Black - obviously the store has a larger selection :-/ I only looked through the accessories on the site. Plus I have not been to Devon for a while so I'm not bang up-to-date with what they currently have in stock.

Have just had a look and the site IS very disappointing. Sorry about that. (However, they have 4 corsets online today...)

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