Friday, 29 April 2011

World Goth Day

C'mon, who's watching the royal wedding today? I'm not especially a royalist, I just like to look at pretty dresses and point and make judgements about ugly hats (cough cough, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, what were you thinking?).

Dan disapproves of the whole affair and won't even come out with a drink for me to celebrate, he's round a mate's house helping to move junk *sigh*. Although, since our holiday plans got cancelled, he has decided he's going to whisk me away to a nice hotel somewhere. <3 Which, unfortunately for you guys, will mean no updates for the entire Goth Day weekend. But don't worry, I have a special treat for you to make up for it... so stay tuned, sports fans... ;-)

What is this 'Goth Day' I keep wittering on about? May 22nd, actually.

World Goth Day, to give it its full and distinguished title, is the invention of a small contingent of UK Goth DJs. One May weekend, the BBC broadcasted a radio programme celebrating different genres of music, Goth being one of them. The Goth segment of the programme took place on May 22nd, and these DJs decided that the celebration of Gothness should become an annual event.

The Goth Day website states that the event is, "exactly what it says on the wrapper - a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate it’s own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world."

From the website, you can get all kinds of downloadable goodies to spread the word, such as GIFs, posters, stickers, and even soundclips. You can also purchase Goth Day merch featuring the event's trademark Siouxsie smiley. All profits from Goth Day merch go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

But Auntie A, I hear you asking, what actually happens on Goth Day?

Well, that's pretty much up to you. You might like to keep an eye out for events in your area - or if you're a promoter, set up your own. The website details special World Goth Day events taking place all around the world!

Head out to your local Goth Night or Goth club. Get together with your Goth mates (or make your non-Goth mates Goth up...). There are, of course, many more suggestions on the Goth Day website. I particularly like the one about bombarding your local radio station and trying to convince them to play something by a Goth band.

For solitary Goths, you could arrange an online chat or make a Goth Day cake (yes, really!); for Goths who have to 'tone down' the rest of the year, you could really get Gothed-up and enjoy your chance to shine. Play your Gothiest CDs nice and loud and have a boogie in your best boots.
Source: Tumblr
To celebrate Goth Day this year, I will be posting the Goth Guide's very first giveaway, as close to the day itself as I can make it.

Oh, and until May 8th, don't forget that you can vote on the Goth Day website to nominate your favourite bands, websites, models, clubs, poets etc for the World Goth Day 2011 awards. Click here to nominate the worthy!


Audronasha The Countess said...

Oh, I hope to celebrate it in a good company :)I'll be checking events in my city :D

Help Veronica Warlov

Julietslace said...

LOL Oh princess beatrice what was you thinking? I love a good wedding and I love my country, what's not to like (except Beatrice's hat, sorry I just can't get over it)?

I've actually never celebrated it, at all. *guilty*

Chloris said...

Those hats would have been excellent in black! ;)

I'm fully invested in making a Goth Day cake now. I'll get my Goth on indeed in my own little way!

Anonymous said...

Great posts lately Amy! :)
And shyeah, a Goth day cake sounds like a plan!

Emily Lynn G. said...

Oh Auntie A; Will the website be streaming the progamme live? Is there any way we here in the States can get in on that? (Why do I ask you these things?!) Everybody here is so obsessed with the wedding: I'm like you; I just watched for the pretty outfits, the wedding dress waa very classy. and WHOO a Goth Day!!

Hexotica said...

I shall wear black lipstick on May 22. And black nails. And maybe a veil. And I won't smile all day. Yea! ;)

Qwack said...

World Goth day?
Awesome... Me and my un-gothy friends are going to dress up. One's educated and wants to be gothy, but relies on me for info, the others know what's what from my gothy goth rants.

Maeam said...

Uhhh, I don't think I could do anything on May 22nd...Aww...

Sal Kaye - Still Dark @ Heart said...

I never heard of Goth Day. :(
Thanks for sharing this! I think I'll find a way to "celebrate". ;)

Sal K.

Cruel Britannia said...

Hi There,

I was googling World Goth Day tonight to see how it's spread & stumbled across your page. Thank you for spreading the word with your blog!

DJ Cruel Britannia.
Co-Founder, World Goth Day.

~Forgotten-Unwanted~ said...

I just realized that on Goth day I graduated, but still kept it spooky! That made me happy. Thanks for sharing this!

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